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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars

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Despite having some issues with the first book in this series, Shatter Me, I enjoyed it enough (particularly the last few chapters) to immediately pick up this sequel. I’m glad I did, because the things that made the earlier instalment good are present and correct and in many cases improved and most of the things I was less keen on – notably the wilder excesses of flowery language and the ultra-convenient plot points – have been resolved. There were still some strikethroughs and some strange metaphors, but partly due to an in-book calming of Juliette’s mental state and partly (I suspect) to an out of book maturing of the author’s style) they are much more restrained, and as a result, much more powerful when they do occur.

Plotwise, there are two key differences between this volume and the first, both of which should be obvious to anyone whose read Shatter Me.

Firstly, for most of the novel, the action moves to Omega Point, the rebel stronghold, and safe house for people with abilities like Juliette’s. Sadly, we’re seeing this amazing place through Juliette’s eyes, and initially at least, she mostly sulks in her room, so we don’t learn much about its ways or its inhabitants. I understood her fears and thought her behaviour was actually more believable than this traumatised girl suddenly been a happy part of a team, but it still made for a frustrating read.

Secondly, while still maintaining most of his role as primary antagonist, Warner makes clearer his true feelings for Juliette, and starts to feel like a viable love interest. Fair warning – this does all basically descend into full-blown love triangle territory. Personally, despite the fact it’s been horribly overdone recently, I still enjoy a good love triangle when it’s done well, and this is one of the best I’ve seen, particularly in this volume. But I know many people really dislike them, so if that’s you, I’d steer clear, as despite all of Omega Point’s plotting and a climactic battle towards the end, the romance is still centre stage here.

As a further warning, I’d strongly suggest that you read the novella Destroy Me before this, as it really explains his personality, demonstrates that his feelings for Juliette are genuine, and cast a different light on some of the seemingly indefensible things he does in Book One. Unless you really, really love genuine villains, I think you’d struggle to see him as an acceptable love interest if you haven’t got this background – however hot someone is, you probably shouldn’t get steamy with them if they previously made you torture a toddler.

Warner is an exceptionally strong character here, moving from the compelling but rather one-dimensional villain of the first novel to someone gloriously nuanced and conflicted, but still ultimately fun to read about and terribly sexy. His scenes with Juliette are a masterclass in sexual tension, surging emotions, and on her part at least, a desperate attempt not to give into forbidden love.

That’s not to say that there weren’t other strong characters or that nothing else interested me in the novel. I enjoyed some of the twists the plot took, and there were some great dramatic moments. James, Adam’s little ten year old brother, was utterly adorable and pretty funny, while Kenji, who I’d found infuriating in book one, trod a neat line between comic relief and voice of wisdom. And it was great to see a female character have a straight, platonic male friend for once. But at the same time, whenever Warner was offscreen for too long, some of my attention started to wane. This was particularly striking in the first fifth or quarter, where he doesn’t make an appearance at all, and nothing much else of note happens either. But from then on, things get very good very quickly, and overall, while it still had faults, I absolutely loved this, would highly recommend it, and went straight onto book three.
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on 7 August 2013
I enjoyed Shatter Me, the first book in this series, much more than I expected to. This meant that I had very high expectations for Unravel Me. Luckily I wasn't let down by the sequel. Tahereh Mafi is n incredible writer. Unravel Me is full of action, twists and romance. It had me jumping from Team Adam to Team Warner. Argh! I'm still unsure now which `team' I fall on. I think what makes this series so good for me, is quite simply Tahereh's writing. It's a completely different style compared to other authors. Her characters seem so real.

Juliette finally feels free at Omega Point, a place where there are many people with special gifts. She doesn't feel as isolated. However, it's not all plain sailing for Juliette. There's a war coming closer and closer and she's wrapped up within it. Juliette has some important decisions and sacrifices to make.

Juliette seems a lot stronger and more confident in Unravel Me. I love that she has a great sense of humour despite everything that is happening to her. She never gives in or gives up. I really liked Kenji as a supporting character, again the humour added to the story was much needed, especially as it is quite an intense read.

