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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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Jim Marrs has produced an excellent overview of the UFO literature and history, from its possible origins in folk/fairy tales and biblical passages to its current manifestations in the form of crop circles, animal mutilations, and alien abductions. Even though the author does believe that UFOs are "real," I feel that he is very objective in his writing (which is rare for a journalist such as himself). Although it may not be enough to satisfy the Philip Klasses of the world, he does present some of the evidence and criticisms of debunkers alongside the cases he refers to. Naturally, despite the book's length, I found incidents and theories that I would like to have seen expounded further upon and which I would have included. These are just my own personal feelings, of course, and I fully understand that no author of such an overview could include every thing I would want nor (I am sure) everything that even he wanted to include. Even as someone fairly well-read in ufology, though, I must admit that there were several "new" events and ideas contained in the book that I had not seen nor considered before. Anyone interested in UFOs would profit from this book, even those who still refuse to consider their existence.
The first chapter was particularly interesting to me and, I feel, somewhat brave on the part of the author. Basically, this chapter tosses up the concept of earth's moon being a spaceship. I must say unequivocally that the author does not argue that this is the case, however. While this is an interesting premise and should not be dismissed out of hand, I worry that some doubters out there will simply quit reading when they see such a "preposterous" notion in the very first chapter. I would encourage anyone who does feel the impulse to toss the book aside at the very beginning to keep reading because your beliefs will either be challenged or reinforced by this book.
Finally, the book is very well documented in terms of the sources Jim Marrs consulted. Not only is there a list of notes and references for each chapter, there is a pretty big bibliography at the end. This is very important for works in this field because the author, if he is going to challenge the reader to consider the reality of UFOs, should feel it is his duty and requirement to point the reader to the locations of the facts as he gathered them, so that the reader--if he/she chooses--can consult those same works. Alien Agenda is the type of book that ufologists need to produce because it strengthens the foundation of the entire literature and puts the pressure on debunkers to disprove each incident and idea one by one rather than ridicule and dismiss the entire field as a whole.
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on 3 February 2008
This book doesn't exactly do what it says on the cover, but is more a discussion of the possibilities, evidence and reasons that exist for an extra-terrestrial presence on earth.
As with all books like this you have to approach it with an open mind, but I found some of the subjects fascinating. The author not only covers a huge amount of different topics (from human evolutions to visitations and mutilations through to Government knowledge and interaction), but manages to provide strong and compelling evidence for each subject.
It was nice to see that the reason for the human race not openly knowing about extra-terrestrial life is also covered. You can see the argument from both sides about whether the presence of alien life would ever be openly disclosed.
Although this book won't answer anyone's needs for absolute proof of alien life on earth, it is an interesting read and thorough discussion of the topic. Well recommended for anyone with an interest in this topic.
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on 1 December 1999
A very readable reference book on UFOs and associated phenomena, comparable with Timothy Good's best. A refreshingly objective view from the sidelines, well researched and referenced. Chapter on remote viewing is particularly compelling reading as this is rarely discussed in most UFO books. Highly recommended.
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on 3 November 2011
I bought this book last yr in a buying frenzy to find out exactly what is going on with the alien abduction phenomena and in that respect the book deilivers quite a lot of information although most of what he has written can be found in other sources this book is a gem for the fact it makes for further reading into each of the subjects he writes about..The book itself is easy to understand unlike some others authors tend to dwell on things which can be hard to comprehend at the best of times Jim delivers his understandings of this in a down to earth way a good read
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on 27 June 2010
I have read most books on this subject over the last fifty years. This one is outstanding for several reasons. It starts with a case most people know nothing about and which happened well before the so called ufo era and before flying machines had been invented in the common era.
Jim Marrs' style of writing is straight to the point, he uses the facts, along with good old fashioned logic to draw conclusions about each event. This allows the reader to determine the truth behind the many ufo activity reports from around the world. This book is ideal for those new to the subject of ufos and essential for those well informed. It is a well documented and convincing history of ufo activity on and around our planet. Someone has commented that this book contains nothing new on the subject. That may the case regarding the events that are mentioned in the book, but certainly does not apply to the wealth of evidence to support those events. An ideal read and an excellent reference book to keep.
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on 14 December 1998
Marrs explores the ideas here intelligently. He looks at the whole UFO world intelligently, in fact and tries to keep an open mind throughout the book, while he points out the single-mindedness of debunkers Klass and Peebles. Marrs makes some good points but there is a huge amount of UFO books on the market. Marrs does not show any notable bias, but all of these books are not really discovering anything new. So what if most of the US public thinks that the US government is covering up UFOs? So what if 'The X-Files' may actually be real and there are elite groups of people making deals with aliens? Who cares if the Nazis developed flying saucer technology? While these claims may seem far out and bizarre, they are nothing to what has been claimed in some UFO literature. Marrs does not become hysterical about what he writes and he shows good journalistic skill. However, there is nothing groundbreaking here. There are better books and worse books on the market, but if you want an interesting read that will appeal to both beginners and seasoned UFO readers, this might b worth a look.
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on 15 September 2011
this is the second book that i have read by this author - the first being 'rule by conspiracy' and as usual marrs offers an alternative insight into the machinations of planet earth and who is really controlling things. i say alternative but it's really about what's actually going on right under our noses although we are so busy with our lives that we don't necessarily recognise it.
don't be fooled by the title, it is a serious dissertation on the subject - due diligence has been paid to research. personally, i feel that the better book of the two is 'rule by conspiracy' and would highly recommend that one as the better read as marrs repeats some of the data from that book in 'alien agenda'.
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on 1 July 2016
Jim Marrs books are always worth a read, as he only puts facts in his book that he can prove with a recognised paper trail.

This book is one of the best selling UFO books of all time and it's easy to see why, well worth a punt.
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on 5 September 2012
I have started to take an interest in UFOS and the possible existence of aliens. I wanted something that covered these controversial subjects in as objective way as possible this book seemed the best bet. I am glad I read it - some of the content is truly mind expanding - if just 5% of what is in here about ETs is true than the world is a far stranger place than anyone could imagine.
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on 7 September 2015
Brilliant read if you are at all suspicious of what's going on in the world. One cannot have a serious discussion about the subject unless you have some knowledge/information to hand. This book fills the bill.
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