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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars

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on 14 January 2016
Argeneau Vampires 5
Author: Lynsay Sands
Publisher: Gollancz
Page Count:
Release Date:
Reviewer: Theresa Derwin

In Tall, Dark and Hungry, we met cousin to Bastien, Vincent Argeneau, who bagged the starring role in 'Dracula: The Musical' then lost the role as all of the cast fell victim to a strange case of contagious amnesia; his family put it down to him being a bit peckish, but is it really him after all?
Now, Vincent is back at home and his business is facing a saboteur so Bastien has sent PI Jackie Morrisey and 'Tiny' a six foot plus behemoth to help track down the saboteur. Only problem is, Jackie is human, yet apparently knows about their kind. On top of all that, Auntie Marguerite had decided that Vincent is depressed and is on her way to visit him to cheer him up.
Complications start to arise as Jackie interacts with Vincent, and tries to deny her attraction to him because of past experiences. She is prejudiced against the vampires, apart from Bastien, who she trusts, and is having a hard time getting past those feelings.

As usual, Sands delivers; with the humour, the action, the romance and the sexy. This is a seriously addictive series.
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on 1 June 2010
What a great book!
A Bite to Remember is the fifth installment in the Argeneau series. The Argeneau's are turning out to be very interesting and fun!
Honestly, I enjoy Lynsay Sands, but this book is my favorite by far.
It has even more action, romance, mystery and suspense than the other books combined. The other books I've read by her are still great but I find they are a bit simple and straightforward. But she does have a interesting twist on the creation of vampires that hearkens back to the times of Atlantis.

So let's get down to why this book was so good..

Private Investigator, Jackie Morrisey is hired by Vincent Argeneau to help him out with a business problem that has turned critical.
Someone disrupted the plays put on by his production company, and it's only the beginning.
Vincent's present production, Dracula on Broadway (ironically), is turning out to be a nightmare. Several actors are injured in "accidents" and an entire cast is struck with contagious anemia.
Nothing's going right and the opening date is getting closer. Vincent needs help tracking down the person responsible for the sabotage..but he didn't realize she would be human, and attractive. But she's one of few mortals who know about vampires and is trusted by the Argeneau family. She's also amazing at what she does. What they both don't realize is the saboteur is about to get worse, and when people start getting hurt and it hits close to home they may very well be over their heads with this case.

Jackie Morrisey and Vincent Argeneau are the main characters of this novel, but it also features Tiny(Jackie's partner and best friend, of whom is not tiny in any way, being way over 6 feet in height).
The lovely Marguerite (Vincent's Aunt and Basien's very stubborn mother). Christian Notte, Dante and Tommaso.

Vincent is one of my dream characters. He's tall, handsome, strong but also very caring and sweet. He's kind to everyone, even if it isn't deserved.
I liked his character from the first chapter, even if he wasn't so sweet to start with.

Jackie is also a strong character. She has a painful past that catches up with her in this book. And I'm happy to say she is a great protagonist. She's curious and stubborn and can be cranky as hell, but she was really fun to read and in ways is easy to relate to. Doesn't everyone have a ex they'd rather not see again?

Sure, this is a very beautiful love story, but it's not constantly focused on that aspect, like in many others. It truly has a great developed plot and enough twists and turns that kept me wanting more!
If you love Vampires, Romance, Suspense and mystery..this is the book for you! It's great for a summer day read
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Lynsay Sands has been doing the quirky Argeneau vamps and I adore them. But she is a very talented writer and I feared she'd box herself into just more of the same. I think people read her lighter romances, with their wonderful comedic touches, go "fluff" and dismiss the powerhouse talent she is. The depth of her writing is amazing, but subtle, so people often miss what a high-caliber wordsmith she is. Thus, I am THRILLED to see her cut loose and deliver a different paced Argeneau book. She started to move to darker, but kept trying to correct her story, but once she stopped fighting and went with this flat out dead sexy tale, it's simply amazing!

This is not like any of the other Argeneau tales. They were great. This is great, too, just different. It's darker, sexier and Lynsay at her best. I think she just breathed fresh air into the Argeneau line before they became carbon copies.

Private Eye, Jackie Morrisey has been hired to shield Vincent Argeneau (ladies you have been screaming for ages for Vincent's story. Well, here it is). Seems someone want to kill sexy Vincent, this is becoming clear as acts of damaging his property, then escalating to injured employees and finally to murder. Jackie is not too happy about the assignment. She knows the true nature of the Argeneaus, and being close quarters with the delectable Vincent isn't her idea of fun. She had a run in with a vamp named Cassius. Seduced, used and then betrayed, it left a bad taste in her mouth in more ways than one. She is not about to let Vincent have those sort of powers over her.

Vincent is attracted to Jackie. She makes his centuries old existence new again. As Jackie comes to know Vincent, she recognizes he's nothing like Cassius, and it sees her determined to protect him. Vincent and Jackie are wonderful characters, and their chemistry goes snap, crackle, pop!

Yes, it's different from her Fuzzy Vamps. But then, nothing stays the same. You either stagnate or go forward. Lynsay Sands went forward in style!

VERY Highly Recommended!!
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on 2 August 2014
good read and good condition
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on 6 February 2011
This is the fifth instalment in the Argeneau vampire series and it was by far the best. I had low expectations for this book having not really taken to Vincent in the last book but I loved him in this. The book is about Vincent being targeted by someone out to ruin him. They have caused endless trouble in his production company and theatre shows and their latest stunt was making people think he was feeding off his own cast after a case of "contagious anaemia." Vincent asked cousin Bastien for help and he sent the best in the business. Enter Private Investigator Jackie Morrisey and her partner Tiny. Jackie is great at her job and knows about vampires but was betrayed by one called Cassius in the past and now hates immortals. Vincent is not keen on Jackie either - a mortal female here to help him?