As I mentioned before I'm torn between wanting Adam or Warner for Juliette. I keep thinking I prefer one over the other but then Tahereh writes something that puts me off one, or completely makes me melt for the other! I'm intrigued to see what happens next in this series.

Unravel Me is addictive, fast-paced and intense. It's definitely a fantastic follow up to Shatter Me
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on 12 April 2017
Despite the fact that I read the first one I found myself getting thrown out of the book on several occasions. It's a style I think you either find easy or you struggle with completely. I'm sort of in the middle when it comes to that. It lost a star with how close it came to become an adult book with the descriptions between her and the boy she loves. I just felt like it was maybe too much and could easily send the wrong ideas.

It was a great story in regards to the way that at long last Juliette grows from being that scared traumatised girl from the cell she was into the woman with strength and power. The love triangle makes the books interesting. There is so many twists in the book it does keep you interested and hanging off the page. The diary entry that took me a long time to figure out was something that threw me out of this book as well. This is a great dystopian book and I think it could be up there with the iikes of Divergence.
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on 25 December 2013
About 50 pages in I started to get really annoyed at Juliette constantly moaning about her lot in life and her constant moaning. Thank God for Kenji! He gives her a firm talking to which means that fortunately it was intentional for her to be so annoying so keep at it if you're thinking of giving up like I did! Like the last book this really starts to get interesting around page 100. It was excellent how different it was from the first one; this time there was hope.
I think after this book I'm team Warner (you also find out his first name) and I'm starting to get annoyed at Adam! He's just not broken enough for Juliette, she needs someone who understands what loneliness is better than Adam does.
What a cliff hanger at the end! I've preordered the next book and I can't wait!
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on 25 May 2017
In love with this book
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on 16 August 2015
I loved this series.
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on 10 December 2014
This isn't a review of the story, as I haven't read it.
I bought this as a hardback version, the first one turned up with very poorly cut edges, this was returned. The replacement was exactly the same plus grubby fingerprints. Going back again.
review image
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on 3 October 2014
It is so seldom that the sequel is even better than the first book, so I was not really expecting to be wowed by the story, but I was totally blown away! Not only do I love this amazing book, now on my favourite’s shelf, I love the unexpected direction the story is going.

I adore Aeron Adam Aeron and can’t wait to see who finally wins Juliette over.

Oh and the cover......? Stunning!
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Review originally posted on A frolic through fiction (book blog)


The first thing I remember thinking when I started the book was that I was SO glad the familiarity was there.

When reading Shatter Me, I loved the writing most of all. How our main character Juliette sometimes goes on rambles and you can see her thoughts reeling, spiraling almost into what feels like insanity. Because I’m sure we all know that feeling when I thoughts just won’t stop . And the strikeouts. How we can see Juliette correct herself and try to control her thoughts. I loved it before, and I love it even more now.

And again, like in the review for Shatter Me, I HAVE to mention how much I adore Tahereh Mafi’s writing style. She just has this way of weaving words together to make everything seem that little bit more special.

“On the darkest days you have to search for a spot of brightness, on the coldest days you have to seek out a spot of warmth; on the bleakest days you have to keep your eyes onward and upward and on the saddest days you have to leave them open to let them cry. To then let them dry. To give them a chance to wash out the pain in order to see fresh and clear once again.”

So for the actual plot, the X-men feeling continues. Which I personally enjoy, because I love X-men. It was full of action, and you get to know more about what happened to the outside world. All the way through I felt oblivious the world outside the walls, like Juliette, so gradually seeing peeks at what happened seemed rewarding. All the action seems to kick start in this book, so more problems are introduced as the story is built up.

And let me tell you, there are plenty of twists in this book.

And I did not expect any of them.

One minute the story would be doing it’s thing then BAM something threw it off. And even before everything settled again from the last hit BAM something else would come along and everything would descend into chaos. I was just wide-eyed throughout, really. All the twists to me just seemed really unexpected.

Now, I did have one issue with this book.

The dreaded love triangle.

Because there seemed to be a love triangle blooming in this book, and I wasn’t eager about it at all.

