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on 30 March 2017
Cards too thin and difficult to shuffle
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on 6 July 2016
Lovely book and cards
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on 2 January 1998
Don't let the name turn you off..these cards are wonderful. I picked up a deck of these unique cards for my boyfriend a few months ago, and had to get my own set. They are square cards-each edge holds half of a beautifully done picture. Follow the instructions for laying the cards out, and see what pictures form. Then consult the well-written book, read the entry for those pictures in those specific positions and oila! You have your just done your own card reading. Very accurate. I read Tarot and Medicine Cards as well..this was a nice break from those. Easy to learn and read..these are great for anyone having trouble, frustrated, or just looking for a break from Tarot. I can't say enough..they are enchanting, gorgeous cards, and they work wonderfully!
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on 5 January 1999
For the last three months I've been working with these cards, and did readings for a lot of my friends aswell as myself. They are not only easy to use and accurate, they are very beautiful and it is a pleasure to find the matching pictures. We have had some great times reading the cards, although I had contstantly to translate them into German. Since there are four positions with different meanings, I still find new aspects. Great fun, but be aware that it takes about half an hour for one reading.
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on 7 April 2012
Like many divination card lovers, I own multiples of different card decks - tarot, rune, oracle, fairy, Lenormand, etc. If you are familiar to those cards, you would notice that each deck has its character/strong points - some of those are more objective, some of those are psychological, and so on. And each of them are more or less accurate on their own accord, depending on the type of the questions you ask and the answers/advices you are seeking.
In my opinion, this Russian Gypsy Fortune telling cards are darn good at forecasting events (i.e. fortune telling) as well as giving down-to-earth advices. Accuracy comes without saying, and this seem to be true for whether its a long-term forecasting (like month, year, etc) or short-term advice (e.g. questions like "what should I know about the coming important meeting?").

I have used this card in both ways, short and long-terms, and either ways it gives very useful advices as well as the accurate predictions of events that might come up. The advices are, as said before, very grounded so that instead of messages like "Trust your intuition" or "Divine force will guide you", it would say something like "It is up to you to make the first move to ensure the relationship endures. Your action or will power can change your circumstances"(and followed by some more suggestions). Honestly, especially when you are having troubles and seeking for advices, these type of messages are so much more helpful - since obviously you are asking advice because you cannot find or follow your intuition in the first place...! It certainly tells you negative aspects if that is happening/happened, but alternatively gives you hints & tips of wise actions to prepare for or to avoid/minimise the damage.

The beauty of the card is that, because of the system of how the card works, what are necessary will show up. (and so what is not necessary won't). I found this particularly helpful - when you are doing a reading for yourself sometimes it is hard to just be objective and grounded, but intuitive in the same time. Often in tarot cards and alike, you're bound to draw some cards inevitably for the sake of the spread and when you are not too well grounded you might be guessing all the possible meanings of this "reversed-'Star'" card might be mentioning - which could just be saying that you don't have to worry. In this Russian Gypsy cards, if you are worried of something and that something is NOT happening, then the cards will literally tell you that either your worries are for nothing or simply doesn't warn you. If it IS happening, it will most likely tell you what sort of cause it might have and where to look for solutions. Sometimes I get only few pictures, and sometimes 9~12. Quite often when you are more serious and specific about the question, so will be the answer and the number of the pictures that will show up.

Lastly, as many people have mentioned, the images are pretty pleasing. I'm not particularly picky about the images of the cards (Id prefer accuracy) but still I appreciate this hand-drawn looking beautiful images which are pleasing everytime you do the reading (even those 'negative' pictures are pretty... oh well)
And like many people have pointed out, I agree that the quality of the cards are pretty shoddy. Possibly the most thinnest cards I have owned so far. The quality of the book and the casing are fantastic - if only the publisher would spend a little more effort in the quality of the card rather than, say, the casing. I would certainly have to laminate or do something to strengthen this card otherwise this will certainly fall-apart in month time.

Overall, I would recommend this cards to any divination card lovers - beginner or expert.
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on 14 January 1998
I have used the Russian Gypsy Fortune telling cards off and on for several years. It is accurate and easy to use -- there is nothing to memorize, this system is straight forward. They are beautiful, artistic cards with 1/2 pictures on them. You lay out the cards and see if you have any "joined" pictures. Then you look up the meaning in the book.
The book and the meaning of the cards are written in a down to earth style, It is also spiced with Russian folk sayings such as "Love isn't like a potato, you can't throw it out the window".

If you are looking for something that is a bit exotic, but easy to use and follow, order this. You won't be disappointed.
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VINE VOICEon 17 July 2014
I have wanted to buy these cards for over a year but as the price was a little higher than the normal Tarot deck, I kept avoiding buying them. When I was a child I had a set of Russian gypsy cards that came free with a spiritual magazine. Having had a deck I received for free, I didn't want to spend a lot on these cards. However I decided to get the set because I have totally forgotten their meanings and, because of nostalgic reasons, I wanted to start using these cards again.

