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Customer Reviews

3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 19 July 2013
An avid fan of Julia Quinn I very much enjoyed her earlier Bridgerton novels and often found I could not put then down! (Only doing so for a cup of tea/sleep, haha) but this lacked the authors usual aplomb, I agree with other reviews that the plot was very weak, and thought the question of legitimacy was a poorly convincing addition and not written with enough conviction to engage the reader. Overall ok, but found myself skipping and skim reading which hasn't happened before! Try some of the earlier stuff as its better but for a light period romantic read that's ok try this
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on 22 February 2015
I am a great fan of all of Julia Quinn's books I have read and re-read all the Brigerton books and absolutely loved everyone of them, fantastic books great caricatures and story lines.
I have all of Julia Quinn's books books absolutely love everyone. she is one of the best authors of historical romance books. Even though I re-read her books I never get bored with them. I love reading a set of books about the same family because you get to know all the family. You will not be disappointed Highly recommended.
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Hyacinth Bridgerton, youngest of eight, isn't like other girls in the ton. She's forthright, outspoken, intelligent and good friends with Lady Danbury. In fact she's so like the fearsome dowager countess that she's scared off her suitors altogether.

When a heart-to-heart conversation with her mother points this out, Hyacinth is forced to admit that while most men don't stand a chance of keeping up with her, the few who do... terrify her completely. Not that it matters, of course, because there's no one around who she's the slightest bit interested in.


Gareth St. Clair, handsome, charming, intelligent and the grandson of Lady Danbury. If anyone can keep up with Hyacinth, it would be him. But he has such a terrible reputation, not to mention that he always appears to be laughing at her. But he also has a challenge for her that she simply can't resist.

Lady Danbury returns! Ever since her meddlesome matchmaking in 'How to Marry a Marquis', Lady D has been a staple of Julia Quinn's books, playing a vital role in 'Romancing Mr. Bridgerton' and making her presence most definitely felt throughout the majority of the rest. Here she stars in the very first chapter, alongside Penelope and Hyacinth, in a wonderful scene that sets the tone for the book: witty, light-hearted fun, with the occasional dash of sarcastic humour.

Although Hyacinth and Gareth are a wonderful pair - and very well suited to each other - this book is made by a few fabulous Bridgerton moments: Hyacinth's two conversations with her mother; Gareth's interview with Anthony; Gregory's appearence. They all add that extra touch to JQ's usual humourous romance.

And once again it ends with a perfect epilogue (don't miss the Second Epilogue e-book - it's worth downloading!). Ever since her first appearence in 'The Duke and I', Hyacinth has been a witty scene stealer, so it's great to see her end up with the story she deserves.
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on 23 January 2014
I've been waiting for Hyacinth's story and it didn't disappoint. She finally meets her match in Gareth. They make a great couple. I love the interchanges between her and her brother Gregory as well. Very funny. And Lady Danbury is always a joy!

As another reviewer said, it is well worth buying "The Bridgertons: Happily Ever After" to read the 2nd epilogue of this story (and the others of course).

I just have one more to read in this particular saga and from what I've seen of Gregory up to now, I can't wait.
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on 5 July 2016
For this being Hyacinth's book, and one with loads of Lady Danbury, I was a bit disappointed. It's cute but it lacked a ton of romance and was just ok. However, I did enjoy the banter, sarcasm and Hyacinth-isms.
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on 21 March 2014
I enjoy Julia Quinn's Bridgerton novels. Whilst this is not a favourite of mine [that honour falls to 'When he was wicked'], it is a pleasant and easy read. As with all these types of novels, you have to suspend your disbelief to a considerable extent re: the accuracy of the period. Once you accept that, if you can, then the characters are reasonably well-drawn and there is gently comedy in the story.
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on 12 April 2013
Review taken from my Blog Post #118 in May 2011 (after I had borrowed the book from the local library)

What more can I say about a Julia Quinn book than I have said so many times before ... sparking, fun, intelligent, in all SUCH FUN! Another 5 ***** Star read - I truly think she is my most favourite author.

