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"Don't get mad, get even." - Robert F. Kennedy

"The regulators believe zero risk is possible, and given the chance, they will bankrupt the world trying to achieve it. The cost and the delays don't worry them: They're doing this for your own good." - from GIVE ME A BREAK

"Businesses often twist science to make money. Lawyers do it to win cases. Political activists distort science to fit their agenda, bureaucrats to protect their turf. Reporters keep falling for it ... Scientists sometimes go along with it because they like being famous." - from GIVE ME A BREAK

"... the busybodies who want to run other people's lives have more political clout. They make the rules because they lobby harder than the people who just want to be left alone. And in the political arena, the winners get to tell everyone else what they can do." - from GIVE ME A BREAK

The author of GIVE ME A BREAK, John Stossel, began life as an Emmy-winning but naïve television journalist. Then, as he describes in the book, he got street-smart and evolved into a libertarian. Now, he criticizes Big Government, and he doesn't win Emmy awards anymore. There's a moral there somewhere.

In a nutshell, GIVE ME A BREAK is Stossel's explanation of how special interest groups distort facts to further their agendas. Then of course, the biggest special interest group of them all, the Government, uses its power to force its agenda on you, depriving you of choices, confiscating your money, and reducing the efficiency of the free enterprise system.

This book, like Squeezed: Rear-Ended by American Politics by J.C. Bourque, is a rant that will justifiably make you - if you have libertarian tendencies - mad. Unfortunately, if you'd rather spend the energy not on getting mad but getting even, neither really tell you how. But, both volumes are entertaining and enlightening in the short run.
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on 24 June 2013
John Stossel is one man who can see the big picture of what is happening in the US right now, and communicates it clearly and with humor. If only the American people would listen before it's too late and their future is ruined by the greed of big government,
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