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on 11 July 2015
The main problem with this book is that very little happens.The book is mainly about how the H&h fall in love whereas much of the rest of the series are also Adventure stories.
The heroine comes across as vapid and shallow and constantly flirting in the first part of the book and, until she is 'revealed' is irritating. The hero is a typical managing rake.
Like the rest of the series, there are some laugh out loud comic moments in the dialogue particularly in the first half of the book but not enough of these to make it worthwhile.
My favourite books of the series involve the Redmond family with the tyrannical Patriarch Isaiah but this is a personal preference.
I would recommend:
It Happened One Midnight
What I Did For A Duke
It Started With Scandal
I Kissed An Earl
This book is mainly worth reading if you want to follow the continuing story of the Evensea family, particularly Genevieve and Olivia, which should set the reader up nicely for Olivia and Lyon's story.
Lastly the series isn't really Regency romance, although lip service is given via clothing, bows/curtsies and blushes. These are really modern people in language, behaviour and culture. Nevertheless the books of the series are very entertaining despite the occasional historical faux pas ('fried bread' with butter and jam!!!).
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on 28 July 2014
I've read all the books in the Pennyroyal Green series and it was good to see what happened to Ian Eversea after this run in with the Duke of Falconbridge. This story is about Tansy Danforth, a wealthy american heiress and Ian Eversea, a hardened veteran of war and inveterate rogue. He doesn't notice her much at the beginning but then things change and when it looks like she could marry someone else he realises where his heart lies. I really enjoyed this book as I have all the Pennyroyal stories about the Everseas and Redmonds and would recommend them to anyone who enjoys a good romance.
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on 7 April 2014
A very good take on the innocent young lady taming the rogue yet Tansy is more worldly wise than she first appears. She surprises Ian at every turn and he gradually realises that there is more to this debutante then first meets the eye. But his attraction to Tansy is fraught with danger as she is the ward of the same duke that he nearly cuckolded in a previous Pennyroyal Green novel. How Ian wins his love and brings around the hostile duke is the substance of the novel and as is usual with Julie Anne Long there are plenty of laughs along the way. More intriguing still is the fate of Olivia will the loyal Lord Lansdown win her heart or will the missing Lyon Redmond reappear? I for one can't wait for the next instalment of this delightful series.
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on 6 September 2014
Not the best in the series ( What I did for the Duke is better) but still vastly entertaining like most of the other books from this author. Perhaps the fault lied that Ian was never going to be believable as the lead. Any one who read the rest of the series will probably also have difficulties reconciling the player of previous books with a man who can actually fall in love.
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on 8 April 2015
I wasn't sure if I was going to enjoy reading this book at first but the story just grew and the characters developed into interesting, likeable people. It will definitely go into my favourites and I will enjoy reading it again.
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on 7 June 2014
I've been waiting for Ian's story for what seems like forever, and it did not disappoint. It was great - though personally I preferred Genevieve, Jonathan, Phoebe and Violet's tales.
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on 15 September 2014
Great read good series
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on 23 July 2014
How can one go wrong with Julie Anne Long and her Pennyroyal Green Series. I truly enjoyed this book - but... in the beginning I didn't "get" our dear little Tansy and in fact it took quite a few pages before her character was fully fleshed out enough to even enjoy the storyline. Obviously, Ian didn't quite "get" her either, therefore, his unraveling of Tansy is indeed what eventually made the book. Because Ian alone seemed to know from the beginning Tansy wasn't quite what others thought she was, he was instrumental in bringing her to better understand herself. Likewise, she became instrumental in helping him to come to terms with experiences in his past. Together, they brought peace to one another. Ian is a delish "Main Guy" - Wowie! Zowie!

Huge Bonus - we get to revisit Genevieve and the Duke of Falconbridge - what a very pleasant surprise!
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on 25 February 2015
Ian is loveable but selfish, self centred and immature in "What I Did For A Duke" (5 Star book). I could not picture him as the heroic protagonist in a romance. He is the Eversea equivalent of Jonathan Redmond, hero of "It Happened One Midnight" (also highly recommended). In that novel I had my doubts that Jonathan would ever impress me, but Julie Anne Long is clever and Jonathan won me over completely. He transformed into a genuinely noble human being in that book.

So, knowing Julie Anne Long has this talent, I waited for the moments where Ian would do the same as Jonathan and bowl me over. Unfortunately, it didn't happen. Neither Ian nor Tansy impressed me. Tansy is beautiful, in demand by gentlemen, but she does not have surprising hidden depths like Thomasina, Jonathan's love interest in "It Happened One Midnight". Ian & Tansy are both likeable just enough for the read to be almost okay, but it seemed surface stuff was going on with their characters, emotions, romance. No depth. So when sexy-times happened, it felt wrong. Disappointingly, this book was a miss for me.

I enjoyed reading about the Duke of Falconbridge and Genevieve again ("What I Did For A Duke"), but the main romance did not satisfy me.

I'm afraid this novel is forgettable to me, while other Julie Anne Long stories remain vivid in my mind.

I await Olivia and Lyon's story and pray it is a hit, after all the anticipation and potential hinted at in previous books.

*includes sex scenes.
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on 10 April 2014
Originally published at Rookie Romance.

Immediately these characters immerse you in the world of Pennyroyal Green, home of the Everseas.
Tansy arrives in Sussex after losing both her parents and her brother. The Duke of Falconbridge is now her guardian and she arrives determined to reclaim her place as Queen Bee after reigning supreme at the New York social scene. Tansy has a mask in place that hides all her vulnerability and shows the world a carefree, happy woman who charms all men....except Ian Eversea. Really though, Tansy is lonely and wants to find her own love and place in the world. She's smart and kind, even if she is quite the most determined flirt! I enjoyed seeing her mask slip and more of the real Tansy come through as the story proceeds.
Ian has a rather scandalous past with a reputation as a rake. He is devoted to his family and was decorated as a war hero, so there's clearly more to him then good times and women. When faced with Tansy he initially dismisses her as an insipid debutante, but soon he sees the real Tansy- the one that no one else sees and he's drawn to her against his better judgement. Ian is restless and really just trying to find his place in the world as well.
Tansy and Ian are great together. They made me laugh and I loved how they came together in the end!

This is a really great read, and I am ashamed to admit that this is only the first book I've read by Julie Anne Long because her writing is engaging and had the perfect blend of humour and emotion. I loved that Tansy and Ian's characters weren't perfect, they were flawed but you also get to see them grow and they were interesting and lively.
I'd happily recommend this to any romance reader and I am definitely going to start making my way through the rest of the Pennyroyal series!

*I received a review copy from the publisher for my honest opinion. Thank you!
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