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on 9 June 1999
This is a very good SAP book, one of the best I've seen in years. I've read some of these negative reviews and have found no validity to those remarks. I don't even feel that they could have possibly read the book at all. These people would have to be a genius to read an 800 book of this size and return it the next day. Unfortunately, their comments show no intelligence whatsoever. They obviously have no idea how detailed this book really is. Those people should be ashamed of themselves for knocking the only decent SAP book on the market. I know this is a very competitive field, but in all my years of experience, this is the best SAP book I've read. Those comments are an insult to all of those people who NEED a good book like this to pass the certification exams.
If you want to read a very good book about SAP and Certification then this is it. I work with SAP and this is honestly written extremely well. If you want to succeed with SAP, you will find what you need in Miller's book!
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on 2 September 1999
I bought this book to help me with the Materials Management (MM) Certification test and it is terrific. I read the questions and went directly to the answers so that when I had to take the test I knew exactly what I was looking for. I didn't have to waste time looking at three other answers that were so close and didn't apply to taking the actual test. Besides that, I decided to study several of the other SAP Modules and there is a very high degree of overlap between one module and another. It was a good thing I did this because when I took the actual test, there were questions that asked on the other modules I read about in this certification manual. Overall, this test book was of enormous help to me and I don't think I would have done as well on my SAP Certification exams without it.
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on 28 August 1999
I work with SAP and have done so for many years.
After looking at some of the reviews posted here I felt it necessary to write a review on this most excellent book that I have read from Mr. Miller.
Many of my SAP colleagues feel that Mr. Miller has really done an excellent job in writing this certification guide.
The work he did in this guide is better, in some respects, to current SAP documentation.
This book is the perfect supplement to the SAP Certification documents we have for the partner academy.
His work really shines and it wouldn't surprise me if our company offered Mr. Miller a position here at SAP to work for us.
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on 2 June 1999
I am an ERP consultant who has worked with several different vendors. I have expressed an interest in becoming certified for the past couple of years, but my company wanted me to stay where I was.
I took my own initiative and purchased Mr. Miller Certification Guide because SAP was so hard to learn.
After reading his book, I very highly recommend it. He is clear in his text and provides and excellent reference.
The test questions and answers are very complete and have helped me learn all of the SAP modules in great detail.
I am very pleased with this book and think very highly of this text.
Very well done!
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on 26 May 1999
Don't be fooled this book does not contain the information you will need to build your SAP skills to Certifiable level. Basically this book is "about" obtaining SAP certification. The title should have been "SAP R/3 Certification Information".
The books front cover the book proclaims, "Comprehensive test preparation...", this is just not true! I suppose I should not have been surprised, with only 767 pages you cannot expect a book to explain the detailed knowledge required to pass FI, CO, MM, PP, SD and ABAP modules, ( basis is forgotten completely like always!). For example SD information is covered from pages 205 to 216 that only 11 pages! Certainty the detailed knowledge required to pass the SD examination could NEVER be communicated in 11 pages. The section for each module just presents an overview of what you will learn if you pay $10000 and attend an academy! Thus this book totally worthless from the point of certification skill building! The "2000 practice questions..." are just general wishy-washy questions and answers that just don't seem relevant to the precise multiple choice and multiple answer questions contained in the certification examinations!
Included are sections about the complementary software program and industry sector contact points within SAP. Good information for companies building third party "add-ons" to the SAP modules! But completely worthless for any certification candidate! Just for the author's information, "software certification" and "consultant certification" are completely different! The CD's a waste, I had expected it to contain practice examinations but NO, it just contains general R/3 marketing stuff probably downloaded from the SAP web site, again worthless for an examination candidate.
In comparison, Jason. S. Couchman's book, "DBA Certification Exam Guide" has over 1250 pages devoted to the knowledge required to pass the Oracle DBA certification program. As a person who has completed certification from as both Oracle and SAP, I can say that at least 1250 pages PER SAP MODULE is required to communicate the knowledge requite by a certification candidate to successfully choose the correct answers from SAP's detailed, precise and sometimes tricky certification questions. For people serious about skill building and examination passing Wait for a better book(s). The market is still wide open for titles like "SAP R/3, [insert module name] Certification Exam Guide" written by experts, each presenting the full content of an academy course.
