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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars

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on 17 July 2017
I just love these Septimus Heap books - all about how he was kidnapped at birth but is reunited with his family at 10years old and becomes the Extraordinary Wizard's Apprentice and is then sent on a 'Quest' (from which previous apprentices have never returned!). Full of exciting adventures and good reading for young and not-so-young. Am on my 2nd reading of these books and still as exciting!
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on 7 June 2017
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on 25 August 2015
Great thanks.
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This is the fourth book in the Septimus Heap series, and also the biggest at 596 pages. The first three books, in order are:


In order to fully appreciate book four, I would recommend reading the three preceding books first, to make sure that you don't miss a thing.

The main character is Septimus Heap, the seventh son of a seventh son, apprenticed to the Extra-Ordinary Wizard, and always finding himself in the middle of perilous adventures. Septimus and his friends are usually found battling against DARKE magyk, and this book is no exception.

One of his enemies has returned, bringing the nasty old remains of the evil DomDaniel, and with it the DARKE magyk plus all the creepy things that come with the package.

But that's not all.

This fast-paced book also has Septimus, his adopted sister Princess Jenna and his friend Beetle trying to save his brother Nicko and his friend Snorri, who are trapped five hundred years in the past. While all this is going on, Septimus is tricked into embarking on a QUESTE, from which no apprentice has ever returned. With the help of the alchemist Marcellus Pye and restoration expert Ephaniah Grebe, the QUESTE leads them to the House of Foryx where all time meets.

Angie Sage has created a wonderful fantasy series for readers from around ten years old, and I'm looking forward to 2010, when the movie based on Magyk is due to be released.

Note: This book also includes one of those cute little CD-ROMs, and when you play it through your computer, you get a choice of eight "questing stones" leading to information and activities, as follows:

1. About Queste
2. About the Author
3. Ice Tunnel Sledding (a game)
4. Trading Cards for supporting characters Lucy Gringe, Ullr, Ephaniah Grebe, Tertius Fume and Boris Catchpole, with a link to the interactive website where you can find all the characters.
5. Spells for "Pure water" and "Darkening"
6. Tips for traveling to the House of Foryx
7. Top selling sweets at Ma Custard's All-Day-All-Night Sweet Shop
8. QUESTE screensaver for PC and MAC

Worth the money and then some

Amanda Richards
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on 6 June 2008
I can't fault this series of books regarding the storytelling - fast paced, humerous - great entertainment. My 11 yr old son had not read any books of a "weighty" variety until I introduced him to this series - he has read one Septimus Heap book a week and is now about to embark on Queste.

With regard to the print quality though - I purchased Physik and Queste together and on their arrival immediately noticed a variation in print quality. The earlier books appear to have been printed in the UK whilst Queste has been printed in the USA. The way the pages have been trimmed in Queste is very ragged - and even if it is done to create an aged effect and make the pages easier to turn the book feels inferior.

As a father of undoubted grumpiness I'd reflect that the books were cheaper to produce and a CD was thrown in to keep the punters happy - but who's to know?

Anyway - don't let this put you off the book - its brilliant - just felt shortchanged when I put the two books side by side!
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on 19 June 2008
Yes, we want more... and more... and just alittle more please?

Sage is great at creating her whimsical, humouristic world. Her characters are strong and well made, and her style is impecable. The only complaint I do have is that in this last installment the plot does seem to wander alittle here and there. And you might have to pay close attention to all the red strings. I also missed the presence of a certain loveable ghost. And the short part with the necromance was abit anoying. I didnt really understand what he gave to *this* particular story...

But by all means, it's still one of those stories you find yourself lost in. And reading each page feels like chocolate. That warm fuzzy feeling of a hug!

We begin where we left the Heaps in Physik. And they are on a mission to save their brother, that was left in the wrong time... Needless to say we bump into a few obstacles on the way :)

I must dissagree with people that compare this to Harry Potter. I find these books alot different, and their own in every way. Sage has created a very original and fun setting, and saying this is HP rip-off is like saying all childrens fantasy is just "another HP"... whihc it is not. HP is HP, Septimus Heap is Septimus Heap!

