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on 20 November 2013
This book is now quite old, however at the time it was ahead of its time for the information it contained. I bought my 1st copy about 15 years ago and found the book to be very practical, mostly due to the useful Qi gong routines included, very few books at that time were available that had good clear, effective Qi gong routines, Qi gong was seen as something mystical and secret. Deng Mind Dao was one of the first authors to produce a useable book on Qi Gong and Taoism. The most useful thing I found about this book is the set of exercises Dao refers to as the "Marrow Washing Classic" Qi gong. I have numerous books on Qi Gong and have also studied Yoga for years, however this set of exercises is very interesting as they are not produced anywhere else. I have never seem them printed in any other book, the nearest to this set are the "Yi Jin Jing" produced by the Chinese Health Qi gong association, however Deng Ming Daos set has 24 exercises, nearly double that of the Chinese health associations, Deng Ming Daos also seems somehow more complete a system. Dao states that these are based on the original exercises taught by Bodhidharma, many claim to know the genuine set of these exercises (if there is one) and many authors have produced works showing these exercises. I cannot say for certain if this is the original set taught by Bodhidharma and to be fair, neither does the author however I can say that they are an extremely effective, powerful set of Qi gong exercises that stretch, relax and tone the entire body. Dao also emphasises the importance of gathering and collecting the QI in the dantien after the practice, something that surprisingly few Qi Gong authors seem to mention. From my own personal experience this is ESSENTIAL if Qi gong is to be safe and worth your while doing, otherwise it will cause more harm than good. The book is well worth a purchase for the "marrow washing classic" exercises alone.

Despite the effectiveness of this Qi gong set there is scant information about The Marrow Washing Classic shown in this book. This site is the exception:

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on 7 August 1997
This book gives an excellent introduction to the Taoist-martial art way of life and includes the Three Treasures, proper diet, life-theory, and Taoist health excercises. This is a companion book to the semi-fictional 'The Wandering Taoist' series, also by Deng Ming-Dao.
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on 30 November 2002
The things Deng writes about in his book comes in two categories, the good stuff (which seems invariably to be quotes from others) and the bad stuff (which is his own opinions as stated in the book).
The good thing about this book is that it contains three training exercises (marrow washing classics, northern star qigong and daoyin) and an introduction to meditation.
He also claims that you have to travel extensively before you are ready for meditation, a claim I find a bit extreme, but if you are used to reading books with a critical mind, you'll soon find out what I mean. If you're an aspiring martial artist (probably male) looking for your life's fullfillment, then look no further, buy this book and in 6 months, you're probably looking for your own mountain to meditate on. :-)
The book gives you a comprehensive overview of daoism, chinese herbalism, training etc. so you can save a few bucks on buying this book instead of one on taijiquan, one on meditation and so forth, but I'd still look into alternatives if I were you. Thankfully I only borrowed this book from a friend!
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on 14 July 1999
This author is one of the more credible authors whom write about Taoism. Many whom call themselves masters are not. He does not try to mix christianity or his own ego into his writings and many of the other so-called "Taoist Masters" do. This is one of the best and most accurate of the taoist books
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on 9 March 2015
5 Stars all the way nothing more to say...(for me the book per excellence)
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on 16 August 2014
excellent book
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