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on 25 January 2006
This book was so bad, neither my friend nor I could finish it. Embarrassingly bad. What is the matter with Janet Evanovich? It isn't even funny.
My friend had never read any other of the Evanovich books, Plum series, etc and she wondered why I raved about the first Plums.
I can't even imagine Evanovich fans would enjoy this. If are thinking about reading any of Janet Evanovich books, don't read this one, it is by far her worst. Try One for the Money or Two for the Dough.
Metro Girl is absolutely pathetic. I still can't believe Evanovich wrote it herself. If so, she has gone downhill very fast.
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on 31 December 2005
Probably the worst book I have read in the last 5 years and I read at least 2 books a week.
If you like the Stephanie Plum series, as I do, you will probably be disappointed with this book. If Evanovich was not already a household name, I am sure no publisher would have touched Metro Girl with a barge pole. It is embarrassingly bad.
The plot is ridiculous, but unfortunately it is not redeemed by the characters. Evanovich has tried to make them funny by adding some good one liners, and this is the only reason I give it a star at all. In truth the central characters are two dimensional, annoying in the extreme and the reader really couldn't care if they survive or not. I found it very hard to finish the book and it was only because I was stuck on a plane and had nothing else to read, but it was hard work. Every previous Evanovich book, I have not been able to put down.
Nascar man is beyond awful. I grimaced at every one of his lines. Where has the author been since 1970? Do men like that still exist? If so, who wants to read about them? Alex is the sort of person, you would cross the road to avoid. Tarty dresser, candyfloss hair, and is definitely quite a few pickets short of a fence. I couldn't think of a heroine I would least like to be or know than Alex.
There are too many characters in the book, and none are well developed. Janet Evanovich must be in her sixties by now, and trying to write from the viewpoint of 20-30 year old woman no longer works. I'm 34 and it is certainly not aimed at my age group, perhaps Metro Girl is a fantasy novel for old age pensioners/senior citizens.
All my friends and family spanning several generations love Stephanie Plum because the character has developed over many years and through 11 books from the pen of initially a younger author and the supporting characters such as Stephanie's parents, Grandma Mazur and the other oldies are usually so well written. Metro Girl is incredibly disappointing when lined up against Evanovich's other work, even including her early loveswept titles.
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on 24 January 2006
Only suitable for the trash can.
I disagree that men would prefer this book than women. Crap is crap, no matter what gender, age or sexual orientation you are. If you listen to it while driving, you will want to drive straight off the side of a cliff just to escape the ridiculous plot.
It starts bad, gets worse and then rallies onto to an....even more implausible and stupid ending.
Sad to think that books this bad can get published.
I used to laugh at my wife's Evanovich books, even though the bounty hunter ones are basically all the same, and became boring. Metro Girl plumbs new depths and we are both agreed this is the last Evanovich we'll buy.
You couldn't pay me to listen to anything by Janet Evanovich now.
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on 12 March 2006
I don't usually read novels which are light-hearted as such but I have read all of Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series (rather out of character for me) and after some deliberation I thought I'd give this a go. I liked it! Now it's not literary but it's not supposed to be! Far from it it's just a bit of fun and that's how it should be taken. It's very similar to the Stephanie Plum series in that these characters are not deep. But it's sexy and it's fast and..well sometimes you do have to let your hair down!
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on 14 May 2006
I'm a big Stephanie Plum fan, so I was quite looking forward to this book. Unfortunately, it's not as engaging or charming as Evanovich's Plum series, and the characters are quite two dimensional. However, if you want an easy, undemanding read - suspend your higher cognitive functions (and your belief!) and give it a go!
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on 21 February 2006
Okay, okay, so this book isn't going to win any awards for its literary genius, but the above reviews are about as fair as a slap in the face. What were the reviewers expecting after reading the back cover? Wild Swans? Henry James? It is clearly a Chicklit novel and it doesn't pretend to be anything else. Cheesy characters, car chases, kidnaps and illegal weapons - fun and light-hearted, it does exactly what it says on the tin (or blurb).
I appreciate good literature but I'm not going to deny that after a tiring week's work there can be a place for a simple amusing read like this. I recommend it for a pleasant wind-down of an evening (glass of chilled Chardonnay a must).
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on 23 September 2006
I think some of the reviews on here are a little harsh to say the least. Ok, it'll never make the halls of must reads, but if you want something undemanding to read this is ok, but I wouldn't bother spending your money on getting a new copy - buy it second hand from a charity shop or Amazon Market Place then you've not wasted too much money, or borrow it!)

I would however highly recommend the Stephanie Plum books. They are far more entertaining and amusing.
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on 14 January 2005
I found this book really disappointing. The plot line was okay, but the situations were totally unbelievable at time and without the asides and humour of the Plum series. The main character was okay, but seemed to rely on short pink skirts as much as her wits and made some ridiculous decisions - she was like Barbie with a lobotomy. The hero/love interest, self-proclaimed "NASCAR man" was infuriating. He talked about himself in the third person which was absolutely pathetic and no woman, excepting lobotomised Barbie types, would endure that. I kept wishing he would die, just to shut him up.
Janet Evanovich writes the other peripheral characters with some good lines and action, but you do need to suspend any sense of reality in order to make them believable.
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on 28 November 2004
This novel lacks the depth and the characterisation which makes the Plum stories so very readable and such fun. Barney is a fairly ordinary person who has very unordinary adventures but whereas this comes off brilliantly in the Plum books, somehow is just seems contrived and implausible in this tale. The hero lacks the charisma of Morelli and the other characters lack sparkle. It may get better if this is the start of a series but from the very first Stephanie Plum book, I couldn't wait to get hold of the next - I don't feel at all like that with Metro Girl. Please keep the Plum books coming, Janet!
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If you decide to read this book, stick your tongue deeply into the inside of your cheek and keep it there. This story is not to be taken seriously. It's just the foundation for a series of comic slapstick scenes in the book's second half. Without the late-arriving comedy, this would be a two star book.
The book opens with a mysterious telephone call from Bill Barnaby ("Wild Bill" thereafter) to his sister Alexandra ("Barney" thereafter) which is interrupted by a woman's scream and a disconnection. Concerned about her brother, Barney overcomes her fear of flying to leave Baltimore for Miami to find out what's happened. When she arrives, it doesn't look good. Brother Bill is gone, his apartment has been ransacked and evil-looking characters are looking for him. The bright spot is that NASCAR star Sam Hooker is also looking for Bill who seems to have taken off with Sam's yacht. While Sam sticks close to Barney to find Bill (and explore her potential as a girl friend), Barney makes rapid progress in solving the mystery.
Since you must know Stephanie Plum, it's good to draw contrasts here. Barney is much more competent than Stephanie and gets good results from being street smart rather than lucky. She's also ambivalent about the hunky men around her, but in a more restrained way than Stephanie is. Barney isn't nearly as funny. So the book has to rely on slapstick situations to develop its humor rather than drawing off of Stephanie's inherent zaniness.
The book's plot is also intended to be a serious one -- the world is at stake so humor doesn't work in quite the same way.
The book just reeks of not being credible. Things fall together much too conveniently. Why bother to have complications if they aren't complications? I felt like Ms. Evanovich was getting paid by the word.
Because of that, the first half of the book is just like a slow, delayed introduction of Barney and Hooker. If the book had started about in the middle, I would have enjoyed the book much more. As it was, I almost didn't keep going until I got to the better part in the second half.
With Ms. Evanovich's great popularity, I think we can assume that there will be a second book. So you'd better read this one so the second one will make sense. Since that book can pick up with the characters and their relationships established, it should be a much better book. At least I hope it will be.
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