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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 13 June 2017
I will certainly be on the look out for any further books written by Jeaniene Frost.
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on 20 April 2017
Most excellent book series's
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on 26 July 2017
Typical frost!
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Book 6 in Jeaniene Frost's Night Huntress series picks up immediately where Book 5 (This Side of the Grave: A Night Huntress Novel) left off - with the reappearance, as a ghost, of Cat Crawford's recently deceased uncle Don.

Yet despite Cat and her sexy husband Bones' best efforts, five weeks after he passed, Don is still busily haunting them. Before long, though, it seems that trouble is afoot - Cat's former employee, Sergeant Tate Bradley (now Don's acting successor at the Homeland Security Department) calls to request Cat's presence. The team's new operations consultant, a government desk jockey with an aversion to vampires, wants to meet her. So Cat, Bones, and Don set off to participate in what NOBODY believes will be a routine evaluation.

If that wasn't enough, Cat's ghostly assistant, Fabian brings a friend's ongoing problem to her attention. Fabian's friend, a ghost named Elizabeth, is a virtual outcast in ghostly society... thanks to her ongoing quest to end the existence of another ghost. Elizabeth was tortured and burned as a witch by a German witchfinder, Kramer. In retaliation for his acts, Elizabeth had succeeded in ending Kramer's mortal life, but unfortunately that had only proven to be the beginning of the story as Kramer too became a ghost. Since his demise, Kramer's ghost has become increasingly powerful... so much so that he is able to manifest physically for an entire night every Halloween: only to kidnap, torture and extract confessions of witchcraft from 3 women before burning them alive. Naturally, Cat and Bones set out to bring an end to the ghost's serial murdering, but with Homeland Security no longer as friendly to their activities as in the past matters have become distinctly trickier.

It's always nice to see how well Frost writes the relationship between Cat and Bones - having worked through a great many problems and insecurities what they share is now a well-rounded partnership. Bones' obvious pride when Cat refers to herself as Cat Crawford Russell for the first time is enough to make Cat want to use her married name on a permanent basis, and his explanation of the fact that it not only doesn't bother him that she's powerful (possibly more powerful than him) but comes as a source of comfort since he knows it helps to keep her safe proves that, despite his long lifespan, Bones is a truly enlightened and supportive male. There's humour too, and the frustration of Cat and Bones' personal time - largely caused by ghostly interruptions - leads to a novel joining of the Mile High Club. Suffice it to say, that ghosts CAN'T fly and vampires CAN!

There are some welcome reappearances from characters from earlier novels - Ian, Justina, Spade and Denise - but also some omissions (no Mencheres or Vlad! The latter, IMO, a particular shame). Although the story stands up reasonably well alone there are a lot of loose ends left here for future development: particularly surrounding Don, Tate and the future of Cat's former government team and I'd certainly recommend anyone who hasn't read the previous Night Huntress novels to start with Halfway to the Grave (Night Huntress 1).
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 10 September 2011
Well Cat and Bones (yum) are off again - this time on the track of a ghost witchfinder....Fabian finds a friend and we meet a new character Tyler the florist. Tyler has some great wisecracks and snappy lines and i thought Ian may be in danger of seduction from him - though with Ians energies you're never sure who would be seducing who!( I think Taylers comment on seeing Ian was along the lines of "ooh - whose the daddy!" it made me smile - i could just see the lustful glances he's be giving and as Bones had been getting them all up til then I'm sure Cat was happier. ( Put Bones in the room and I'd be looking too!) I'm definitely seeing why Ian inspires such loyalty even though he seems such a callous person - he has a terrific sense of humour too never missing an opportunity for a snarky comment or wisecrack and his sense of self importance mean he never worries about causing offence so we giggle at what he says while thinking "Ian!!".. The company being fairly constant for safety left Cat and Bones a little short on "me" time - Jeannine writes these scenes so well - something many authors fail at but she gets the right blend of romance and lust - i don't feel like a voyeur but part of the scene. Anyway the lack of privacy creates a new thrill for Cat - lovemaking while airborne, and its an amazing piece of writing though i did keep thinking about how Bones could concentrate on keeping up and them up too! I guess there's a reason why he's a Master - in all areas clearly :)

I missed Vlad and Mencheres though :( and the only reason I've not given five stars is that there seemed to be alot about the mysterious Maddison, Cats former work pals,and spectral Don keeping some secret but hinting of bad things to come and yet the end came and nothing to hint even at what was going on. Cliff hangers are one thing but i felt that alot of this book had been wasted with no real idea of what was happening such as who is Maddison and why is he really there, who is the mystery vampire working for him and what did Tate and co thing was happening. I'm sure they'll be answered in the next book but I felt for no hints even of answers they took up too much of this one.

