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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 2 February 2002
Prepare for a shock. The posture you may have thought was ok for years, you will probably discover is full of imbalances and misalignments. But cheer up! All these imbalances, even the ones you knew were there but just put down to your particular body shape, they're probably all correctable.
Pete Egoscue has been specialising in the human musculoskeletal system for more than two decades. He has worked with athletes as well as those of us who just want to get around without too much trouble. He has worked on every musculoskeletal pain human beings could devise for themselves. And he has developed a system of exercises to correct the posture and restore the body's natural power to protect and rejuvenate itself.
He has an unconventional, and very simple way to explain the joint and muscle mechanics of the body. As a true layman in this area, I had no difficulty in understanding the interdependent working of the joints and the way that imbalance in one joint will have a knock-on effect on the balance of all the other joints and their connecting muscles.
He also explains in words of one syllable how we get ourselves into such an unbalanced mess in the first place. Don't expect any punches to be pulled here. One of Pete's central themes is the need for each of us to take responsibility, so he tells it like it is.
Once we are ready to take responsibility, Pete describes for us 4 basic bodily conditions, and shows us how to diagnose ourselves. And once the diagnosis is complete, we are given a system of exercises which, if we choose to follow, will allow us to correct ourselves and, in turn, allow the body to begin to repair whatever cartilage damage or other pain is being caused by the condition. Needless to say, perfection is condition 4, and there is a system of exercise designed to maintain that too.
Pete then takes us through a question and answer session covering the most common things he has been asked by patients over the years, and finally he takes a look at individual sports.
I found the book refreshingly frank, easy to understand and, in terms of my own body and posture, very illuminating. I had no difficulty in self-diagnosis, and the exercises themselves were easy to follow, if a little time consuming, but that depends on how eager you are to take responsibility for your own progress.
Most important of all, the exercises worked! My posture was indeed corrected and, a hidden benefit, the improved suppleness and strength had an immediate knock-on effect on my ability with all other forms of exercise I happened to be doing at the time.
This is one wake up call you can be grateful for.
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on 22 June 1999
For most of my adult life after 40 I had suffered from low back and hip pain. I reluctantly accepted the fact that I would have to stop or cut back on some athletic activities. Also, heavy yard work and the like. My typical routine was to see a chiropractor every two weeks and get an adjustment. Three years ago my back went out so severly that I could not even lie down comfortably for treatment. My third chiropractor, one recommended by a friend, changed my life. After examining me he informed me that my muscular-skeletal system was so misaligned that an adjustment wouldn't be enough. The chiropractor recommeded I pick up "The Egoscue Method of Health Through Motion", and proceed with the level 2 exercises/stretches. Within one week I was literally a new man. It also gave me more motion in my shoulders and neck. I incorporate a few of the stretches everyday now. I have not been back to a chiropractor since and I have never felt better. I have recommended this book to many people. Those that take the time to do the stretches always have gotten positive results. I am now 55 years old. I lift weights. I mountain bike. The important thing is I have complete confidence in my bodies ability to recover from any strenuous activity. I have been given a new lease on life do to this amazing book.. Thank you Pete Egoscue.
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on 20 December 1996
The Egoscue Method is a dead-on assessment of how a mostly sedentary lifestyle can ruin your health and cause chronic pain of various types as well as other ailments, even in professional athletes! It is also explains exactly how to diagnose and remedy these problems through a series of fairly simple exercises that really work.

I am a computer programmer and have suffered for years from severe chronic lower back pain and occasional leg, hip, upper back, and neck pain as well. While undergoing physical therapy following an "episode" of extreme lower back pain I heard about this book from a friend whose orthopedic surgeon had recommended it as an alternative to back surgery. Within one week of reading it and trying the exercises I was pain-free.

The book's clear illustrations and explanations helped me understand just how my lifestyle was causing my pain. The exercises are easy to learn and do and take from 20 to 60 minutes a day. This may seem like a lot of time, but for someone with chronic and/or severe back pain, it is completely worth spending.