Don’t get me wrong, it was written into the story quite well. I just didn’t want it to happen and reckon I’d have enjoyed the book more without it. Because every time I got to a love triangle related scene I’d just be thinking “please stop”. Though fans have said to me that they don’t talk about the love triangle, so it’s making me wonder what happens with it, at least.

Juliette’s development through the book is incredible. She goes from having rocky emotions and little confidence to gradually believing in herself and becoming independent. And there are so many reasons for her to become a bad person, yet she refuses to. And I love her for that.

This was a quick read and quite addicting once you dive in. It’s hard not to become tangled in the story, when so much is going on. Especially when you’re seeing the world through Juliette’s words. And while I thought the ending was a bit abrupt, it definitely leaves me wondering what on earth will happen next.

(Though I saw a pretty big spoiler earlier, so I know at least one of the things that happen. Ugh.)
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on 1 March 2016
You’re all expecting some deep and profound review, I bet.

But all I want to do is cry and sob and heave and cry and stamp my feet and cry. Because this series is over and I honestly feel so lost. I reread all the books prior to reading this, because I wanted to put it off as long as possible. Unfortunately, unless I stopped reading it altogether, it was bound to happen. And when it did, I felt shattered into tiny pieces. I really don’t know how I’m going to cope knowing there’s no more Juliette, no more Warner, no more Kenji, and even…no more Adam or James. Despite how irritating I found him in Ignite Me.

What can I say? Tahereh Mafi shoots and she scores. I can’t find a fault. Okay, so If I’m really picky? The ending… If you call that “closure” I think you need a dictionary. That was by far the most open ended ending to a series since Requiem. I’M NOT KIDDING!

I felt like there could have been at least another 100 pages or so, just to tighten it up, to give some hint as to what happens next. No epilogue needed, just some guidance. Now I feel like there needs to be a spin-off series. Hint Hint double Hint triple HINT!

Anyway, *breathes* My love for Warner. Will it ever stop growing? I don’t think I can contain it all in one tiny heart. I liked him in Shatter Me, Loved him in Unravel Me and my god…

Kenji, man, you rule! I felt so bad for him, but also he really brings life to this story. I realise he was trying hard to keep spirits lifted because what happened to Omega Point not only destroyed him, it almost killed Castle, who he considers a father. Or near enough.

Juliette, she really grew in this. She changed from a shy, unimpressive, scared girl to someone who can become proud of herself, take charge of her powers and not have to answer to anyone. I really, truly wish I had her guts. I found at times her attitude was so inspiring, I was nearly in tears with jealousy. Adam constantly telling her she had changed for the worse, and basically calling her stupid for it, was wrong, and for that I just got so annoyed with him. Yes, so what, she broke up with him, but that doesn’t mean you go around being a dick over it and insulting her. She broke up with him for HIS OWN GOOD, and the fact he couldn’t appreciate that, rather than shoving it in her face, was just beyond a joke. Warner was always going to be the better choice, because as much as he was callous and cruel, he believed in her, he loved her, and he wanted her to become herself, the truth inside of her. Wow that sounds cheesy, but you know what I mean? He didn’t underestimate her.

For the other characters, Sara and Sonya, Lily, Alia, Brendan, Winston, even Ian, I mean these people…they made the book. They each brought their own quarter and stopped it from being entirely ‘the Adam and Juliette soap drama’ because that’s what it would have been.

As for Anderson, have fun in hell, you bastard!

There are a couple of…rather steamy chapters that I will not spoil, but just be warned. Oh my. Near the 50’s. Just saying. *winks* and these are beyond anything I ever imagined. Tahereh, you kinky sod! 😛 Love ya.

I am so so so SO deeply sorry to see this series end, and it has by far been one of the best, if not THE best ever in my life and I just can’t deal with the parting. It hurts. I’ve invested so much time and emotion into these beautiful characters, I can only imagine how painful it is for Tahereh to stop, to leave them. Unless there is a spin off in which case….*throws tiny hearts your way*

Good bye my loves, I’ll miss you. *sobs*
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