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on 21 February 2015
This book sounded really interesting from the synoptics but once I received it and started to read it, I just felt totally let down. The way it's written is like a documentary for mensa members! It went off on so many tangents where that tangent then went off on another 5 tangents before coming back to the 'documentary'. I couldn't even get a quarter way through the book never mind finish it. If you're the average Joe public like myself with and interest in space/time etc and different possibilities then this book isn't for you.
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on 18 August 2017
This book about the 12th planet and the source of where the idea of God came from is totally enthralling. The book must have taken an age to research and is written in a manner that is understandable and easy to read. Yes the book was written an age ago but this does not deter from the facts in it. This book made me think of modern religion in a completely different way. You may not agree with his arguments but they are food for thought at the very least. Cannot wait to read his next installment of the "story".
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on 24 October 2015
The book that produced a growing snowball of debate online and one could easily find thousands of references to it. Sitchin of course decoded the Sumerian clay tablets and gave the world the Anunnaki. The problem is now that we are into the next phase of alternative TOE (theory of everything) and combined with the findings of quantum physics, many are exploring the idea that our reality may well be a computer simulation. So could it be that the Anunnaki were agents of the programme or who/whatever is controlling the programme? The plot moves on.
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on 23 December 2013
To put no bones on the subject, this is an interpretation of Sumerian mythology and a point of view. There is another point of view where there are no nephilim for the name is unknown in Sumerian, but the Sumerian religion lives on and has control over Western Civilisation and has caused these legends to persist as a faith for its own continuation.

There are however keys in the Human DNA, human Microcondrea has a 250,000 year history, we have 23 pairs of chromosomes to Primates 24 and one pair is spliced. Evolution tends to create diverstiy and complexity rather than simplicity. Humans are unique among primates, almost a different species.

But there is no evidence whatsoever that a Sumerian God or Goddess has created mankind, only that men often create advanced societies which fall often revealing archaeological wonders.
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on 19 October 2012
I have just finished reading this first part of seven part series.
Indeed the content is thought provoking and convincingly written. The persuasion for Mr Sitchin's works are seemingly carefully selected. The illustrations to support his theory are all hand sketches - I was slightly disappointed that these were not actual photographs of the actual artefacts referred to in the text. I felt, that this depreciated his argument tangibly.
The beginning of the book was very interesting and read as, on the most part, quite factual.
You will find some very interesting theories behind how our solar system today formed it's modern structure (I won't give too much away).
What you will find whilst reading through the 422 pages of this theoretical works is that it indeed tends to begin quite feasibly and wavers ever so closely to the far fetched and bizarre! Progressively unsupported by definite source of reference and tends to draw from former conclusions made previously in the book by the author himself.

However, this book is undeniably fascinating and stipulates a very much alternative view on the origins of man. Indeed he almost convinces the reader that his work is factual - every last line!
Excellently written and I have ambitions to obtain the complete series (Earth chronicles).

I would definitely recommend this to the open minded.
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on 8 February 2015
A difficult book to get in to because it just drones on. Its been 3/4 years since I've brought it or looked at it and read the first 2 or 3 chapters i will attempt to finish it again at some time in the near future.
Maybe i need to give this book a second chance and start over as there was a few splatterings of interesting tidbits in between all the drone.
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on 7 December 2011
Zecharia Sitchin has written one of the most important books of our time. If you can keep an open mind and forget about "mainstream news and science" you will find this book a real eye opener. The Sumerian text written long before the fairy tale of "bible's new testament" The 12th planet describes how modern humans were genetically modified from homo erectus by the Annunaki. It makes sense! Do your homework. If you can believe the laughable stories in the bible, then read a real book of our true past "The 12th Planet" and see the light about humanities true bloodlines.
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on 16 February 2012
A fascinating book about the truth of civilisation with much evidence supported and lots of diagrams and pictures that guide you along
through an ancient journey through to the land different from what we are taught in history lessons. It is a factual account of the history and superstition of extra=-terrestrial infringement into humanity after the age of hunters and the gatherers. a must buy that is not cult or a fantasy read; it is a scientific read, you can still be spiritual within its find, yet questions traditional and orthodox history and sociology.
a must read that should be taught in educational purposes as-well as those who merely seek for secret history. the only dislike for me about the way it is written is like data more than envisioning the truth with imagination, sitchen tends to go straight for the golden evidence before readers like to fathom and dwell in imaginative fantasy. it is not quite a book for those looking for a read just about extra-terrestrial fantasy, it takes you their instead though the evidence going back into the tombs and ancient manuscripts of time. i found the book life changing.
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on 21 October 2015
I have already read this book so have bought this one for a friend who would be very interested in reading it too. It has lots of interesting facts and history in the stars and planets and provides a lot of thought! Very good book.
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on 16 March 2015
An excellent book that leaves the reader in deep thought. If you ask a Christian if god was of this world, the response is of course not. If you ask if he was an alien then they simply blank. This book starts to answer many of the questions we all have. I am now on the third in the series.
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