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Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 17 June 2005
Having never been a fan of Motley Crue (or Heavy Metal in general) I bought this book purely on the advice of the reviews, and I' so glad I really is a fantastic read (from hysterically funny to heartbreakingly sad and everything in-between) and almost impossible to put down. I'm still not a Motley Crue fan, but I am a fan of books about bands and music in general, and this is one of the best I've read. Its rock 'n' roll debauchery in the written form, and I'm amazed they manage to remember half the stuff they did considering their levels drug and alcohol consumption. I wanted the read to go on forever and I was gutted to finish it, and now I'm desperately searching for something equally as good to start.......but I fear I wont find anything this entertaining for some time.
If you like books of this genre, do yourself a favour and get hold of a copy. You really don't have to like the music to enjoy this!!
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on 6 December 2002
This must be one of the greatest rock and roll stories ever told!
I dont own any Motley Crue records and am definitely not a fan. However this is a tale of such debauchery, mayhem and depravity that all should read it.
These guys(with the possible exception of ailing guitarist, Mick Mars) are, or were at the time, the lowest and filthiest and stupidest scumbags ever to be given a load of cash to do with whatever thay saw fit. And there is seemingly nothing that these men would not do, or at least attempt.
When you think they can stoop no lower, one of them will pull a stunt so disgraceful, you will wince(and then laugh aloud)
Rock and Roll is dead because nowadays we only have stars-not ROCK stars.Most folk are no longer willing to put their bodies through a daily dose of booze and hard drugs. We're all expected to be amazed when Liam Gallagher gives another camera man the fingers because apparently, this is "Rock and Roll".
Modern day fraudsters take not:Motley Crue, as duff as their music is, were real rockers who were brave enough and stupid enough to rock so hard that OD's, deaths, broken bones etc were all just another day in the life. This book should come with a DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME warning on it.
If you like stories of grand excess, have ever fancied yourself as some sort of hard rocking fella/gal or alternatively are just looking for a wholly entertaining experience, then this should be on your Santa note this Christmas.
And dont be fooled by its thickness. It was written for the most part by the band themselves, which makes it only slightly more challenging then childrens television. At about 400 pages or thereaboots, my only complaint is that it is too short. This reviewer would have gladly sat through another 400 pages and been enthralled throughout.
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on 22 May 2006
I have just finished reading this book and it is outstanding! I am not really a fan of Motley Crue's music but had read some good reviews of the book and decided to give it a go. I am so pleased I did! I read it in a couple of days and could not put it down. It gives a good account of their history, their highs and their lows - no puns intended! If you like rock autobiogrpahies and are not easily shocked buy this book!! It will not disappoint!
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on 26 December 2001
If you have any kind of musical taste at all, you cannot imagine how Motley Crue ever sold 40 million records through their career. They obviously caught the big wave just right and despite their short comings (often admitted by themselves in the book) they made a mint, and then proceeded to blow it. The story is told from at least four angles, and one or two other witnesses pipe up occasionally (though sadly none of the superbabes, whose names pepper the pages as wives, girlfriends and one nighters), and this makes for a soul searching, and one has to assume, honest tale of the dramatic rise, and crashing fall of the most overhyped of 80's acts. It is a great read, and I found it almost impossible to put down. I also found myself disappointed when I finished it, which is as good a sign of a cracking book as I can think of. The weirdest thing of all is that I actually liked them at the end of it (except Vince Neil who comes over as a real dick head) despite blowing the lifestyle that untold thousands of us would swap for in a moment. The ironic message in the end is that they would much rather be like most of us - regular family men - than the most notorious band in rock. They seemed to have gone through an awful lot of trouble just to find that out!
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on 21 February 2006
Just read this book!!! In keeping with other reviews, I read it in a few days, couldn't put it down, and am now feeling a little empty after finishing it last night.
What surprised me most about The Dirt wasn't the stories of the cliched 'sex, drugs, and rock'n'roll', it was the human aspect, as the band started to sober up and realise their short-comings as individuals. But also that, no matter how much fame and money you have, basic humans emotions still affect everyone in the same way.
I've read a lot of good books, classics etc., but a Motley Crue autobiography as my favourite? Hell, yeah!!!
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on 24 February 2003
This book is truly an assault on the eyes, the mind, and the decency of whoever reads it!
The sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll book has been done before, most notably in Stephen Davis' infamous Led Zeppelin bio "Hammer of the Gods". In comparison to "The Dirt", that particular tome reads like an Enid Blyton text. Motley Crue were the most outrageous, filthy, disgusting, degenerate bunch of characters ever to scale the heady heights of fame, and this book documents their rise and (incredibly) messy fall in lurid, first-hand detail.
The book's autobiographical narrative reveals their ups and downs first hand, and, while many of the stories show the band, in particular bassist/songwriter Nikki Sixx, to be truly repulsive human beings, there is also an element of deeply-rooted humanity about the band's own accounts of their lives. In particular, frontman Vince Neil's account of his young daughter's struggle, and eventual death from cancer is truly heartbreaking. Don't worry though, there are enough tales of groupies, drugs and general madness to last the reader a lifetime.
Put simply, this is a rock pig masterclass. Motley Crue lived like Caligula, and how they survived remains amystery which would confound doctors the world over. You won't find this in the Coldplay biography, let me tell you. Buy this book, laugh, cry and confound your expectations of what a rock star can be. Duuuude....
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on 13 February 2016
Rock n' roll autobiographies seem to follow the same clichés of sex, drugs, rock n' roll; and the trials and tribulations that are bound to ensue from such over indulgence. However, what makes The Dirt stand out from other autobiographies lies in the delivery. All the protagonists are involved in the story telling. Their memories are entwined, criss crossing from chapter to chapter, sharing with the reader their different point of views to ultimately paint the whole picture but somehow never breaking the flow of the story.

