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on 4 May 2017
This book advocates time out. How is that classed at gentle parenting? I normally like Pantley's books. So disappointed. Don't waste your money on this if you are looking for a gentle approach.
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on 9 June 2017
My favourite thing about Elizabeth Pantley's books is that they are quick and easy to read and that she always links back to her own experiences with her own kids. Also, there is as much advice and guidance as there is support and acknowledgement of the fact that parenting is not easy and there is also no one-size-fits-all solution.
I first read this book when my daughter was 16 months old and based on the readiness questionnaire early on I decided it was not quite time to start with actual potty training. However, the book has provided me with a great starting point and I feel much more prepared for the journey we will soon be embarking on.
Two months on, I’ve implemented a couple of the tips mentioned and I’m constantly referring to the readiness questionnaire to gauge if we should start. I’m already seeing how the changes I’ve made are creating a positive association with the potty. For example, my now 18-month-old is identifying when she is making a wee or a poo and is very proud of herself when I confirm that what’s in her nappy is in fact what she told me was in it. I feel at ease and empowered to take on this next milestone.
My suggestion would be to buy and read the book when you first start thinking it could be time to start potty-training. The book provides an excellent foundation for this journey and it is an easy-read so you don’t need to worry that you won’t get through it.
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on 25 September 2007
There are some great insights and ideas in this book that really made me think about how I discipline my children. The section on anger management made me examine whether my impact made the behaviour of my children better or worse. A real eye opener!

There are also some really good tips on how to prevent the public (and private) tantrums and scenes that every parent dreads escalating or even starting in the first place.

I now regularly use the A-Z solutions section at the back of the book for those momements when I need inspiration with my two boys!

Harmony at our house has now been restored!
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on 9 September 2009
This book completely altered the way I "disciplined" my kids. I often yelled at them for lack of a better method for discipline. I never worked. The kids would only cry, scream and fight even more, and I felt worse every time this happened.

The book helped me change that. It's often not easy combining three under fives, a full time job and a husband who is out of the country all week, every week. But my girls are amazing. They know the rules, they understand what consequences there are if they don't play by them. We all love the "restaurant rules". In stead of me saying: sit on your chair, use your knive and fork, don't shout, don't mess with your food, ... I just have to remind them to follow the restaurant rules, and they know what I mean. We have different sets of rules for shopping, playtime, eating out, ... and they know them all.

The most amazing proof of how well this book works is when complete strangers give me compliments on how well my girls are behaving. It makes me positively glow with pride.

Thanks for such an amazing book!!!
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on 25 August 2009
This book is really a must have for every parent! Its written in clear understandable no nonsense language and has very concreet and gentle solutions for als kinds of problem behaviour!!
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on 13 June 2012
First up, I couldn't disagree more with the person who left the 2 star review of this book; it kind of suggests that "time out" is the only solution Elizabeth Pantley is advocating in this book - and actually nothing could be further from the point!

"The No Cry Discipline Solution" is, in my opinion at least, a wonderful book, which empowers parents AND children at the same time. Sounds impossible? I thought so too when I first approached Pantley's work. But I used the No Cry Potty Training Solution for my son - the results were simply beyond my wildest hopes, he sailed thro the process with barely a backward glance - fantastic! So when things started to get a bit too fractious in the house due to my son getting a bad case of "Being 3" (!), I turned to Pantley again. Her suggestions (and all her books are just that, SUGGESTIONS, not "must do's") are gentle, but seriously effective. She makes many different suggestions, and its up to each individual parent to decide which ones will work best to suit theirs and their child's personality, lifestyle, belief systems etc. What I like most about Pantley's work is that its so very human - there are no wrong decisions, because we all get it wrong from time to time. The key, Pantley suggests, is to forgive yourself and your child, begin tomorrow as a new day and try a new approach until you find one that works. I have to say, by making even just a few minor adjustments as suggested by this book, I began noticing results VERY very quickly - better co-operation, fewer tantrums, and much more of the harmonious, loving relationship I want with my son. Just what I hoped for! Yes, there are some days when I just don't *feel* like using all my "No Cry" techniques .. but those days quickly become unbearable and I soon find MYSELF taking a time out to regroup, forgive, and try again! And it works. It just works. I can't recommend this book highly enough. Try it!
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on 25 August 2010
this book is a really useful tool in the challenge to bring up happy well balanced polite children, I haven't yet sat and read it cover to cover however I frequently refer to as a quick reference, such as looking up how to combat battles at meal times, the advise has helped and we have achieved with my toddler what I have been aiming for. I have also found the language helpful for example rather than sking my son to tidy up or to help me tidy up, I offer to help him for some reason phrasing it like this means he does it!!!! I would recommend this book if you are looking for ideas on how to influence your childs behaviour positivley and want to avoid the tearful battles and arguments which get you no where.
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on 12 September 2008
After getting pregnant with my second child, I discovered that my 2 year old daughter was being very difficult to manage. I was dispread for a book that would help me in convincing her to do the simple things like brushing her teeth, coming out of the bathtub and using the potty. I never thought that such thing existed! Only after reading few pages, my whole relationship with my daughter started to change. Now Aya and I laugh more and talk more just like friends. Elizabeth approaches raising children in a very unique way because she believes that we can get through problems by gentle and positive ways. I have all her books and looking forward for her new release.
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on 15 May 2007
We all want to get discipline "right" but too often feel guilty when it all goes wrong. In The No-Cry Discipline Solution, Elizabeth Pantley goes about removing this guilt and gives parents great tips on disciplining with less heartache and stress for the parent and child. Pantley's books are known for their gentle and child-centered approach, and this one is no different. She shows that understanding children for what they are and having realistic expectations is vital.

I am not sure that I have read another book on discipline where anger in the parent is discussed so openly and honestly. It is something that we would all pretend does not happen, but Pantley brings it out in the open and helps parents deal with this little-talked-about topic.

This book is a valuable tool--easy to read and filled with wonderful, practical examples of dealing with common everyday problems.

--Sally Cameron-Zurich
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on 25 July 2007
I am a counselor in private practice, as well as the mother of a toddler. This book has offered my husband and I very practical, and even fun ways of approaching discipline. Our 21 month old son enjoys picking up his toys and putting them away, and he even puts his dishes in the sink when he done without being asked. In addition, since reading the book and following the ideas, our son is much more pleasant to interact with. We as parents are much more pleasant as well! I refer to the book often at home, and I frequently recommend it to my clients who are struggling with parenting and discipline. I would highly recommend this book. It is a great resource for all parents.
Kim Rapach, LCSW
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