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on 14 December 2010
For this book I have to mention the cover: it's just exquisite. I love the colours, the image and they way it immediately makes you pick it up off the shelf.

I have to say though, I was really disappointed with this book.

To get the 'hate' side of this review over and done with, I thought this book was incredibly dry. Nothing really happened that caught my attention in any way, making reading it a really long and tedious process.

I also didn't like Keenan's character in the story. He was supposed to be a centuries old faery and yet he didn't seem like it; he seemed like an obsessed high school boy just bumbling along, blindly, throughout the whole story; he didn't seem to make any decisions for himself.

In addition to this, the plot was just too predictable for me. The moment all of the characters were introduced I could guess, straight off, what would happen at the end. It made the whole story clichéd, unoriginal and unsatisfying.

BUT! I did love the faery folklore behind the story which I think gives Wicked Lovely quite a bit of credit.
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on 4 May 2010
Wicked Lovely is the first book in a series of 5 novels and is a lovely romantic story with yet another love triangle for all ages. The storyline focuses on Aislinn, a teenager girl who is gifted with the sight of seeing fairies, Seth her friend and Keenan the Summer King. However the second book in the series "Ink Exchange" has exactly the same theme with includes yet another love triangle focusing on three different characters those being, Leslie (Aislinns best friend), Niall, originally from the dark Court but serves the Summer King, and Irial who is the Dark Court King. So I was a little disappointed that Aislinn's story didn't continue in the second book although all characters were mentioned in both books. The third book in the series "Fragile Eternity kind of brings the two books together but Aislinn - who is now the Summer Queen, Seth her boyfriend and Keenan the Summer King again become the main focus in the storyline. All three books are enjoyable to read. The fourth novel in the series has just been released "Radiant Shadows", which I believe focuses on the fairy Court but to be honest I haven't yet read it and probably won't until the last book has been released which apparently maybe called Darkest Mercy. The title of the 5th book is still in working progress and is therefore liable to change, however I believe the story concludes focusing on Aislinn, Seth, Keenan, and Donia the Winter Queen.
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on 16 July 2009
Aislinn, Ash to her friends, is a scared, but tough 17 year old who, despite always following the rules and pretending she can't see the darker world around her, finds herself being stalked by faeries. Creatures she's always been scared of, always done her best to ignore. Keenan is playing human, unaware Ash knows what he really is.

Aislinn relies on her friendship with Seth to keep her grounded. To stop her from panicking and running, trusting him to deal with it and not run himself. And while he helps her, he tries to show her he's more than a friend.

Donia is a faerie girl, caught between her love and hatred for Keenan. She can help him, or save herself. The Winter Queen, mother of Keenan, wants to see him fail. No matter who has to suffer for it. As the plot unfolds and Ash finds herself discovering more than she ever wanted to know about the Faerie world around her, she realises that she may not have a real say about what happens.

Wicked Lovely starts a little slowly, but quickly picks up and then doesn't stop. Written in third person, from several different points of view adds to the depth of the world created. Ash and Seth's relationship develops slowly with a heart warming feeling, and you can't help but fall in love with them as well. Keenan is a little childish for someone who's lived for hundreds of years, but you can feel for him to a certain extent. But he isn't enough to distract from a well written and thought out story. I struggled to put the book down and can't wait to read the next two books, Ink Exchange and Fragile Eternity
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on 28 March 2017
I have mixed feelings for this book. I found it slow paced and a bit repetitive. The relationships in this book were interesting, however there wasn't much depth to them. Disappointed that Aislinn and Keenan's relationship doesn't continue in the next book and that Seth's character is given more importance.
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Aislinn sees faeries: not sweet, sparkly little girly ones, but powerful, dangerous, sexy and sometimes violent ones. But even she is not prepared for the courtship of the beautiful, alluring Keenan who is convinced that she could be the girl he has been searching for for centuries. And with typical bad timing Aislinn herself is being drawn closer to Seth whose human mortality might make him a weapon in a faerie game that neither of them is prepared for.

Although aimed at a teenage and, I would guess, overwhelmingly female, market I really enjoyed reading this. The premise is strikingly original and it's nice not to be in yet another `sexy vampire' world. Marr writes with a verve and freshness that drew me unerringly into this book from the first page. She doesn't fall into the trap of extensive exposition and back story, thrusting us into the main plot from the start and letting us pick up what's going on as we read. However there seemed to me to be a lack of emotionality in her writing that meant some of the climactic plot points fell a little flat.