Not sure if its just me reading quicker - i had a complete free day so finsihed this in one go but this book seemed a bit shorter than usual. As always though I'm waiting with anticipation for the next book.
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on 13 October 2011
It is always so nice to revisit these characters and the Night Huntress world. Cat, Bones, Spade, Denise, Fabian....the whole gang. There was only one significant absence, however. No Vlad! And I absolutely adore him (even if Bones doesn't), so it was such a shame he didn't feature. Obviously he's off having amazing and wild adventures which we can all read about when his new spin-off series: Night Prince, starts in March 2012. We did, on the plus side, meet a fabulous new character by the name of Tyler, who I am desperately hoping and praying is going to become a permanent fixture in the series. He was so great and provided many great one-liners and lots of sass and attitude. I couldn't help seeing Lafayette from True Blood whenever he was in a scene. My favourite quote from him:

"That face, that body . . . and you know he's packing, look at the angle of that dangle!."

The story revolves around a nasty, evil spirit who has a history of violence against women. Death hasn't improved his personality much. Of Course it's down to Cat, with her powers left over from the previous book, and Bones, because where she goes, he goes, to fix the ghostly problem. It was nice to see them working together like this. They are now an unbreakable pair, no longer running off on their own to try and save the other without thinking through any of the consequences. Who says you can't teach an old vamp new tricks, eh?

I did very much enjoy this book, yet I have to say there was a slightly more sedate feel to it than past efforts. When you compare it to the drama and turmoil of books 1-4, the last one and this one have both been a lot calmer and slightly slower paced. Perhaps this is a natural evolvement because the character's relationships are more settled now, and as a positive it's also easier to read in terms of my blood pressure now that they are, BUT, I almost want to throw a spanner in the works just to make the next book a bit livelier. Wicked, aren't I? Mwah ha ha!

Anyway, I'm sure the next one will kick it up a notch and I can't wait to read the synopsis for it.

I'm liking the new cover model. I liked the last one too, and she will probably always be my mental picture for Cat, but this one is very pretty too. And Cat's cat (snort) Helsing plays quite a big roll in the book so it's good that it features on there too!
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on 31 October 2011
One Grave at a Time is the next book in the Night Huntress series following vampire couple Cat and Bones. In this latest installment the couple has a new supernatural problem that doesn't involve vampires or ghouls. Cat and Bones could ignore it, since the threat isn't directed at them, but they feel an obligation to help. Innocent women will be tortured and killed on Halloween by a very old ghost named Heinrich Kramer if they don't. That is something they can't ignore. The problem is this particular ghost is unlike any they have dealt with before. Kramer is far more powerful than others of his kind and they have no means to kill him. That will not stop them from finding a way, though, as they have faced impossible odds before and managed to overcome them.

Another major issue comes to the forefront as well. With Cat's uncle Don now a ghost and no longer running her old military supernatural unit, he can't provide them with the support he once did. A new man, Madigan, has taken Don's place and he clearly has a problem with Cat. He seeks to spy on her and undermine her current activities. Madigan also seems to have a hidden agenda that no one can discern. Cat must deal with his interference into her affairs while also trying to capture a difficult ghost. The obstacles her and Bones face this time may be just as deadly as any they faced before.

I had mixed feelings on this latest novel. This is by far my favorite series, but this installment didn't quite live up to my expectations. It had suspense and certainly kept me guessing throughout, but perhaps lacked some of the intensity others had. Cat and Bones get along almost too well which means their relationship is no longer an issue. Seeing them strong without being at odds is great, but it means the story must focus far more on outside issues, rather than their personal struggles. For some readers this is fine, others will miss the old sparks that once flew from the couple. There is one really good romantic scene that is different from anything seen before, but it didn't rate quite as high as previous ones. In addition to that, there are some issues left unresolved that could have been dealt with better.

A few previous characters are seen in this installment and have important roles. Ian finally reveals a small hint about his human past, which has been rather murky up to this point, and he has several good lines that are rather humorous. Spade and Denise show up to help. Her new abilities once again prove useful. Most of Cat's former buddies from her old unit have little or no visibility, which was a bit disappointing. The most frustrating of all, though, was not seeing Vlad. He may be getting his own series next year, but I had hoped to see him one last time before his bachelorhood comes to an end. Mencheres and Kira aren't around either and they could have been helpful.

