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on 30 May 2017
I have read them all and I'm hoping there's more after this (Up from the Grave) I love all the characters especially Cat Bones Vlad and Leila.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 8 May 2014
Well, what can i say? This was one of the first vampire sereis i read - and the one that made me an addict. There's some real dross out ther under this genre though so great stories from authors like this are to be treasured. One for the keeper files - i will, and have. re read all of these.
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on 13 June 2017
Love the story line and the characters
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on 20 April 2017
Most excellent series
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on 26 July 2017
Typical frost!
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on 27 November 2017
Amazing series was really hard to put down once you start reading
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on 16 February 2014
After waiting for forever for this end to the Cat and Bones story, I was so disappointed. Copious word and spelling mistakes, hurried plot, lack of character ark, this felt more like a working plan for a novel than the novel itself. Popular culture references felt lazy and lacking in the sense of humour and nod to reality of the other books. If you are a fan you are going to buy it anyway to see how they end up - spoiler its very twilight esq. Anyone else - don't bother.
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on 17 September 2014
I absolutely love this series, and Jeaniefe Frost is one of my favourite urban fantasy authors, so of course I was going to read Up From the Grave. The seventh and final book in the Night Huntress series is just as action packed and as exciting as we've come to expect, but there was something missing in this one for me.

Life has been pretty quiet and peaceful for Cat and Bones lately, and Cat's come to enjoy it. But when the Don's ghost pays her a visit to say her old team mates and friends have gone missing, Cat will put aside her peaceful life to find out what's going on. Turns out Madigan, Don's replacement, has been conducting experiments on her friends behind the scenes. He wants to create a species that are human, vampire and ghoul all at once to create an unbeatable army for humans. Knowing neither vampire nor ghoul will let something like that slide, Cat and Bones are racing against time to stop Madigan and save her friends. But revelations throw a spanner in the works, and Cat discovers more than she bargained for.

Up From the Grave is a really sweet novel. As I said, there's excitement and danger throughout, and some of the things Madigan has done are atrocious. You're still on the edge of your seat, dying to know what happens. But you can feel it's the end of the series as you go along. Cat comments frequently about how she misses the peace they had, and wanting to go back to that. There's also several instances of Cat truly realising what she wants from life, and that's to spend it with Bones. She accepted how she felt about Bones a long time ago - they're married now, even - but I think in Up From the Grave she discovers just how deep her feelings go, just how much she loves him, and what her life would be without him - nothing. There's also a time or two when we get similar comments from Bones. There's a very strong feel that their life together is more important than anything else, which is part of the winding down of the series. They're going to focus on their own little world when everything has calmed down.

Cat and Bones mentioned things that had happend in previous books quite a number of times. This was probably meant to be a nod to the series ending - showing how far Cat and Bones have come, and the things they've gone through together - but I didn't always remember what was being discussed. There have been two Prince of Darkness books since the last Night Huntress Novel, and a few Night Huntress World books interspersed between the others. It's been a long time since those other Night Huntress books came out, and I simply couldn't remember what they were talking about, but there wasn't enough recap to jog my memory. So sadly, most of the references went over my head.

I did find Up From the Grave kind of predictable in places, though. There were some extremely emotional times in this book, but there were always hints as to what would happen, so I couldn't get as anguished as Cat, because I didn't believe what was happening. I think the predictability is what let me down a bit; I knew what was coming for certain parts of the books, and so although it was exciting and had me on the edge of my seat, I wasn't surprised. And the big, big reveal? Really obvious. So obvious. I couldn't work out how things are as they are, but I gathered really on what the outcome would be. It was just glaringly obvious. And although it fits in with the plot completely, it feels a little too conveniant. It seems like Frost decided how she wanted the series to end for Cat and Bones, and then wrote a story to fit that, one that works, one that's plausible and completely in vein with the other books, but still feels a little... self-gratifying? Or maybe a little too generous to the characters? I don't know, but I'm dubious about it. Not only has the series ended, but it's ended wrapped up in a pretty ribbon too. It's not necessarily a bad thing to do - serious kudos to Frost for creating a great story to get this ending without it seeming like an after thought, "Oh, and by the way..." - it was just surprising that Frost chose to. With all that Frost has put her characters through, it just seems a little out of character for things to be so nice and neat. It left me thinking, "Really?"

On the whole, not the best in the series, but still a pretty good book. A nice way to end the series, even if it I have some misgivings about it. I still consider Frost to be one of my favourite authors, and I'm super excited to read more from her in the future!
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on 15 February 2014
**spoilers alert**
I've loved the night huntress books and they are my favourite characters in the genre but I was disappointed with Frosts happily ever after being so similar to the (arguably) most popular and notable vampire series in recent years.
I'm surprised that she decided to throw in a big final show down over a forbidden child and an ending that ties the two leads in Cats life together in more than just a vampire and sire role.
All in all a good read and I wouldn't have missed the last instalment in their journey for anything but when you look past it and into the actual story I thought it was, to quote the man himself, "bad form"!!
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on 3 March 2014
i choose this rating as i have read all of Jeanine frost books and have waited for this one to come out. but it was not as good as the other ones in the series. all of her others books i have not been able to put down once i started to read them but this one i could. it did not keep you enthrolled the same.
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