My major complaint is that the villainess is incredibly camp in a Cruella de Ville kind of way, which makes it very difficult to take her and her apparent malevolence seriously. But maybe that's just my adult cynicism kicking in and this wouldn't be a problem for other readers. As the first of a trilogy I guess the testing point is would I want to read on - and after the final intriguing twist in the ending, for me the answer is definitely yes.
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VINE VOICEon 8 June 2009
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On the front of the book this says "Compulsive enough to give Twilight a run for its money" and I have to say I agree. It wasn't as good as Twilight but I found that I couldnt put it down and I just had to get through it to find out what happened to the main characters.
Aislinn was very well written, brave, outspoken and even though she was afraid a few points in the book it wasn't wimpy scared, she worked through it. I even liked Keenan, even if he did come across as a bit vain and the fact that he forced immortality on her without her realising or giving permission.
Anyhow they were both very strong characters and I will definately be reading the rest of the series.
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I LOVE this book! Beautiful, mesmerising, frightening, just brilliant! Melissa Marr has created an exceptional Faerie world, overlapping our human world, in this modern faerie tale, where intrigue and trickery prevail and things are not what they seem.

If you like Faerie, this is one of the best. Don’t miss it.
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on 20 August 2009
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A seductive, powerful, imaginitive read.
Absolutely brilliant.
This book has all the thrills, romance, fantasy you could ever wish for in a book. Most definitely a womens book, the faerie romance being the most obvious clue, however, this book will have you aching for more. I stayed up till the wee hours more than once with this one.
Plot and character development are fast paced, chapters are reasonably short and fun packed keeping you wanting for more.
Recommend to all Meyer or Hamilton fans, you will not be disappointed!
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on 18 August 2008
The character development in this book is extremely good, and the storyline well thought out. The author gives readers a chance to empathise with the situation of each individual; for the Summer King's ex-summer-queen contender, Donia - who due to her love for the Summer King, is painfully subjected to an eternity of icy torment until another takes her place. For Aislin who loves Seth, her Gran and both fears and hates the faeries that only she (and other humans with "the sight" can see.) For Keenan, the Summer King, who has a really horrible mother (killed his father) and although Keenan cares for all the poor human girls (but in particular, loves Donia) he must lure human girls into faery life to finally find his Summer Queen (which will save all his fey subjects and dispose his cruel mother from her Winter Queen reign.) For Seth who believes the impossible to believe out of love for Aislin (a guy with incredible faith and patience as well as quite a few body piercings / tattoos). The book winds its way through good Vs evil and even finds a way for all the main characters to be with the one they love. A satisfying book that left me hoping for a sequel - it is worth your time and money.
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I waited a long time to read this book, so by the time I finally found the time for it, I did have big expectations. Luckily, WICKED LOVELY managed to live upto them.

The story follows Aislinn, a young girl who can see faeries all around her. Although it makes life a little disturbing, she has lived by 3 rules, passed onto her by her grandmother:-
Rule #1: Don't attract the attention of faeries
Rule #2: Don't talk to invisble faeries
Rule #3: Don't stare at invisible faeries

The only problem is, the faeries don't seem to be abiding by the rules which govern them. Increasingly they are following Aislinn around, going to places where they are not meant to be able to follow. Aislinn's world no longer seems safe; she knows she should not trust faeries, but what do they want from her, why are they so interested in her?
And then Keenan comes into her life; a man who is unbelievably attractive. As Keenan pays more and more attention to Aislinn, she finally learns that he is The Summer King and he believes that Aislinn is his Summer Queen.
What follows is an examination of what happens when love, desire and destiny all seem to be at odds against each other. For, if Keenan is right, what will that mean for Aislinn's future?

Marr has done an excellent job at creating a fairytale for the twenty-first century. Unlike women in other fairytales, Aislinn is not the sort of girl to just accept her apparant destiny without a struggle, or even some form of negotiation. She creates a world which is believable and even wickedly tempting, when she talks of the fey folk walking alongside us. By including extracts of old books on fey belief and legend, Marr has also added a further touch of magic.
The characters are well developed - my personal favourites being Donia and the Winter Queen. I do not know if this is the first in a series, but Marr leaves us with an ending which could easily be a way of revisiting these characters and this world. I personally hope she does write a sequel, as it would be fantastic to see how the characters manage to live with their various roles.
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