This tale is another in the Bridgerton series, and features the youngest sibling, Hyacinth. So very, very smart and holding out for somebody whom she can love and will tolerate her intelligence and not feel threatened by it. She is also unprepared to compromise and dumb down for any man. I felt that she really wanted to actually fall in love with somebody who could be her equal.

Then Gareth St Clair rocks up on the scene ..... following the death of his Brother, he's the sole heir to the Baron St Clair (his Father) and they truly hate one another. In fact Lord St Clair is set to ruin the family fortune rather than see it go to Gareth

Gareth left home at a tender age, and was taken under his Grandmother's wing (the formidable Lady Danbury), on whom he dotes. Gareth's sole heirloom is an old diary written by the Baron's Mother, which is in Italian. He speaks not a word, but Hyacinth does a little. Even though Gareth admits that Hyacinth is best in small doses they set to unravel the truth ........... and fall in love?
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This is the latest in Julia Quinn's Bridgerton series and in book 7, its Hyacinth's turn to find love, and a little adventure along the way. Hyacinth had to be one of my favourite characters in all of the book for being the youngest and most outspoken of the Bridgerton siblings, and she finally met her match in Gareth St Clair. The plot revolves around Hyacinth translating Gareth's grandmother's diary that is written in Italian. In the diary are secrets about Gareth's family that he is trying to find out, and naturally along the way he and Hyacinth develop an affinity towards each other. The book is pure brain candy, but one that could be taken in small doses. I loved Julia Quinn's earlier books, but I found the storyline sweet, if a little bland and the adventures were not that exciting and then the story ended a little bit abruptly with a chapter at the end to tie up all the lose ends.

It was interesting to read about what some of the other Bridgerton siblings were doing, those who were mentioned in the book, but I think since the series is nearing its end with on Gregory Bridgerton to be married off, I hope that the final book will be more riveting.
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on 27 October 2008
this is the 7th book in the bridgerton series but it didnt feel like you needed to read all the previous ones to enjoy this one, does well on its own as a stand alone book. although i did have to keep looking at the family tree to keep all the siblings etc clear in my head. some bloopers but doesnt take away from the story and i love the sparring between hyacinth and gareth.
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on 2 July 2013
I've been on a bit of a historical romance kick the past few months, and had heard Julia Quinn talked about by a lot of people as one of the must-read authors of the genre. Although it's the 7th in the series, this is only the 3rd I've read - I don't think it's made much difference taking them out of order, as each so far has stood on its own very well.

Hyacinth is the youngest of 8 children, almost all of whom are happily married by this point. But now it's her turn to look for a husband, her intelligence & outspoken manner, which have always been part of her character, are a little off putting to some men. However, every week she reads for Gareth's grandmother, the fierce Lady Danbury, and she's there when Gareth turns up to ask Lady Danbury about where he might be able to get the diary translated. Despite the fact they don't always get on smoothly, Hyacinth agrees to translate the diary, and soon gets caught up in the story she's discovering there. Together, she and Gareth are then launched on an adventure of trying to follow the clues in the diary to find some valuable jewellery hidden in Gareth's family home.

I love the interactions between Gareth and Hyacinth, and what they think about each other when they aren't together. Of course it's clear from the begining that they're going to end up together, but what I like about historical romance is seeing the journey unfold and watching the characters figure it out themselves. Hyacinth is very feisty, and it was fun to see her finding her place as a grown woman, not just the youngest sister of so many other people. Gareth has been affected so much by his angry, unhappy father - I was very glad when he finally stood up to the man, and that things worked out well in the end.

Although I'm fairly new to her work, this book helped cement Julia Quinn in my mind as an author who I think I'll always enjoy. 'It's In His Kiss' is a fun historical romance adventure in London, complete with society events, scheming mothers, and town gossip. It was a lot of fun to read. [Review originally posted on my book review blog.]
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