This isn't a bad book and was quite entertaining. The old humor still found its way in the storyline, which did make a difference since that is one of my favorite elements to the books. It is just that I have come to expect a lot from Jeaniene Frost in her Night Huntress series and this didn't seem to be at quite the same level as before. It will not make me give up reading the series. I just hope future books will bring back the passion and intensity seen in earlier novels. If looked at as a romance series, it rates three to three and a half stars. If viewed simply as an Urban Fantasy, it is four stars. I wish I could give it a five, but the story just wasn't up to par this time.

One thing I will say about this book, by the end you will be grateful if you have a pet and may want to get one if you don't!
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...baddies come first. They are 'marrieds', not newlyweds.

I was so pleased that I got this in time for the bank holiday weekend, and it started off fine, but this is the second Cat and Bones book that I found myself putting down time and time again. Though very readable and a good book, it and its predecessor don't have the same intensity of the first four books in the series, when C&B were still trying to find themselves and learn about each other, and whilst I enjoyed it, it felt simply as if they were on a mission, and that there wasn't quite the time for quality C&B time.

It is a really good tale - C&B learn from a new 'ghost friend' (ghosts and revenants are still clinging to her, due to the remnants of Marie Laveau's 'gift' to Cat in the last book), that a centuries-old ghost, Heinrich Kramer, a witch-hunter (and seemingly, a misogynist) calling himself The Inquisitor, is able to take corporeal form on All Hallows Eve...and that each year at this time, he tortures and then burns to death innocent female victims. The newest ghost, Elizabeth, herself a victim of the witch hunter, has kept herself 'alive' for over 500 years trying to finally kill Kramer when he is in human form, and as she is a friend of Fabian (and the woman he loves but is too shy to make a move on), C&B agree to hunt down Kramer.

The book is all about trying to get Kramer's potential victims to safety before he is able to hurt them, and then to destroy/trap him for once and for all, but he has the power to physically hurt C&C ad their friends, and there is precious little time for C&B to have any personal time. However, they do manage a couple of abortive scenes, and one full-on one whilst flying, but for me, the relationship, passion and romance between C&B is what makes the series, and the lack of all of this in this tale - entirely due to the pace of the tale - lost it some marks for me.

On the plus-side, we get to see Denise & Spade living their HEA, and his revenge on someone who dared to hurt and nearly kill his beloved wife. We get to see Ian, who is as cheeky, arrogant, but as loyal as ever, and Justina who has quit the team and decided to be a 'vegetarian vampire' i.e. not feeding from people (not quite going to plan); we get a glimpse of Tate, but no other team members. We do hear briefly about Mencheres and his girlfriend (i.e. not his wife yet), Kira, but he's apparently too busy to appear in this tale, though his wealth does aid C&B. We find out more about Don, who could have done more to help C&B in this mission...and at the time the book ends, there is a definite breach between him and Cat.

Don's replacement turns out to be a jobsworth type with delusions of grandeur and an as-yet-unknown agenda, who seems to actually hate everyone on the old team, but C&B most of all, and who demotes Tate and then tries to control everything, with disastrous consequences...but the tale ends with many things unanswered in terms of the team/team-no-more and Don. However, as this book is set not long after its precedent, I think that maybe the next will pick up immediately where this one ends up and all will be revealed.

Book 7, the next in the series, is where originally JF had intended the series to end, but there will now be 9 books in total. I think we've been spoiled this year, to actually get 2 whole books only 6 months apart, and a Xmas novella coming in November, but there is no info on the author's website about book 7. No schedule, no tentative title, nothing. BUT, there is good news: in March 2012, we'll see the first of 2 books in the Night Prince series, featuring no other than Vlad as the male lead. Not sure why she has created another side-series, and not issued it under the Night Huntress World series (as Spade's and Mencheres' tales were), but bring it on. The female is apparently a new intro called Leila, and whilst 2 books are contracted for now, there may be more. Yes, please! She does also say that maybe she'll do another full-length novel once she wraps up C&B, so maybe Ian will get his just desserts?

Overall, a really good addition to the series, but it needed a bit more C&B time.
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on 8 October 2011
Being such a huge Jeaniene Frost, I automatically bought this book without putting much thought into it. Why would I? I loved her books! But reading as many books as I do, sometimes I only have a hazy memory of what happened in the previous book. This was the case with This Side of the Grave, I couldn't remember too much of what happened, so before I opened One Grave at a Time, I reread my review of the previous book. Which reminded me that I found the last book a little disappointing. There was a "Oh no!" moment, worrying that this book might go along the same route, but I pushed it aside. Different book, different story, no reason why it should be disappointing. And it wa a lot better than the previous one!

