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Customer reviews

4.0 out of 5 stars

on 17 April 2003
A sequel to ‘A Dangerous Love’, ‘A Notorious Love’ and ‘After the Abduction’, this book can be read without being familiar with the earlier books. It features Morgan Pryce (the last being only one of his names/identities), who was briefly met earlier in ‘After the Abduction’. Juliet and Sebastian from that book are also in this, but the plot of the earlier book is not extensively referred to.
Morgan has had a difficult upbringing, and the only peace he can recall is the structured life in the navy. Nevertheless he has been persuaded to pose as a fence in Spitalfields, an area rife with pickpockets and thieves, in order to catch a villain. An area where the Home for pickpockets financed by the efforts of Lady Clara Stanbourne is located. Lady Clara is horrified by the appearance of a fence so close to her Home for pickpockets – his ‘shop’ representing temptation for her young charges. And even more horrified to realise she feels a strong attraction to the man she perceives as being a criminal and rogue of the first order. Clara sets out to do all that she can to rid herself of the temptation he represents. And, contrary to Morgan’s first impression of her, all that she can is quite some considerable amount.
Morgan and Clara seem very real to me - fleshed out and well constructed as characters. They don’t instantly know all about each other, and even three quarters of the way into the book are still discovering both each other and themselves. They each make assumptions about the other that experience later reveals to be incorrect – just as first impressions can be mistaken in life. Clara is no simpering miss, and Morgan is no male to be manipulated by charm and wiles. Both have definite minds of their own, ideas of right and wrong that they are willing to defend, and both are just a little bit outside the ‘norm’ for their station. While being very different from each other, both ultimately have the same needs. When told with Jeffries usual skill, this makes for a tale of two people who seem all wrong for each other finding out how very well they fit. Not without some struggle along the way, but that makes the end result all the more worth while.
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on 14 April 2003
I bought four books from amazon recently, all well reviewed and all seemingly 'wonderful'. This was the only one that lived up to my high expectations. Sabrina Jeffries puts in all the right ingredients, shakes them up and leaves you with a great story. We have a beautiful, intelligent and spirited heroine and a sexy (part french ) hero. Although we all know what's going to happen it's the 'how they get there' that is important. Some sizzling sex scenes, a mystery and a satisfactory conclusion. What I like about Ms Jeffries ladies is that they always make an 'adult' decision to sleep with the heroes (usually because they are honest enough to admit to themselves they are as much attracted to their counter part as he is to them even if they don't think marriage is on the cards) instead of the silly 'forced' relationships that are surprisingly still around in abundance. I didn't give this book 5 stars as my favourite of this author is 'The Forbidden Lord'
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VINE VOICEon 4 April 2004
Following the characters in "After the Seduction" and "The Pirate Lord", Twin brothers separated for most of their life Sebastian and Morgan, this is Morgan tale. I really enjoyed Sebastian's story, but Morgan is a much more complex character, much more the Gamma rogue. Morgan's mother took him from his father and returned to Geneva and it was not until he was 13 that his father's people found him again. Even then, since Sebastian was the heir to a Barony, it was thought best Morgan stay away from his brother. So from being a thief just to stay alive in Geneva, to later educated and given a Midshipman entry into the Royal Navy, Morgan remains apart. This is further amplified when he falls into the hands of The Pirate Lord, though he later is absolved of the charges. Back in England, Lord Ravenswood has set him to trying to expose The Specter, a mastermind behind crime in London's slums. He is set up in a building, his pirate rep put about, and he claims he is a fence for stolen goods all as part of a trap.
Only, problems immediately arrive in the lovely form of Lady Clara Stanbourne. Poor Lass is a Stanbourne, know reformers, so she runs a Reform school for children pickpockets, trying to teach them a profession so they can better themselves. However, her mother was a Doggett, and while they are great reformers as well, they were also a wee bit wicked. Thus far, Clara has managed to avoid the curse of her Doggett blood, but when faced with Morgan Pryce, she is in for a bumpy road. She at first provokes him, then tries to bribe him to move locations, but slowly but surely is drawn to him with all the riddles he presents.
It's a charming tale, with Morgan and Clara vivid fun, sexy characters. This writer just gets better with every book.
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on 22 March 2011
This is a great read - SJ doesn't disappoint in delivering another suspense driven and passionate tale with a clear message that opposites attract and, that appearances may be misleading. I loved it from start to finish!

Her characters are always so original, well researched and thought out. My favorite series so far has to be The Royal Brotherhood which tells the tale of `three unclaimed sons of the Prince of Wales' starting with the Earl of Iversley (`In the Princes Bed'). With only three books in The Royal Brotherhood series, I'd suggest this as a good place to start if you're new to Sabrina Jefferies' books.

`Dance of Seduction' tells the tale of the moral and upstanding Clara Stanbourne who works at a home for the reformation of pickpockets in London. So when the dashing Captain (Morgan) Pryce sets up a shop for his `criminal' activities in Spitalfields, Clara's suspicions and fears are aroused. She cannot possibly ignore the presence of a criminal in league with the Specter, a man notorious for his control of every pick-pocket in London to live right on her doorstep! Troubled by Morgan's being there and the potential temptation for her children to steal again, Clara is determined to send the rogue away. Little is she prepared for the powers of seduction possessed by such a man who wants her in both his arms and his bed.
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on 28 April 2008
Lady Clara is a strong female who knows what she wants. Morgan is just the right kind of man with the kind of past a reformer like Lady Clara would go all out to rescue. Funny and good pace. If you liked the other books in the series than this is not to be missed.
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on 17 February 2015
Excellent series
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on 7 May 2003
I have read and enjoyed many of this authors' books, unfortunately this one could not seem to hold my attention. I found the synopsis had all the ingredients for an interesting storyline, however, in actuality the book itself falls far short of the usual gripping plot Ms Jeffries can produce. Indeed I failed to finish the book and found it very disapointing.
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