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on 1 March 2014
As title says, if your completely new to IT/Computers in general this book is a good starting point, however, for those that have experience with computers this book can be extremely frustrating and boring at times, simply because the author has aimed the book towards people completely new to IT (Which is fair enough, just wish i knew this before i purchased it).

The book has 'History/Conceptual' sections at the beginning of each chapter, the author makes it clear these arn't absolutely essential for the exam but will help you understand certain concepts more in the upcoming chapter, which again, is fair enough.

The problem however is within the main parts of the chapters themselves, where the objectives for the exam are meant to be covered, the author will either delve into stuff way, way too much (going beyond the A+ exams) or even go into stuff that's not even on the objectives or the exam itself, unless you check the objectives you won't even realise this is happening.

There's nothing wrong with learning extra stuff, however, this book is for the CompTIA A+ exams and is advertised as such, there's plenty of other books out there if i want to dig deeper into computing.

if you are looking to simply pass the exam and learn all the relevant information (As pointed out by CompTIA themselves) i would strongly suggest the Exam Cram A+ book which dosn't muck around and get's straight to the point, that in conjunction with Professor Messors videos are excellent and will help you pass, it's the route i took after realising this book was wasting my time.
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on 26 March 2006
I have to say straight off that I wasn't using this as my only source of reference! Bought it to gel together all my studying and experience to make sure I was ready for the exam and I'm glad I did.
Each chapter breaks down nicely to cover everything you need to know about a subject in a style that isn't too dry or techy, with a multiple choice quiz to check your knowledge at the end of each section. You also get a CD that includes a demo of the Total Seminars test software so yet again you can test your knowledge in a way that is similar to the actual exam. I have to admit to dipping into the book a few times since I passed my A+ as a reference on a few things I wasn't to sure about. At least you know you won't just have the book sat on your shelf after you get your certification!
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on 28 August 2008
I like the book, information is well presented and easy to follow, my only complaint would be I didn't think there were enough questions on the cd practice tests (on the essentials there are 2 practice and 2 'real' tests, but only 50 questions each)

With the sections being split into Essentials/IT technician, you can't follow them to the letter. I know there are things in the technician paragraphs that are in the essentials exam. Sometimes the author comments on this, sometimes not. Just make sure you read the whole thing.

Got to love all the chapters being on E-book format though, so you can just copy them to a portable device and not have to lug the book everywhere. A few shareware files are also included, so you don't have to search the programs out to follow along with the step by step guides.

And yes I did use this to pass, along with a transcender test pack
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on 30 August 2008
A+ Certification All-in-One Exam Guide, Sixth Edition (All-In-One) This is by far the best and most comprehensive guide for the A+ certification. I did the course with a college and their text books were often heavy on jargon and light on explanation. After i read this book i felt 100% ready to take the test, and i passed, and passed well. Thanks to this book. Now i'm studying the N+ and using the Meyers guide for that too.
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on 10 April 2013
For both personal and professional reasons I've been reacquainting myself with the various Windows operating systems recently and I chose Mike Meyers' tome for no other reason than it offered broad coverage of XP, Vista, and 7. However, this book proved to be far more than a Windows instruction manual and it has become one of the few books that, when I finished it, I immediately started re-reading!

I have previously been guilty of complaining that computer books are over-priced but this is clearly an exception. With a rrp of £40.99, each page (excluding Appendices & index) costs just 2.8 pence. Given the information density, illustration quality, and the fact that you are unlikely to pay the list price, this represents superb value for money.

Myers keeps the language accessible and eschews the gratuitous use of intensifiers that can make reading (and understanding) technical literature such a chore. This makes this an enjoyable (yes, enjoyable) read! Criticism is limited to Myers occasionally forgetting that the world stretches beyond the borders of the USA and a little too much advertising for his Company. Nonetheless, even if you have no intention of taking the CompTIA A+ exams, this an outstanding introduction to computing for aspiring techs or enthusiastic amateurs alike and I have no hesitation in rating it a five star publication.
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on 17 March 2014
Too dense, too much fluff. The useful information could have been concentrated in less than half the size of the book. I have some IT knowledge and am familiar with hardware and software on a need to know basis and thought I would find more refined and useful, interesting information in this book, but there are a lot of things left uncovered or ignored completely. If you are an absolute beginner, you might find the book more interesting and entertaining than I did, but be aware that the writing style and approach is very American like, in the sense that business, routines and customer service are tailored for the American market. I find it hard to see this book as neutral in customer or business approach.
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on 17 April 2009
This book came strongly recommended by other self-study users and those on CompTIA A+ courses. I can see why.
The information is presented in a down-to-earth manner which is easily digested and so far I have enjoyed learning from this book.
My only grumble was that the CD that comes with the book and has the test papers on it, automatically defaults to install the publishers demo instead of the actual disc main contents, but then if you can't find that and install it from explorer then maybe you should reconsider a PC tech career?
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on 24 March 2008
I bought two books whilst studying for the A+ exams; this one, and Jean Andrews book. In the end I ended up using the Jean Andrews book more since I found it to be slightly more reader-friendly and I preferred the layout.

Having said that, this book includes more or less the same information along with practise tests. Personally I'd recommend the Jean Andrews book more highly, but this one (or even a combination of both) will also get you through the exams.
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on 15 December 2009
This book is very good. I intend to move from my current military career to the IT trade, the A+ qualification seemed like a perfect stepping stone.

I was going to go with a distance learning college and they quoted a staggering 2000 pounds for the course.

Then I found I could just buy this one book and book the exams myself, saving a lot of money in the process.


This book is huge and looks to be a lot of hard work, however there are alot of pictures and examples which take up at least a third of the 1000+ pages.

It is written in a manner which is light hearted and simple.

I would recommend this book to anyone wishing to the Comptia A+ exams. Mike Meyers also does books for the Network + and Security+ which I will definitely get next.

There is also a CD at the back of the book with practice questions and tests, plus video where topics are explained.
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on 7 September 2007
Great book and seems to be considered the defacto book to use. Dunno how good it would be for the new version of the A+ though. The only critisim I had of the book is it could have broken down between the two exams a little better for revision purposes.
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