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on 4 June 1999
Having puchased this book fairly recently, I was glad I didn't pay the cover price. It is very informative about the basics of each module and the Q and A sessions were designed to make you think. There is a wealth of information about certification costs from partner academy. What really galls me are some of these reviews from induhviduals that sought a panacea and a quick-rich scheme into SAP. Grow UP! Put yourself in Stewart's shoes for a minuite. SAP learns that some hotshot is going to write a tell-all book about the certification exams-what do you think happened? SAP had to review the content and probably threatened him not to tell all or present it in the format of the academy courses, let alone the exam, or be sued for the rest of his life! SAP has a hard enough time with pirates and these ridiculous SAP schools to not be bothered by these tell-all authors. SAP has a vested interest in their own product(rightfully so), and consultants should use them as a sole resource for certification. Costly? Yes, but well worth it in the end. THERE WILL NEVER BE A BOOK EXPLAINING CONFIGURATION STEPS AND THERE WILL NEVER BE A BOOK TELLING YOU ALL OF THE CERTIFICATION ANSWERS! If you understand these 2 things when getting into SAP, you will do well in this career. For those of you that need their hands held, become MCSE's. SAP is not nor ever will be that way with their product.
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on 2 August 1999
SAP R3/3 Certification EXAM Guide this is NOT! not even close. Even as a certification primer its bad! If you want lots of general information about certification, which can be also be found on the sap web site, then maybe buy this book, it certainly has a LOT of general stuff and you will reread multiple times throughout the book. However if you expect this book to help prepare you to pass the certification examination, it WONT! This book is just total waste of your time and money! The text of the book does not offer the detailed and precise module information you will need to know, just the standard "big picture" fluff! Certification candidates need full and detailed knowledge about a particular module, not high level generalities. Obviously the author just collected a whole lot of general material, padded it out and made this book! If I was a person of integrity I would give this book 2 stars, but because the mismatch between the the title on the cover and the 800 pages contents of the book, I personally give it -4 stars. I just wish I could get my money back, unfortunately I opened the CD!
The CD by the way is probably the most pointless CD ever included in any technical book! A brain-dead collection of marketing information, a complete waste, containing not one practice question or answer to help in certification examination preparation!
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on 29 June 1999
After trying to call SAP several times in an attempt to find out how to approach the certification process, I felt very put-off. SAP's Certification process of so difficult to find out, I didn't have the energy to fight with the operators who kept sending me from one 800# to another.
Then, I saw Stewart S. Miller's SAP book and bought it immediately. Wow! Everything I needed to know about who to contact, what types of courses were offered, and what the certification course asks was in there!
This book is worth its weight in gold! I am extraordinarily pleased with this book because it simply offered what SAP could not. I really wanted to get involved with SAP because I have heard so many good things about them, but this book has really supplemented information that SAP does not provide. The combination of SAP Certification and Miller's book really works well together!
Overall, this book was exceptional!
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on 17 May 1999
I have just taken the certification exam on Friday last week in Germany. Having just received a copy of this book today and having quickly gone through it I can honestly say that this book will hardly contribute to passing the exam. Most of the pages are devoted to material which is hardly related to what the exam is all about. The sample questions are few and of completely different style. Multiple choice type questions of exam like quality is the stuff I was looking for. The accompanying CD is merely a collection of files of different topics (mostly sales presentation of SAP corporations).
This title is useful to those who are new to SAP or of casual readership. It is not for the serious Certification Exam candidate. - What a pitty -
Thorsten Klose,
Augsburg, Germany
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on 6 August 1999
I don't usually write reviews on books I buy at Amazon, but this time I'm making an exception. I was really pleased with this book and found the content to be very comprehensive and really professionally done.
When I read a book, I am looking for a no-nonsense approach that will allow me to learn the material quickly and easily. This book had everything written logically and was presented in an excellent format. I thought the author did a truly superb job of putting a great deal of information together in such a comprehensive manual.
I really liked this book. I am glad someone took the time to put together a very fine resource that I so greatly needed.
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