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on 24 August 2015
The contents of this book is excellent . I bought the 1st edition for myself and I was so pleased with it I ordered another for a friend. HOWEVER the 2nd EDITION WAS VERY DISAPPOINTING. The book was a much cheaper produced edition. The paper was very thin newsprint paper, thinner than a newspaper, so thin that you can see the text overleaf. Some pages were wrinkled in the process of binding. The font had also changed and less user friendly to read. You wouldn't be able to write in pen/ biro without it showing through masking some text overleaf. A very cheap publication compared with the first edition. I can recommend that you look for the previous publication.
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on 30 November 2015
Really good grammar book to use which doesn't over complicate things, I love practising with these books, teaches me how to use grammar properly and use verb conjugations and understand what the different tenses are used for. This book doesn't bore you to death with just passages of text. It gets straight to the point so you feel like you are really progressing. These books are so good that I purchased them for French, Spanish and Italian as I am studying these languages at a language school and they have been very helpful. I want to be as proficient as I can in the languages that I am learning! I recommend for people who are afraid of grammar when learning languages, this will show you that grammar is nothing to be feared of!
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on 14 March 2007
I also have the other two books in this series, 'Spanish Verb Tenses' and 'Spanish Prepositions & Pronouns'. The three together form a really first class set. This book, covering grammar, unavoidably duplicates considerable amounts of the other two but I wouldn't dissuade you from getting this one if you already have either or both of the others. Buy all three.

The tuition and exercises are presented clearly and in well structured form. There are answers to the questions in the back of the books. TIP! Don't do the exercises on the pages provided for your answers! I did - in pencil, fortunately - and spent ages rubbing out my answers when I realised I wanted to revise/recap. I would have needed an ocean of Tippex if I'd done them in ink.

No: do the tests on loose sheets or your pc. The answer pages in the back are perforated. This is very handy [other publishers note - do the same] because it means you can tear them all out, put them in a folder and avoid endless flipping back and forth between questions and answers. If you do your exercises on loose sheets, you can file them with the answer pages and monitor how well you're progressing.

I like the large format, too. It has enabled the publisher to lay the text out in a clear and logical way. The Oxford U.P. books are good, but the small format leads to a very dense and cramped presentation. These books are far superior in that respect.

I thoroughly recommend them.
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on 13 November 2013
This covers all the basics that you might want for this level (Beginner to Intermediate) while integrating useful vocabulary in a way that helps you to remember it. The grammar is broken down into distinctly understandable units and the exercises are practical and a few questions refer to the previous chapters to help you remember them. It contains about 400 pages and includes an answer key and a basic glossary (mainly of words used for the exercises). You do get the feeling it was made for central American Spanish but this is only for a bit of vocabulary. The grammar lessons are very well explained and presented. I haven't tried the audio recordings yet, but even without that I would strongly recommend this book
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on 7 February 2013
I am teaching myself spanish from not knowing any more than no hablo ingles and dos cerveca por favor.
It is working well and I am definately learning spanish but it is not a stand alone work. I am sure you would get there eventually but I am getting the most out of it with the aid of the kindle collins dictionary (yes you will need to buy the spanish english and the english spanish versions, it does say so in the title for those of you who read the bad reveiws and wonder if it is ok), the assimil spanish with ease book and audio and the inestimable word reference website.
All this together I feel well on target for my AS in 2014 provided I put in the work.
Exercises introduce new vocabulary and grammer points are covered clearly. The answer section is linked via a button you press on the page and linked back from the answers.
There is only one thing which prevents me giving it a 5 and that is that the Audio answers are not supported on my PC or anroid tablet so I wonder what they are supported on? But there is instructions for getting to the website so not difficult just a little perplexing.
More aimed at adults than children for the vocab side of things it would still be a excellent workbook for any age.
I recommend
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on 26 August 2014
I have the German and French versions of this book too and assumed they would all follow the same format: ie, starting off with the basics, introducing new vocab gradually and asking you to perform fairly repetitive exercises - all of which help the grammar & vocab to sink in. Unfortunately, the Spanish version of Complete Grammar gets you to complete sentences from the beginning without translating a lot of the vocab (I waste a lot of time flipping between the dictionary at the back and the exercises at the front) and uses far too much vocab to give you a chance to absorb it. And I'm usually pretty good with languages.
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on 6 March 2015
Amazing buy for a great revision tool. I really enjoy its preciseness and clarity. It brightens me up with the idea of revising my grammar. Great help with irregular verbs. Descriptions don't bore me. Only drawback for me is that it is blended with a North-American and South American Spanish, because I do study Spanish-Spanish.
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on 19 February 2010
I bought this book (Practice Makes Perfect: Complete Spanish Grammar)to augment a beginners night school course and find it very useful for this purpose. Not sure I would want to use it as a complete beginner to teach myself but as revision and expansion of each week at night school it is excellent. I also bought 501 Spanish Verbs (6th Edition)at the same time, but I think that, as a beginner, Complete Spanish Grammar is sufficient as 16 of the 26 units are dealing with verbs.
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on 17 August 2013
This book isn't a tutorial for someone new to Spanish, and doesn't teach vocabulary, but is aimed at readers with some basic competence in the language. If you have rusty GCSE or O-Level Spanish, or have completed a basic conversational intro such as the BBC "Talk Spanish" course, then this would be an ideal next step if you want to improve your Spanish grammar from a book. The chapters are clearly labelled, so if you're taking a Spanish class and want a bit of help and practice on one area, you can easily dive in at that section. It covers GCSE grammar and a good deal of A-Level grammar, using a combination of short, concise grammar explanations, followed by "fill-in-the-blank" exercises for reinforcement. There's an answer key at the back, and as other reviewers have noted, it's be a good idea to write the answers on a separate sheet so you can use the book more than once, and so you can easily compare your answers to those given in the key.
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on 8 April 2014
I felt that there was quite a lot of verb material in the grammar book and wondered why I had bought both.
The book is quite large, larger than I expected, and quite floppy so difficult to use with one hand when you are trying to find something quickly.
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