This book was amazing. The story follows the investigation to find the saboteur who has gone from property destruction to murder and also the relationship between Vincent and Jackie. Jackie is unnerved when Vincent doesn't do all the things that she believes a vampire does and Vincent feels a new excitement for life at a time when he was getting bored of it all. Their relationship was really sweet and had some major twists because of the actions of the saboteur and for a while I had no idea how it would all work out. I came to love all the characters that made an appearance - there were quite a few including the meddling aunt Marguerite here for some more matchmaking. I loved the mystery part of the book and had no idea who it was until it was revealed!

This book is very highly recommended! Fantastic. Buy it - you won't be disappointed.
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on 22 January 2009
If liked the other books in this family saga then this one is a real treat this one actually surpases some of the other books, and hav eto agreet with the other review. It has it all wont go into detail as i dont want to spoil it for anyone!!! but make sure have a few hours to spare because you just wont be able to put this book down i couldnt and i read it in a day and a half. well worth the read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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on 12 December 2012
Vincent Argeneau is in trouble. His production company has been struggling with plays closing down due to freak accidents, random bad luck and at the latest - contagious anaemia. Before people start pointing the finger at his fanged self he asks his family for help and gets PI Jackie Morrisey on his doorstep. Jackie is determined to track down the culprit but she is uncomfortable near Vincent having sworn off vampires years ago. This culprit will need her full attention though as the attacks are about to become much more personal...and deadly.

This is the fifth book in the outstanding Argeneau/Rogue Hunter series (after A Quick Bite,Love Bites,Single White Vampire and Tall, Dark and Hungry) and is a little darker than those before it. The added darkness is a welcome change as it keeps the series fresh, and it also works better with the characters than a lighter tone would have. That said there are still some laugh out loud moments here.

The storyline is cleverly written with a gradual build of tension throughout as the events escalate. There are twists and turns galore as the storyline progresses and I found it hard to predict what would happen next, let alone try and figure out who was behind the attacks. It was also interesting to see more about what happens behind the scenes when people put plays on and it adds another dimension to the storyline.

Vincent was featured in the previous book and I found him fascinating then so it was great to see this book continuing his story on by picking up the plot threads from his introduction. He has worked incredibly hard to build his company so to have someone sabotage is deeply upsetting to him. Add that to the fact he feels isolated from other vampires as he is incapable of drinking from blood bags and you have a character who I rooted for from page one.

Jackie is very determined and headstrong but still carries scars from an abusive relationship with a vampire when she was still a teenager. This makes her biased against Vincent so it is hilarious to watch them fight their feelings for one another. Naturally Marguerite finds a reason to visit L.A. and "help" Vincent out with his romance. On the whole the romance is sweet and well written, but a little less head over heels than in previous installments which is a refreshing change.

Jackie's partner Tiny is a total scene stealer. He helps with the case and cooks up a storm, leading to some delicious descriptions of the various types of food he creates to tempt Vincent with. He is sweet and supportive and almost like a big brother to Jackie so their dynamic is fun to read.

All in all, this was a great read and I'm really looking forward to Bite Me If You Can.

Plot: 10/10
Characters: 100
Ending: 10/10
Enjoyment: 10/10
Cover: 9/10

Overall: 49/50
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on 31 January 2011
hall I state my do not worry OCD peeps message again, ok. I read book 1 and now I read this one. Were there books in between yes, Vincent's aunt mentioned that his cousins had found life mates but that was it. And the nano thing was explained again and some other things. This book was a perfect stand alone novel. Trust me on this.

Vincent then, an actor, 400 years old, and a bit tired of the hunt, and even sex. He has a disorder that the nanos can't fix. He needs to feed from a source, not bag of blood. He is a hottie, nice and cheery around others. Jackie is all business, good at what she does, and she has been bitten before and doesn't have happy memories of her old lover. But there was chemistry between this couple, even if it took some time for them to act on it.

There is saboteur, and the hunt for this person. I kept wondering who it could be, and things will happen. That is all I am saying.

This series is still very light, and with subtle humour here and there. Some romance, passion, danger, and interesting vampires. There was also one great side character and that was Jackie's associate Tiny, this huge guy who loved to work in the kitchen. I could just see him baking his muffins.

Recommendation and final thoughts:

I like this light series, and the Argenau family. They have a rich history and there are sure certain members of the family whose stories I would like to read. I also liked how easy it was to just jump into this series.
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on 20 January 2010
Great read! Lynsay Sands at her very best. In my view, certainly one of the funniest Argeneau novels - I've read, re-read this more times that I've had hot dinners
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on 12 January 2012
The bestselling author brings you another hit story in her epic 'Argeneau vampire' series.

Vincent is an Atlantian vampire who works in show business. He has been having problems lately with his plays and it looks like there is a saboteur. He hires P.I. Jackie to solve the problem. She knows all about him and the other vampires and just wants to find the person responsible and leave as fast as possible. As the two investigate they discover it's one of Vincent's own kind doing the damage and that the culprit isn't content with the plays anymore as the new target becomes the people in Vincent's life and with him and Jackie getting closer that puts her right in the crosshairs of a vampire out for revenge.

Funny, romantic, and action packed: you can't ask for a more brilliant read.
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