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on 5 July 2017
Really useful if you want to understand neuroanatomy.
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on 20 November 2016
Excellent book. Easy learning.
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on 7 August 2014
Fantastic book! Very useful for anyone studying biology/neurology or anyone just interested. Recommend!
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on 6 January 2016
This book is excellent and I would highly recommend it to other medical students. The diagrams are clear and the accompanying text is very detailed but quite easy to follow. I had to spend quite a while on each page to make sure I was learning the details and not just colouring in pretty pictures, but I think it was worth it.

I was a bit concerned that, being from the US, there might be significant differences in terminology. However, I've not found this to be a problem.

You may have to get more colouring pencils as you will need a lot of different shades for each page. My only other (minor) annoyance is that colouring the labels is a pain, and some sort of key with a little box to fill in would be better. However, this does give you time to think about what you are colouring and let ideas sink in...

I have other anatomy colouring books which I have not really used as they lacked detail. This one is great, the price is fantastic (much better than £50+ for a regular textbook) and I would definitely buy it again. If you're a medical student you should too.

P.S. I hope it's okay for me to have added the picture. I wanted to show how I have been using the book.
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on 5 July 2014
Great item
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on 21 February 2011
I am really glad I decided to get this book. I was surprised when it arrived that it was so thick! I hadn't checked out the number of pages in the desription so was expecting something much thinner; especially for the price!

It's early days yet (I've only coloured the first two) but I plan to work my way through the book and colour in every plate! I'm even going to buy some good quality pencil crayons to do it justice as my daughter's school ones are a bit naff.

I recommend this most highly :D
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on 4 August 2016
Thick as a textbook, so clean & neat, so brainy & quite addictive I must say.

I expected this book to be quite thin but it's as thick as a textbook! So brilliant! It's even gradually broken down into chronological units (basics-advanced) so you can fiddle about with it either by teaching yourself about the brain or selecting certain parts for a certain audience. It's so good because as an undergrad psych student, it is sometimes a chore to fully interpret the brain, but with this? I don't even realise how much info I'm storing! I learnt more about the brain structure in one colouring plate than I have in 2 lectures!

I came across this on Amazon by accident and super happy I did, because it's just perfect for those who are curious but just too lazy to persue that curiosity ;) Well, that's me at least.

No but this is just brilliant. I love it. Very trustworthy too (you'll see when you read the preface).
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on 26 September 2013
This is a brilliant book in some ways and, I'm afraid, a disaster in others but its brilliance outweighs its negative aspects.

The idea of quietly colouring in pictures of the brain to learn its structure really appealed to me and I'm enjoying the discipline and the playfullness in colouring in my book. The pictures are comprehensive and go from depicting the basic structures into very complex and specialised areas of the brain and nervous system.

Choosing the colours, coding them and then `colouring in' really helps to make the structures and functions clear and memorable.
What is not appealing is the incredibly dry and academic style of writing. The authors are clearly good at breaking down pictures to make them easy to understand but they have forgotten to do the same with words. I use this book as an example in my writing workshops of how to hide your main point with complicated words and structures. The first paragraph starts `This is a book of illustrations (plates) and related text pages in which you (the colourer) color the name (title) of a structure and use the identical color for its structural representation. The titles are listed on the plate, and following each title is a letter printed in small type (subscript). In some cases, a number (exponent) is added to the subscript. In most cases, titles are arranged in alphabetical order of the subscripts, starting with A.' It goes on!

They take 2 and a half A4 pages to explain how to colour in - something that most children grasp intuitively! And unfortunately the text that accompanies the brain pictures is just as dense and difficult to understand when they could have said the same thing using simple English. They've hidden the complexity of the science in complicated language structures and it's a pity.

But don't let the text put you off because you will remember and understand much more about brain structure and function by colouring in this book. So if you've ever struggled to tell the difference between your caudate nucleus and your nucleus accumbens or just want to see how your hemispheres are different then this book is great.
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on 2 August 2012
I was appointed as a Consultant Neurologist at a London teaching hospital in 1982 and I bought this book looking for some aids to teaching neuro anatomy. I can only say that this is the best book that I have found in over 30 years as a Consultant Neurologist in teaching medical students neuro anatomy.

Most medical students end up with knowing only that one side of the brain supplies the other side of the body. Goodness knows how one reviewer said that his grand daughter found it interesting to colour in.( perhaps she is now a famous consultant neurosurgeon or neurologist).

I appreciate that not everyone enjoys 'colouring in' , but even if you do not, can I say that if every one of my medical students understood, and remembered what is in this book they would have a wonderful grasp of how the nervous system is organised.

I have recommended it to every generation of medical students that I have taught, and know how much time and expertise have gone into it's preparation. It is a wonderful resource to any medical student, and I am still referring to the diagrams so many years later.

I would strongly recommend it to any medical student, even if you are not prepared to do the colouring in. If you are prepared to do the colouring in you would benefit greatly. If you knew what was in this book you would be firmly set on your path to become a consultant neurologist.

A wonderful resource.
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on 1 December 2013
this has been bought as a present for my psychology student daughter following recommendation from a friend. Looks really good.
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