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on 20 September 2012
This book 'appeared' on my Kindle so I'm thinking I pre-ordered it - which in itself is unusual because I rarely preorder.
As a recent fan of Ms Dare's I have been very impressed by her stories and hence suspect the change in my habits - and "A Lady By Midnight" took my admiration to whole new levels.
This is the story of a music teacher, Katherine Taylor, who has made something from her life after being orphaned and raised in a charity school. What Katie craves more than anything is to be part of a family and to be loved. Enter the gruff, abrupt, rude Corporal Thorne who for the past year has been avoiding Katie because she makes him feel emotions that frighten him. But one afternoon Thorne stops Katie from being run down by a carriage and has no option but to escort Miss Taylor safely home - which means spending several hours with her, during which their feelings start to unravel. Needless to say, a surprise awaits Katie back at Spindle Cove, in the form of some long lost relatives - but Thorne mistrusts them and claims he is engaged to Katie in order to put her under his protection....
I absolutely adored this book. The plot twists and turns but even when I tryed to predict what happened next, Ms Dare outsmarted me! At least twice the author's beautiful description of the confused emotions between H/ h almost reduced me to tears. Once or twice events seemed a tiny bit far-fetched, but even these situations were retrieved by the author and made to seem plausible and for the sheer pleasure I got from reading this story - I can't bring myself to rate it anything other than 5 stars.
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on 9 March 2013
This is my second book from the Spindle Cove series to read and I loved it.
Having been given a taste of Kate and Thorne's relationship from the other book, 'A week to be wicked', I ordered this book as soon as I had it completed. And is proved and even better read than the first.
I loved the relationship between Kate and Thorne and I couldn't put it done until finished. Got no work done that day. But it was well worth it and highly recommend it.
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on 15 November 2012
A lady by midnight is the third book in the Spindle Cove series but the first that I have read. You do not need to read the ones before in order to understand this book.

I mostly really enjoyed this regency romance. All of the characters are likeable; Kate is like the Bridget Jones of the era funny, at times sassy and looking for love. Thorne is comparable to Darcy, moody, stubborn and passionate. Reading Kate slowly break him down was entertaining.

The romance was good and I found myself routeing for this couple but what makes this book great is the humour. This book is really funny and often had me laughing out loud. One bit towards the end involving various pieces of weaponry was so funny it bought tears to my eyes.

This book did have its issues. I felt it was a tad longer than it needed to be and some of the drama towards the end was a little over done and in my opinion not needed.

Other than that I really enjoyed this funny romance, if you are a fan of historical love stories then I highly recommend this.
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on 19 January 2016
Finally, Kate Taylor of Spindle Cove has her story told!

I've enjoyed the glimpses of Kate in previous Tessa Dare books, and especially her interactions with Corporal Thorne, the brusque commander of the cove militia who takes his role very seriously. I'm pleased to say this book did the established-characters justice, and I found the unveiling of Kate's tragic backstory really interesting.

Having been raised in an orphanage with no real memories of her early years, Kate has nonetheless tirelessly searched for some hint of her family, and just when she receives a final blow to her efforts it appears her family have come to find her!

I won't go into too much detail and ruin the plot, but I will say that I liked the 'family' members; they were all very distinct and added something to the story individually. I was also really pleased by the addition of Harry, a woman with a preference for male clothes and members of her own sex! Finally, a romance author who's not afraid to address such topics, and who managed to do so in a very natural way which only added to the main story.

Corporal Thorne was amazing, and I really liked the link he has to Kate's past - although I was very confused by the ages at one point, that's easy to get past with a pinch of fictional salt!

On the whole this was a lovely read, and it's left me wanting more from all the characters involved!
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on 13 September 2014
This is a lovely historical romance.

Kate is working in a place known locally as Spinsters Cove because of the high number of unmarried ladies living there. She teaches music to any of them that want to learn. Kate was a foundling brought up in a school. She has fleeting memories of before the school but not who her family were. Corporal Thorne is in charge of the local militia.  He knows Kate from when they were children but is glad that she has forgotten him. He will protect her by never telling her.
When Marquis Drew and his unusual family saying that they believe Kate is a long lost cousin. Corporal Thorne is suspicious of their motives and claims he is her betrothed.

The story is about everyone's search for the truth, and the protection of family.
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on 29 May 2015
Virtually monosyllabic, block of a flawed hero unravelled and straightened out by his long-standing love for our emotionally abused but resolutely optimistic heroine. A sweet tale, charmingly told, as always, by Ms Dare.
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on 16 September 2012
In this delightful story set in Spindle Cove we are treated to the love story between the stern, brooding and impenetrable Corporal Thorne and Kate Taylor - sweet, kind and although an orphan, curious about her past but never miserable with her present circumstances. Thorne flusters everyone he's around and Kate's no exception, although in the beginning she doesn't think of her reaction as being attraction, just that this hard, taciturn man ruffles her feathers.

Whilst on a visit to town, Kate goes to see her old schoolmistress from the orphanage she was brought up in and whilst there tries to get more information about her parentage. She's told in no uncertain terms that she is a " child of shame " and sent packing, terribly upset she is almost run down by a horse and cart but luckily Thorne is there to save her. So the start of their romance begins and we are witness to a lovely sexy yet sensual love affair between two very different people.

The rest of the story puts our H&H together on a path of discovery, not only of Kate's mysterious past but a discovery of a growing attraction that leads into a passion that knocks both of them of their feet! All of a sudden Kate is thrown into a whirlwind containing long lost family members, a false engagement to Thorne, secrets about her past, more secrets that Thorne is withholding and a boisterous puppy - all whilst coping with the day to day life in Spindle Cove and the militia - the melon scene is a classic. The chemistry and ST between Thorne and Kate sizzles! Throw in Ms Dares great sense of humour and its another winner!

Tessa Dare has managed yet again to gift us with a wonderful book, where the passion and love is palpable, the romantic leads are multi layered and engaging, and the plot attention grabbing.
I thoroughly enjoyed this but the reason it didn't get a 5* was because ' A Week to Be Wicked ', book 2, is my absolute favourite and pretty hard to beat, hence the 4.5*. Still all the spindle cove series will stay on my Kindle as definite keepers. Fabulous!
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on 8 November 2013
Dare writes such brilliant stories and this is another good one. I have scored it 4 stars instead of 5 as I had trouble visualising the hero which was a shame as he was an interesting character. It is a good story and if it had been written by anyone else then it would have had 5 stars but compared to Dare's other stories it was just missing something for me.
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on 5 June 2013
I can't get enough of Tessa Dare's books. I especially love the Spindle Cove series. They just flow along and you're at the end before you know it, unfortunately. All the characters are well rounded and you care what happens to them. I was glad that Kate and Thorne had their own story as there's been something brewing for a while. Spot on yet again!
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on 8 November 2013
I really enjoyed this book. The characters were well drawn and the storyline was interesting. There was humour and warmth throughout the book. Will definitely put it in my favourites and enjoy reading it again.
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