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on 18 August 2010
Many things about this book irritated me.

For a start the first couple of chapters are mainly just trying to sell you the authors other services (conferences or whatever). Almost stopped reading at this point.

The next few chapters seem to be almost entirely about what you're going to learn from the book. I hate it when books do this because I've already bought it - you don't have to try and sell it to me. It's the same sort of thing as how in American TV shows they show you what's about to happen every 5 minutes. Just get on with it.

Secondly the way it's written is very ponderous and it tries hard to sound science-y in areas that are totally irrelevant.

Here is an extract to illustrate my point:

//"For millions of years, the feet and legs have been the primary means of locomotion for the human species. They are the principal means by which we have manoeuvred, escaped and survived. Since the time out ancestors began to walk upright across the grasslands of Africa, the human foot has carried us, quite literally, around the world... ...And while not as efficient at certain tasks as our hands (we lack an opposable big toe)..."//

It goes on like this for some time. This is great for those that have yet to realise what the lumps of meat on the ends of their legs are for but for the rest of us it's just pointless waffle that adds nothing to the book. It reads a lot like padding and without it I think this book would probably be about 100 pages long.

On the subject of trying to sound science-y the book has many references to other literature. Funnily some of them are references to other books by the author and books about the author which leads me to believe they're probably there more for show than anything else. I don't know why they bothered to do this because the major premise of the book is that it's information gleamed from many years of experience not an academic look at body language.

There is some actual interesting material in the book and some more subtle stuff to look for that you may notice after reading it but it's hidden in such a large amount of crap it barely seems worth the effort.
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This is the first body-language book I've read that actually made sense to me, and which I feel I can trust. Rather than being written by TV personalities, with frequent appeals to speculative science, this one is written by someone who used body language for his day job in life and death situations over an entire career. He introduces a bit of (well-established) science, lots of empirically gathered experimental results, in case you're interested, but, mainly, he's talking about stuff he has observed over years and years, and personally put to the test.

Not surprisingly, this book makes far fewer claims for body language than some of the others I looked at. Navarro is categorical that body language alone cannot tell you a person is lying, although he does give some clear advice on what to look for. Rather, he focuses on barriers, pacifiers and emphasis which, when combined with the right questions, can lead you to seeing what areas a person is uncomfortable about. He quickly dismisses some of the grand urban myths of body language, for example that a person who touches their nose is lying, and makes some very good points from his criminal justice background about the dangers of believing such notions.

I learned a huge amount from this book, and it altered my thinking about what body language is and does. I learned even more about what it isn't and doesn't.

Chuck the other books away -- this is the one to buy.
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on 14 June 2008
I recently bought this book hoping to learn how to read and better understand the behavior of the business people and situations I come across daily in my work in finance. My hopes for this knowledge were SURPASSED as the guidance Mr. Navarro provides in this book is so practical and constructive you can start applying it immediately. I like his style of writing too - easy to follow, engaging with many real examples. I also found the pictures used throughout the book are very helpful in making a behavior memorable so I can look out for it as I go about my day, in and outside of work. I can see how this information could be applied to so many different jobs and situations, not just business and finance, and as such recommend it to anyone looking for more understanding about the behaviors of the people around them.

I'd give it more than 5 stars if I could, because it's already helping me as I apply what I've learnt.
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on 15 January 2009
Fascinating book, it teaches you about what peoples body language actually means. Actions of people such as touching their neck's or dominating space, that were once meaningless for you, will provide you with much information about the person and how they feel. It also explains the very interesting psychology behind the limbic brain and how it relates to body language. From reading this book a whole new window of information will be opened up to you. I strongly recommended it as a student of psychology, and you don't even have to study psychology to be interested by this.

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on 18 October 2015
a must read book on body language the FBI agent outlines the body language in good detail this book is full of practical tips highly recommend!!
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on 11 August 2015
This is a very well set out guide to understanding body language. Navarro alikens it to another means of communication which many people simply don't use. I think he's right - this book has definitely changed how I communicate to others.

The book analyses each portion of the body and tells you what sort of things to look for or wonder about. Throughout Navarro provides lots of stories of situations (mostly US Police-centric) where body language has been the key, and this provides plenty of food for thought for how the reader could apply his method too.

The writing style is straightforward, the principles throughout are consistent. Very easy book to understand, no wasted pages. Great value. I've used this info in commercial negotiations and arguments - it's worked.

One small criticism is that in the kindle edition the pictures are often a few pages separated from the text which is talking about them.
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on 19 October 2009
As a sales assistant, I work with the public day-in, day-out. I was looking for a book which might help me work more effectively with people, and know how to read their body language better, at work as well as with friends and family.

I'd say there hasn't been a clear improvement in my body-reading skills since finishing this book, but I have noticed a few little things I hadn't before. I was glad to read that crossing your arms can be both a sign of comfort as well as stress - before, I thought it just stress related! It's all down to the way you do it.

It's a very interesting book, but often the signs are either a) quite obvious (fiddling when nervous, etc), b) really directed towards police / FBI-type; how to read criminals/liars, or c) only relevant to certain kinds of people / certain circumstances.
It's not the most well-written book I've ever read, but that's often the case with someone who is a specialist in something other than writing books... it's not always clear, but it is understandable. He certainly knows what he's talking about.

I would perhaps recommend looking around, if you're just the average joe (like me), but if you're police based, or work in a position where you regularly confront liars, it's definitely very relevant.

Nice picture illustrations, too!
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on 3 May 2016
Written by an FBI expert, this book gives a fascinating insight into what our bodies are saying, even if we aren't talking. Who knew the most honest part of our bodies is our legs and feet? And as we spend years learning to mask facial reactions, our faces are far from the open books we think they are. This book will give you plenty to think about for meetings, interviews, dates and all kinds of work and social interactions.
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on 23 December 2015
I've studied body language all my life. I've just used it to get rid of my latest manager,This book will give an insight into what to look for, but you can go much deeper yourself. Read and learn where to start.. It's amazing once you master it. !0 minutes with a total stranger and you can tell what their sex life is like. I used it as a driving instructor, with devastating results ! And they all passed ! A good book once it envelopes you.
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on 23 May 2009
This book is extremely useful, this book is for anyone, it proves you with the major and minor body language signs that will help you tell how somebody feels about you, and how to apply them yourself, such as the direction of peoples feet, they're hands, everything.

you can apply the methods used straight away, and i feel as if mind is now open and aware to body language signs i was not aware of before (or just didn't pay attention to) im going to read people better. it is very well written as well, in fact i cant put it down, the writing style is so smooth and easy to read that i recommend this book to anyone.
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