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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 4 June 2016
I did previously have this book in my 'Series I Wont Read' post, so there's that! To be honest I'd seen some really 50/50 reviews about this book. It seamed to, unfortunately, be a love it or loathe it kind of series. For some reason I allowed myself to be swayed by these reviews. So being me I decided to buy it anyway, and at least I'd have it if I wanted to give it a whirl. So I did. Here's what I thought...

The storyline follows Juliette, a girl with a lethal and deadly touch to any living thing that comes in contact with her skin. Which (Apart from Rogue! Go X-Men) is such a unique power to be written about, and I've never really seen this written before, or focussed on. It gave a simple yet new dimension to the novel. Juliette comes in contact with Adam, a school *friend* and Kenji, a friend/enemy. She's not quite sure yet. Without giving away to much the relationship between Adam and Juliette is really well written, and I loved seeing them develop separately as characters and as a partnership. Warner, is another character gunning for blood and you see how Juliette may or may not have a future with Warner, and his ideals. The way Tahereh wrote the intermingling characters was pretty fabulous. The characters were diverse enough, with enough elements to keep me interested.

In regards to the novel itself, I have one or two negatives. even though I enjoyed this book I really wish the use of the word and would have been used a lot less. I really started to pick up on it around the middle and it started to hazard my reading. Also, I kinda feel that this book in so way has quite a few X-Men ties to in. in characters and plot lines. (If you love X-Men you'll know, if you don't then it wont hamper your reading whatsoever). Other than that it was a really good debut novel. I will end up picking up the other two, but may avoid the novellas. I don't really like in-between novellas.

All in all this book was fast paced, a speedy read and packed with brilliant characters and an imaginative storyline. I'll probably finish the series eventually.
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on 8 April 2014
such a lighthearted but interesting book, really original and kept me turning the pages. so easy to become immersed in the world and with the characters, so good in fact that I read it in one sitting, and will definitely be continuing the series. I also recommend reading the novellas!
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on 10 February 2012
Shatter me is a great book about a girl (Juliette) brought up from a rough background who has been isolated for what seems like forever. Her parents hated her and Juliette truly thought of herself as a monster. She was pretty much alone for the whole of her life. When a boy (Adam) her age gets locked up in her cell, everything changes.

Was it good? Yes,I really enjoyed Shatter Me and I found it really entertaining as it was quite different to most things I read. I felt it was boarding more on Si - Fi than it was Fantasy but I still loved it. It was very romantic but sometimes in the book I felt like all Juliette and Adam could do was make out. But on a whole it was a good book.

Would I buy the next book? probably, though I'm unsure it will give the same effect as the first one did.

What makes this book stand out? I'm not sure really, I loved the way that Tahereh Mafi wrote down what she was really thinking then crossed it out. I found that brilliant as it gave us a slot into what she was really thinking or wanted to say. Though I didn't really feel the effect she was trying to give on the reader when she kept repeating the same word three or four times.

Improvements? Well since it seemed more of a Si - fi book they could have at least expanded on the new gadgets in more discription, etc.

I would say this is a pretty good book, I would say it wasn't the best book I personally have ever read but I would definitely keep it to read again and I would probably reccommend it to friends.
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on 17 November 2015
SPOILERS. Though the consept was great, the romantic part of it seemed forced. One of the greatest things about fantasy books is that they allow you to escape in a world where everything is surreal in a way explained that makes it feel real. This book did not feel real to me at all, making it hard to enjoy. I liked the main character at times, such as when she stood up for herself and/or others. However the thing that was most offputting in these situations in the book was the reaction of everyone around Juliette when she did something good. They treated her like Jesus himself came ascending from heaven and that reaction was just not believable at all. I get that she was an asset because of her "powers" but honestly considering how many others there were it isn't logical for someone to go after *just* her. No matter how crazy said person is. The way she described the "crazy" person didn't really work for me. It would have been better if it were shown through his actions abit more and not so much through the stories other characters told eachother.

Overall I would say it's an okay book. Even though there was alot that didn't work for me, the consept was great and parts of the book was written very well, one of the details I liked was the "crossing out" her thoughts part, which I haven't seen in any other book. This is Tahereh Mafi's first book and with that imagination and writing skill I'm sure she will grow to be a good author as she gets more experience.
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on 22 July 2015
This is an excerpt from my review of the whole Shatter Me series. Read the full review here:

Tahereh Mafi is a beautiful writer, a stunning writer, yes, but - frankly - this did not work to her advantage in book one. The potential for Shatter Me was huge, but Mafi took an unorthadox approach to exploring it, and - personally - I fail to believe it worked.

Basically, there's a girl called Juliette, and she can't make skin-to-skin contact with anyone without them feeling excruciating pain. As far as she knows.

OK, so far so good.

She's living in an insane asylum under treacherous treatment, until one day she gets a "cell mate room mate". He is a person from her past. She remembers him, but she's unsure as to whether he remembers her.

And this is where a possibly action packed and insanely amazing book transforms into a love story. And, as much as I adore love stories, I think the entire plot was compromised for Juliette and Adam finding love together.

Some of the scenes are beautiful. When Juliette and Adam touch for the first time? Stunning.

But Warner is not played up enough. Juliette is thinking of Adam far too much considering her situations. Frankly, I think the love story between Adam and Juliette - if Mafi really wanted to write about it - could have been set in a non-dystopian world, and could've existed as a stand-alone contemporary, young adult novel.

