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on 18 September 2016
I've seen many reviews of this book from a Christian perspective, but as someone with no faith but a curiosity about who Christ was and why he continues to resonate with humanity, I found this to be an interesting and thought provoking read. There is no sense of being preached to, just a very readable exploration of Christ from an angle that removes much of the organised religion "packaging" that has previously always presented a mental hurdle for me. I am investigating Borg's other work on the strength of this book.
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on 10 April 2017
This book is brilliant. For anyone interested in deepening their Christian faith this book is a must. It 'unpacks' Jesus in a way that is new, innovative and interesting. It will challenge one's perception of Jesus but if engaged with opens the possibility of a deeper and more unique relationship with him. From a Christian perspective this book should be read by all who call themselves Christian.
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on 12 May 2017
Wonderful book, he made me realise that it was OK to question scripture while still journeying towards the ultimate goal of awareness of God and peace of mind.
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on 5 November 2016
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on 16 June 2015
Bought at the time of Borg's death - one of his mut-have books.
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on 19 April 2002
This book is aimed at any Christian whose belief has grown stale. The author describes a radical new way of looking at Jesus which may appeal to anybody who is sincere in a desire to grow in Christ but feels hopelessly stuck with an unsatisfactory image of Jesus.
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on 4 May 2012
If the Bible for you is the irrefutable word of God, and your faith is based on the things your pastor and church browbeat you with on a regular basis, this is not the book for you. If however you are someone who wants to take a thinking approach to the Bible, and are looking for outstanding, well-informed insight into scripture, Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time is a must-read. Borg's work has been nothing less than a (very positive) paradigm shift in my faith, and I am glad to be on this journey. I am so relieved that my faith, with the help of this kind of writing, can now advance beyond the worn-thin "praise the Lord!" and "get saved!" rhetoric of people who claim to have the moral high ground.
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on 27 November 1997
Borg's book develops a powerful intellectual claim about the nature of the historical Jesus. His arguments reveal a Jesus who speaks not of a promised hereafter but who instead develops a powerful, radical critique of his own culture. Borg recovers a Jesus whose message was not about himself ("I am the way and the light") and the end of the world but about the renewal of the world through faith in our common humanity. The book seems to me to offer modern agnostics, fed up with the religious right and its claims for a God who damns sinners and rewards the conservative faithful, a new vision free of the superstitions of 2000 years. Borg's vision allows for the complexities that the right rejects. No need to check your intellect at the door: Borg, a New Testament scholar at Oregon State and a member of the Jesus Seminar, challenges the reader to read-and to believe--with reason and passion. It's an excellent book aimed at a general readership. Borg's _Jesus: A New Vision_ incorporates many of the same arguments made here, and I hope that he plans an in-depth, scholarly treatment of these materials. I begin to wonder if every member of the Jesus Seminar was writing a book in the course of the discussions, given the torrent of recent tomes: Borg's is the clearest and most convincing voice to emerge yet.
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on 9 March 1998
In addition to its insightful and new views of the historical versus Biblical Jesus, Marcus Borg's book serves as an excellent companion to beginning Bible study. What I found most helpful was Borg's explanation of "how" Jesus taught, especially the in-depth study of the aphorism and parable formats. Sermons across the globe have connected Jesus' teachings to life as we know it, but rarely do they explain how Jesus taught. Also, Borg helps us to understand the synoptic Gospels (Matthew, Mark and Luke), and how and why they are different from John. The understanding of the larger picture, that is, the relationship of the four Gospels and the tools Jesus used to teach, necessarily preceed one's understanding of "what" Jesus taught, and continues to teach. At least one United Methodist Bible study group here in Denver, Colorado, is actually studying Mr. Borg's book in addition to the Gospels. Thanks to Mr. Borg for an outstanding book!
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on 2 August 2010
At 20 years old and a year into my theology degree, I was tired of two positions. For a good nine years I was conservative and evangelical in my views and attitudes. After 2-3 years' reflection I realised that this was not the perspective I agreed with or could in all honesty continue to hold.

However, study of the historical Jesus left me with little remaining passion; I believed in Jesus, but was not only now unsure what that meant, but I was also now stuck in a place where I was struggling to accept anything about Jesus that wasn't deemed to be historically accurate (not that we could ever even know for certain exactly what is or isn't).

Marcus Borg, who did his DPhil at the University of Oxford, rescued me from both positions and has brought me to a wonderful new place, where I have a perspective on Jesus that is both a belief I feel I can hold with intellectual integrity, yet simultaneously one that has given me a renewed passion for Jesus.

I don't agree with everything Borg says (but then again, such an experience with any author or book is rare),but I thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from this book and would strongly recommend it to anyone who is tired with the evangelical position, or left passionless by academic study of Jesus.
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