One is left wondering when the band found the time to write the music amidst all the drama and set backs. The unexpected twist in this tale of debauchery is the profundity of the pearls of wisdom that litter the chapters, as the band members grow and mature as individuals.

Irrespective of whether the book is treated as a compendium of motley facts or fiction, The Dirt makes for compelling reading which will appeal to Mötley Crüe aficionados as well as the casual reader. Highly recommended!
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on 4 March 2016
The moment I saw the cover of this book I thought yeah, this will be interesting. I never listened to Motley Crue, neither am I interested one bit in what kind of career they had but I will repeat what another reviewer wrote: even if you don't care about them, buy this book and you won't regret it. First of all, this is one crazy romp that gives you a very good idea about what life was like back in the day when rockers had poodle hair and wore leggings. Secondly, you will be laughing your butt off and reading with your eyebrows permanently raised at how those guys did all those things and survived to tell the story. I may be repeating again what others said but yep, it's that bad and crazy. Also, I absolutely have to mention how beautifully produced this book is. Just looking through it is an experience in itself. It starts with the cover, of course (don't forget to read through the label on the bottle) and then there are the chapter headings, and the amazing photos, and some additional trivia in the form of comments or photocopies of eviction notes and the like, and the whole typesetting deal, like the little ornaments here and there, and even the unusual page numbers. This book has been designed with great care and it's worth buying it to just look at how it was done. But it's an amazingly written story as well, colourful, super interesting, mind-boggling, hilarious, cheeky and simply so great it makes you feel SO happy you discovered it. If you know someone who listened to rock in the 80s and 90s, or just someone who likes music and is interested in its history, buy this book for them too. But don't buy an ebook, buy the proper paper version so you don't miss anything from this fantastic experience. I'd give it six stars if I could.
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on 6 July 2015
Right from the offset Motley Crue make their intentions clear, they are out to disgust and disturb you, for they are the world’s most notorious rock and roll band- and they are going to prove that.

For all of the first few chapters they seem to be out to shock you more and more, even if you think it can’t get worse- except then it does. It even got to the point that it seemed almost normal- which is possibly worse.

I think it was probably planned that way. Nikki in particular seemed so egotistical that I can see him wanting to be the most scandalous band, which makes you wonder if you should believe it all. Indeed at some point each of the members mentioned how it was an expected rock and roll lifestyle- like they had to do it o have any credibility, which is a bi crazy.

Later on things get lighter, as the band members get married and start having kids, and at times it is rather sad.

I don’t really know anything about Motley Crue. I knew the names of the band members, but not in relation to the band. And I don’t think I could name any of their songs, they’re not really my style to be honest. I don’t think that mattered though, I could still read the book, sometimes I got a little confused with who was who and especially who was dating who, but I’m not sure how much easier that would have been if I knew the band.

In a way I would say it’s a bit of a coming of age tale. As the band begins to change and grow, even what they write seems less egotistical and more introspective.

If you can make it though the first disgusting bits then you will be rewarded by the end (and I think the beginning is needed for the balance).
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Motley Crue. The Dirt.

You want The Dirt? You got The Dirt. You couldn't make this up. Honestly. If you thought Spinal Tap are shallow parody of a rock band, then Motley Crue are THE Rock band. They not only wrote the Rule Book, they snorted it, they screwed it, toured it, played it, sold it, overdosed on it, crashed it, filmed it, toured it, flew it, injected it, drove it, recorded it for posterity, stole it, and then sold the book rights. Everything they could think of doing they did. And a few things you couldn't, shouldn't, and never ever would even imagine of doing. They did that too.

There's death. Divorce. Overdoses. Carcrashes. More prison stretches than the Krays. Sackings. Reinstatements. Writers Block. More Sackings. Riots. Punchups in Airports. Armed guards. There's Haircuts that Kill. And Guitars that squeal. And Millions of dollars abandoned in two decades of obscene overindulgence and overdubs.

It astounds me how Tommy Lee seems to have worked out a way to get arrested that matches every occasion. Weddings, bar mitzvahs, parties. And a lot of parties. You even get the Tommy Lee's handscrawled, appalling poetry from the depths of a US prison where he is no doubt some old-timers rich rock star bitch.

There's squalor. Poverty. Living out of dumpsters and vans. Depraved sexual practices. Ejaculating women known as The Moose. A TV show called "Who Wants To take Advantage Of Me?" hosted by Nikki Sixx. There's houses stripped whilst the millionaire rock stars are temporarily incarcerated on trumped up assault charges. There's death in the back of ambulances racing around LA, and adrenalin injections to resurrect these losers, crucifed like Christ on a cross made of guitar strings, syringes, and spandex.

America it seems, is a land where you can find anything you want. You want Ozzy Osborne snorting ants like cocaine? You want Bruce Dickinson's girlfriend having anonymous sex with American rock stars in hotel toilets? You want a manager that sells a stake in the band to a college student (who stole $25,000 off his Dad to own 5% of Motley Crue PLC.) and then disappears off the face of the Earth donating his money to God? You want Satanic Rituals,poltergeists, and pentagrams that bring forth demonic visions before you've even touched the Drugs? You want a book that not only you can't put down, sometimes you don't even want to pick up? And yet you can't help yourself. Like a carcrash, a funeral, an overdose - and there are plenty of those - you can't help but watch disaster unfold before your eyes. You want death, depravity, desecration, degradation? You want the most amazing unbelievable sordid story ever told? You want a tale of people who wanted it all, had it all, and snorted it all, fuelled by their own egos, stupidity, imagination, and above all, an appetite for destruction unequalled by anyone else you've ever heard of?

Of course you do. You want The Dirt.
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