I wonder if there'll be more?
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The fourth tale of Septimus Heap delivers action, adventure, magic, and a good share of surprises.

The tale begins when Nicko Heap and Snorri, who in a previous book found themselves transported out of their own Time, discover a clue that might allow them to return to their home Time. However, the path home is a tricky one: Nicko and Snorri must find their way to the mysterious House of Foryx, "the place where all Times do meet." Once they are there, the difficulties are not over. Finding and entering the House of Foryx is hard enough, but once they are in, they must wait for someone from their own Time to enter before they will be able to leave and return home.

Meanwhile, the notes regarding Nicko and Snorri's preparations for this journey have survived until Septimus's time, under the care of the long-lived alchemist Marcellus Pye. Using the notes and lists that Nick has left behind, Septimus and Jenna are able to figure out what it is that Nicko and Snorri are attempting, and set off to reach the House of Foryx themselves, so that their appearance might allow Nicko and Snorri to return to the correct Time. However, their plans are complicated by the pernicious ghost of Tertius Fume, who contrives to send Septimus against his will on a Queste from which no apprentice wizard has ever returned.

While the plot rambled in places, I enjoyed the overall arc of the story, and in the end I was glad for the slow development at the beginning which built up to the climax. Sage's characterization was impressive; I got a good idea of the relationships that had formed between characters in previous books, as well as a sense of their internal states and motivations. Her large cast of secondary characters was deftly managed as well.

As a newcomer to the series, getting my bearings was slightly confusing, but after a while I began to understand the backstory better, thanks to the author's hints and insinuations at what had happened before this book. There were still moments when I felt like I was missing out on something--moments where I was sure that the emotional impact would have been greater had I read the previous three books in the series--but overall I was still able to enjoy it, and would recommend it thoroughly.

Reviewed by: Candace Cunard
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on 22 June 2009
Queste is a wonderful book in an amazing series. Probably the best story of the set thus far, although the first one - Magyk is also excellent. I am very glad I read these.

The series will inevitably be compared with Harry Potter, as both are wonderfully funny tales set in a world of magic, and with some other plot similarities. But the Septimus Heap books are not obviously derivative of the Hary Potter phenomenon. They stand very well on their own merits.

There are still some loose ends so I suspect Angie Sage is not done with this series yet. We will see.

In thuis story we see Septimus, Princess Jenna and Beatle searching for Nikko and Snorri, lost in the past at the end of Physik. But Merrin Meredith also re-emerges as a villain, which leads to an attempt to darken the destiny of Septimus Heap.

The plot is more intricate than previous novels. There are perhaps a couple of areas where perfectionsist would quibble over plot details, but if you read it for the story you won't care at all. Highly recommended - this series is a new favourite of mine.
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on 8 July 2008
I'm a great fan of Harry Potter and also liked Septimus Heap from the start. I think that the 2 series are very different: the atmosphere, the period, the way people talked or are dressed... I finished Queste today. I just LOVE books that make me completely forget that I am in the bus going to work and that it takes me a few minutes just to get back to reality. Queste did that.I don't know if it's the last and I hope not. I'll miss the characters too much!
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on 6 January 2011
What should be a very special time for young Septimus Heap, is about to become very bad indeed. The quest is supposed the be a wonderfull thing that marks the end of his apprenticeship. But a bitter boy and an evil ghost have stepped in and changed things. The quest comes years early and is darkened by evil magic. There is no telling what will happen to him, Jenna and Beetle. Septimus has to escape the evil questing guards and they have to travel a very long way by ancient magic, across the sea, to the land of ice and snow and follow an ancient map, which is nearly lost forever to find a very special building, guarded by some rather unpleasant creatures, with some long lost friends inside, waiting to be rescued. All the while they are persued by a very dark and dangerouse creature, under the command of Tertius Fume, the evil ghost. Angie Sage is a very talented author!
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