I know I've said it before, but authors really do amaze me with the plots they come up with. Seriously, a murderous ghost who's already dead, so you can't kill him? That's just clever! What was also pretty cool was the fact that the ghost, Heinrich Kramer was actually a real person way back when. An actual witch hunter, who not only murdere innocent women at the stake, but tortured them into confessing - if they didn't, they were burned, because they were obviously lying; if they did, they were burned, because they're a witch - and raped them. Nice guy, huh? And that's what makes this book so awesome, and much more credible; its villain actually existed, but not only that, he existed and was truely evil. We already hate him for who he was, so we're already rooting for this guy to get whatever Cat and Bones throw at him. It just intensifies when the character is brough to life in the pages, and we see what Frost has made him into now. Ooooh, do we want him to get it!

But how on earth can you fight someone you can't touch? To make things worse, this someone has poltergeist powers, so can throw things - like, say, silver knives. Aimed at your heart. It's just genius! Cat and Bones have no idea what they're supposed to do. And even when they do come up with a plan, they have no idea if it's going to work because it's never been done before. This all adds to brilliant action scenes, because there's very little they can do to stop him, but a lot of damage they can do to him. And time's a-ticking when on Halloween, Kramer will be flesh again, and will torture, rape, and burn the innocent women he has chosen as targets. They have to stop him! And the action scenes once Kramer has a body? Dear god, it's horrific!

Despite all that, there were some areas that seemed lacking for me. There was less humour, less emotion, less romance between Cat and Bones, and so on. The key word here is "less"; it's not gone completely, but it's almost like Frost has taken a step back. The emotional depth that was so strong in previous books where I felt like I could cry is kind of shallow in this book. I guess that could be because with such a deadline of only a few weeks to try and find a way to stop him, to find his accomplice who's going to grab the targets for him, find out who the targets are to keep them safe, and live when Kramer is throwing things at you at every opportunity, all before 31st October, there's little time to waste on emotion, you've just got to push it aside and do.

However, there was a brilliant moment when Bones had to force Cat to realise this may be one time when they don't win, and that she would have to let it go if they couldn't stop him. With Cat being such a fiercely strong woman, the idea of giving up, of allowing Kramer to kill innocent women every single year for all eternity, because they simply couldn't stop him, is just completely abhorrent to her. But it's a strong possibility. It was a great moment!

There are some things that are left to be continued in the following books, such as the fact that Don is now a ghost after his heart attack in the previous book, and Cat is having trouble finding him a way to cross over. And an arrogant git with a superiority complex, Madigan, has taken over Cat's old team, who's going to cause all kinds of trouble, but has an ulterior motive behind it all. It seems it's ultimately to make Cat's life hell, but he's keeping his cards close to his chest.

Over all, a pretty awesome book! Just so clever! Not quite on par with some of Frost's previous books, but still amazing. I'm looking forward to seeing what comes next. Frost's next release will be Once Burned, the first book in the Night Prince series, set in the same world as all Frost's others, but starring Vlad! Once Burned is due to be released on 27th March 2012.
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on 22 June 2012
I love this series and Jeaniene Frost never fails to amaze me with every installment! I like that this one sees Cat and Bones not actually having any enemies after them but they throw themselves into a dangerous mission because they want to. As always Frost's writing style is spot on and and the book has all the usual thrills, shockers and plenty of action. Just the way we like it, right? I don't think I could ever get board with this amazing series, long may it continue!

Cat makes it her mission to rid the world of the torturous Heinrich Kramer, but how do you even kill a ghost? Centuries ago Kramer was a witch hunter who tortured and killed witches. Now on every Halloween he becomes physical again to kill innocent women! But Cat and Bones hope to put a stop to this, they hope to trap him in a ghostly prison for all eternity. But Kramer isn't your typical ghostly figure, he can move things, big things which makes him one dangerous ghost especially around the silver weapons Cat and Bones cart around everywhere.

Can Cat and Bones put a stop to this ghostly tormentor once and for all? Well it isn't going to be a easy mission that's for sure and with a bit of a pain in the bum taking over Dom's old job things don't exactly go smoothly. He likes to stick his nose in where it doesn't belong and he definitely knows more about things than he lets on.

The ending was explosive and I really did love every second. Frost has a knack for wrapping things up in one big, bloody, kick-ass session. As always Bones was the star of the show *sigh* but where would he really be without the fiery red head who really is the ying to his yang lol! I cannot wait to read the next instalment in the Night Huntress series, plus Once Burned (Vlad's story *swoon*) is coming up soon and I cannot freaking wait!
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