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Customer reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars
5.0 out of 5 stars

on 5 December 1998
For those of you not put off by James Hillman's obviously ornate writing style, this book is an excellent place to turn if a deeper understanding of archetypal psychology is your desire. Hillman is as hard to read here as he is elsewhere, but he's hard to read with a purpose: since part of his thesis is that metaphoric and mythic language is more alive than "conceptual" language, he spends much of his time writing mythically and metaphorically. If you have no patience with poetry, avoid Re-visioning Psychology. However, if you are willing to indulge Hillman and allow yourself to experience his ideas in your heart (and soul) and not exclusively in your head, then give this book a try.
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on 29 March 2010
Revisioning is the title and this book is Hillman's opus major on his passionate sholarly and sophisticated twist on the psyche. As rich as Hades in treasures and a book that astounds on every page and takes you on a journey into a radical psychology that places imagination at its heart. The ideas propounded are complex and though written in the 70's, are still fresh and the implications have not yet, as far as I am aware, been imagined forward other than by Hillman himself, although others have responded and been enthused such as Thomas Moore. But hey, stay with the real McCoy. I love this book and each time I have ventured to take a breath and read it, be immersed in it I have been startled by the insight, the originality and the breadth of learning woven through every page. Should be a classic and a core text for any psychologically minded human anumal
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on 23 January 1999
Hillman boasts in his foreword that this book is packed with ideas. He was being humble. It will take several rereads to fully savor all the things he has said and all the things he has intentionally left for our imagination to grasp and intuit. This is one of the few 20th century books I have come across that does indeed deal with psyche-ology--understanding the soul. The closest contender I have seen is Rollo May's "Love and Will." After reading Hillman other works read like elementary textbooks.
Many may be repelled by Hillman's seeming anachronistic and animistic return to gods, daimons, and personifications; as if taking the field of psychology on a regress. Hillman may even seem to some as living in a fantasy world concocted out of what he's read between Plato and the Renaissance period. But this is not mere atavism on his part, to revive a nostalgic time and worldview. As Hillman states in his latest book "The Soul's Code" we need only fall madly in love to admit of a daimonic possession. Gods--archetypes--animate us. Some gods may be dead but many others certainly are up to the task of roiling us.
Hillman is a master writer. He is effusive as any scribe of the soul should be. He is poetic and mythic; he provokes the reader and evokes a litany of images and connections. Helmsmen Intuition and Imagination are continually steering Hillman's hand. If there are contradictions in this work then they are most welcome, and even sought. How else can it be? Simple sciences breed simplistic answers. Something as complex as the soul and as great as the imagination cannot but procreate that which to Logic appears as contradictions. And so his style and objective as he admits is to confuse and confound rather than reduce and ground (in the empirical and, therefore, to a halt). There can be no pat and final answers or theologies of the soul and the gods, and Hillman makes certain of that.
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on 26 March 2006
Hillman is an excitable character, his writing on the subject is passionate and you end up taking deep breathes before re-entering the text. A Jungian thearpist, Hillman has a major issue with psycho-therapy, that it is internalising emotions and soul-less in its literature. 'The Modern vision of ourselves and the world has stultified our imaginations. It has fixed our view of personality (psychology), of insanity (psychopathology), of matter and objects (science), of the cosmos (metaphysics), and of the nature of the divine (theology). Moreover it has fixed the methods in all the fields so that they present a unified front against soul...What is needed is re-visioning, a fundamental shift of perspective out of that soulless predicament we call modern consciousness.' Hillman's quote is typical of his energy, the point is - he is right and needs to listened to - seriously - buy this book, you will learn an awful lot.
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on 31 January 2016
Easy to read, explains Jurgen theories well
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on 23 December 2016
Book in good conditions as described.
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