This book is "must" reading for anyone suffering from pain or anyone who just wants to feel better. There are no gimmicks, no products to buy, just real, practical advice and solutions. Even if you are in "great" physical shape, you can probably benefit from reading this book.
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on 2 May 1999
This book is simply amazing. I can not put into words the joy I have experienced as a result of the Egoscue Method. It has completely changed my life. I now wake up each morning and crave a motion filled day. Pete has taught me to take responsibility for my health instead of putting it into the hands of a doctor.Before I had dicovered the Egoscue Method at age 15, I had already been a victim to three long term injuries in my shoulder, foot, and lower back.I never understood that my sedentary lifestyle was causing me all of this pain and agony.Today,at age 18, I'm exteremly happy I experienced pain at such a young age. Now I have the rest of my life to live and preach the Egoscue Method to others. I truly believe that there is not a person in America who does not desperately need this book.Next to the Bible, it's the best book in the world.
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on 6 June 1999
Although Mr. Egoscue often conveys his point in a manner that corresponds to the first three letters of his last name,the book belongs top shelf in the collection of fitness enthusiasts and those seeking not only relief from pain but the source and further avoidance. The concept of "eversion" is quite a wakeup and should give body practitioners a new foundation to work with. I, personally, found the exercises for sinus relief quite effective and am regularly incorporating many of the exercises into my daily stretching routine. Unless one is formerly trained in anatomy and physiology,the self diagnosis section which determines one's "condition" and applicable exercises will require a reread or two. Nevertheless, it's probably the best book of it's type presently available, and one can only hope Mr.Egoscue trains more people in his methods and expands the availability of his practice outside the San Diego vicinity.
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on 5 January 1999
This book is worth its weight in gold--and then some. Mr. Egoscue takes an engineer's look at the body and its intended operation. He presents a methodology for promoting structural functioning in keeping with the body's design--and it works. I have purchased approximately 30 copies of this book for friends--those who have followed its program have been amazed. Five of them have gone personally to Mr. Egoscue's clinic in Del Mar, California and have achieved unbelievable results. I have followed the Egoscue program for six years and engage is such activities as cycling and skiing. Prior to that time, I had suffered through a laminectomy which provided only temporary relief, and I thought I was condemned to the life of a semi-invalid. I couldn't lift my two-year-old grandson--but I was able to lift him easily at age 5, thanks to the program presented by this book.
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on 30 March 1999
I had severe chronic back pain for 8 years, had been to every type of doctor possible and had every type of non-surgical procedure. Nothing worked. I thought surgery was my final hope until a co-worker heard of this book and sent it to me. I have only just started the "Method", but already the pain has subsided after 8 years of misery. In conjunction with this book and a therepist guided program, this book could change your life too. I suggest anyone that is contemplating surgery, PLEASE READ THIS BOOK FIRST!!
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on 10 April 1997
After years of knee, lower back and neck pain and soreness from even light exercise I am now able to resume an exercise program.
My job requires sitting all day and my body was "out of line". This book has a simple method of locating where the problems lie and correcting them. After about two weeks I was noticing a big difference. I have tried other books and of course been to orthopedic surgeons and weeks of therapy.
I have followed the procedures in this book for three months and have not felt this good for years. No more neck and shoulder pain after work. No more knee pain after playing kickball with the kids. I wish I had known about this book sooner.
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on 3 July 2013
Recommended by a friend. Somewhat long-winded preamble/justification for "the Method". Too long for my liking, kept thinking "let's get on with it". Nevertheless it does make sense.
Overall it's OK but not a lot easier to follow the instructions either, hence I admit I cannot give it a wholehearted endorsement because I've not followed its detailed guidance enough.
Key message is "keep active/moving".
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on 13 March 1999
Pete Egosque has developed an amazing program for people to feel wonderfully healthy. Very clear and easy to follow and different than anything I have ever seen movements and postures that can change people's physical well being.
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