I was very pleased with this beautiful and heavy (about 700 g) kit. It had a super pretty 180 page thick book that was of a very high quality and had a set of 25 gypsy cards. The book itself is hardcover and it tells about the gypsies in Russia, about the fortune telling tradition in Russia and some other things. The author Svetlana Alexandrovna Touchkoff is Russian who practiced gypsy cards since childhood where it was a tradition in her family. Her grandmother has learned this method from a Russian gypsy woman called Milka. At first they used the deck of cards that were hand painted. Later the author moved to Canada and published this book as a response to the many requests to teach this method of card divination and also because this deck of cards would be easier bought than hand painted to every person who showed interest in fortune telling.

The book is a treasure. It shares the secrets of reading this so rare and authentic Russian solitaire or "pasyans". In Russia, many readers think that divination methods should not be taught so thinking of how hard it is to find any information on how to read these cards, I feel this book is very precious. The 25 cards are like jigsaw puzzle that are always laid out in a 5 x 5 grid and then the cards are rotated in their positions to match pictures with the other cards. Each picture or symbol has 4 meanings depending on its position. Upright and right positions are positive and upside down and left positions are negative (position = the direction of where the symbol is facing).

Each one of 50 symbols are described in 50 paragraphs. Each paragraph provides the black and white picture, number and name of the symbol, timing (short, immediate, middle to life etc), symbol type (life, love, money...), general description and 4 meanings. The meanings are described in detail and with examples, making it very easy to understand and experience. At the end of the book the author provides 8 sample readings that show us how to journal the readings, how to write them down and interpret.

There are 25 cards in a thin black box that make 50 pictures when in a 5 x 5 grid. The cards are pretty large and I have to use the floor or bed to lay them out. My round table is too small for them. The cards are not heavily laminated thick and sturdy US Games type of stock. Their stock could be compared to the magazine cover stock. I can understand why some reviewers call it "flimsy". Yes, they are to the thinner side but they are still amazingly beautiful. My Russian cards that I had in my childhood were also of the same "magazine stock", so I am pretty glad they are so authentic. I would like to note though, the stock is of good quality and it's a pleasure to touch and use it. If you like US Games laminated stock, you might need to laminate the cards yourself because they simply aren't as thick. The art itself is a beautiful Russian lacquer style called "Palekh". The color range is to the darkish side, if you look but overall reminds me of the fairy tale book illustrations. It is very cozy, very traditional and "folk" and very beautiful.

I would really recommend this book for those interested in various forms of divination. I think this is a very unique and rare kit that teaches a very popular in Russia - gypsy card divination (solitaire). It does not only provide an exotic kit with cards and a guidebook but it teaches the method of reading a Russian solitaire. Cards are not the most important part of this project, I feel. Nor does it only provide a dry set of meanings. It teaches about how to do the reading, how to use it to help you in your life, how could it be fun to read with friends and family, what do the different directions of the images mean (this was new to me) and how not to do the reading on Sundays (the day to go to church). I appreciate this kit a lot because it's a part of a distinctive Russian folklore.
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on 21 October 2011
These cards are simply amazing. If you ask a question, you'll basically receive a roadmap on how to get there, what you will encounter, pro's and con's. The cards will also warn you e.g. if your health is decreasing or if you're in some kind of danger - although it might have nothing to do with your original question.
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on 13 November 2013
I always struggled with using fortune cards, as many combinations are either quite scary or simply blank, these cards, however, are very rich in illustrations and have different meanings which are much easier to read than with others. I also found that they were more linked to traditional Tarot cards and thus, more believable. Interestingly, they can also show the past connected to a situation, which is another link to Tarot and therefore, I found these cards as well as the book absolutely great.
These cards also don't lie, I tried them now for months and it is quite spooky how they show the future. The amazing part is in explanations, the author gives absolutely stunning advice and wisdom for everyday life. If you live your life according to moral principles, then you can indeed turn your fortune around. It is more than a fortune guide book, it is life wisdom in a small book!
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on 24 February 2017
Although I have owned this set for quite some time now, it has recently become my go-to deck, why?
Because of the ease and fun with which it's accessed, and the messages that are spot on.
You are not going to be disappointed, and if only for the fun of playing these cards, rotating them and selecting one of four meanings, in the book.
I do like that the author does not pretend that the messages you receive ARE the ones, as you can always play around the meanings, not the basic ones mind you, but rather like, what to do, and how to avoid or go around a negative reading.
I recommend this set to everyone who wants a take a break from tarot or other oracle cards, or for anyone who's interested in fortune readings in general and you will love it. Five stars.
(I just wish the card stock was sturdier but this doesn't take away a thing from their simplicity and readability and beautiful colors)
These 25 rather large square cards (that actually make 50 images) borrow (perhaps not quite the word) from different divination systems such as the Lenormand, and Kipper as well, although they have their own personality in the process.
The accompanying book is choke full of meanings for all the cards in all four directions, in addition to how to do a reading, all in a sweet and caring tone, and much much more.
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