This storyline, this plot, this whole idea was such a good one that was, unfortunately weakened by a stereotypical love story. In my opinion, Juliette should have fought Warner alone. Should have escaped alone. Should have powered through this tough time alone rather than be depicted as weak, and needing a male to strengthen her. That is not what dystopian literature is about.

Despite this, Mafi has a way of keeping you hooked, and it wasn't until I looked back on the story that this came to mind. It is an enjoyable read, and I would recommend it to any dystopian/YA/forbidden-love fans.
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on 11 February 2014
I am a bit torn after reading this book a second time, when i first read this book, i loved it and thought it was perfect, but now i have reflected on it more and refreshed and i realise even though i still like it there are some points that made me feel that i could not say it was still perfect.

Firstly the good points:

I love the writing style, it is beautiful and poetic. Because the book is written from Juliette’s viewpoint and in first person the writing style basically shows how her character thinks in her head. I like the use of run on sentences, the metaphors, the strike through words to show the inner thoughts that Juliette doesn’t want to let out, and the repetition of words to help to emphasise thoughts and emotions that were more intense, all these components really help to connect with Juliette’s mind set, and understand her fully. The writing style really helped to make me care for her.

I like most of the characters, especially being a psychology student, i like that specifically Juliette and Warner have some abnormality. Juliette’s character is complex and so interesting, her power does seem like it is a rip off of Rogue from X-men but the addition of her super strength does make up for that, i like the fact that even though she was treated badly by everyone, even her family, she still has the ability to care for other people and resisted Warner’s manipulations. I like that she is strong both mentally and physically (power). I like that Warner’s character is unsettling, he made me feel scared for Juliette, he screams bad touch , he is not good and does not apologise for killing people, in fact he enjoys it. But i like him, i wanted to know more about him, to understand why he is the way he is. I love Kenji, and how cocky and funny he is, i like his power and the details about him that were revealed near the ending.
I also love how the ending is hopeful and uplifting, and the introduction of other people with powers too.
Now the bad points:
Some parts of the writing style was annoying, while the metaphors used were lovely, they sometimes didn’t make sense, it felt like the author was trying to make the writing too lyrical and it came across odd.
Also the whole love relationship between Juliette and Adam didn’t really seem believable, when Adam was first in the cell with Juliette, he is suppose to be in love with her since he was younger but he didn’t really hint at his love neither did Juliette, who reveals later on she was in love with him since she was 14, even though she didn’t recognize him when they were in the same room?. It just seemed off a bit. I don’t know, maybe i felt this way because i didn’t really like Adam much.
Overall, i do like this book, despite its flaws which were not very many, and would recommend it.
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on 24 August 2016
This is not a spoiller review!

After a long time in a reading slump I never expected to read a book this quickly.

The begining for me was a little slow but it was worth it because when I reached a certain point I just flew throught it and I read about 250 pages in two days, which, coming from a person who hadn't read a thing since January, is a freaking lot.

Appreciation on the book: fast passed, easy reading, interesting, suspensful and truly addicting. Loved the story and the characters.

Fangirl perspective: I love Adam so much I just want for him to be with me for ever! I hate Warner so much I could break his neck. And Juliette is a really good main character like I havent seen in a while.
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on 6 February 2013
I'm a complete scrooge with 5 star ratings. Only books that completely blow me away are worth such a score.

I don't even know what to say. I usually waffle on and on in my reviews, but no words will do this book and author justice, other than the words within the book itself.

Tahereh Mafi has won me over. I'm majorly looking forward to the UK release of 'Unravel Me'.

I'm totally in awe of this writing.
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on 5 July 2014
I had to get used to the writing style, but once I got that covered, man what a story! I do find Julliette a bit whiney at times, but hey if you have been unloved your whole live, spend it the past couple of years in complete isolation then I can understand why!
And I’m ready to learn more and more and more about her…
Now to Adam, hope he keeps it together for both of them hehe. Kenji is funny, wish he dropped in the story a bit earlier. James is cute like a 10 year old brother is, curious and afraid for his brother. Loved it.
Now Warner, not sure what to think of Warner. I like to see him as a ‘baddy’ but I am not sure yet. I don’t like him pushing himself onto Juliette, but I hope he can still turn in the next books into something good or that he completely turns evil.
Definitely worth a read, but a warning…. the strikethrough sentences might get distracted but it will give you more insight into Juliettes struggles.

I would definitely recommend this book as a start of the series. It was nice and refreshing and a complete different sort of story, some like the writing style and some don’t but give this book a try. The characters are well written and I felt all the emotions, the anguish of Julliete, the sudden movements that were pressed upon her, the different feelings, how she has to cope with who she is and what she is capable of and what has happened to the outside world but most importantly whom to trust…? I hope she will always believe and trust in herself and her judgements and doesn’t get this clouded by everyone else.
Oh and I would like to say that I really love this book cover!
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on 21 October 2014
I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

A lot has been said about the writing style and I really liked a point. It was different and poetic and really beautiful but at times it detracted from the story a little bit and felt a little too try hard.

Juliet is an interesting character & I enjoyed being inside her a point. She did blush.A.LOT!

Adam is pretty fantastic. I loved his dedication to her and his development from a perceived character to how he actually is. And the romance between the two was really great. I definitely felt it.

Warner is superbly insane. He really is one of the best baddies I have read in a long time. Insane enough to command the fear of thousands and deluded enough to be truly terrifying.

James, Kenji and the other new characters we are introduced to near the end are great additions to this great story.

As for the actual story itself, it is truly horrifying at times & truly uplifting at others.
It goes from so still to action packed in the blink of an eye.

I will most definitely be continuing on with this series.
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