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Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 13 November 2016
I've read quite a few of the Cathy Glass books, but they really do seem to vary in quality of the contents. Some of the stories are very moving, shocking & real eye-openers into the world of foster care, yet others seem to be mostly full of un-related, pointless detail & to be honest, boring.

I found myself getting increasingly frustrated with this particular book. So much un-necessary detail of day-to-day activities & tasks, & rather than focusing on the main story, there is too much detail of the things Cathy's children & family do & say. One thing that really irritates me is the continuous smug way Cathy seems to portray her children in these books- she talks about them as if they are these perfect little angelic children & can do no wrong, compared to the children she fosters who regularly throw tantrums, come from rough, dysfunctional families, display all kinds of bad behaviour, act like spoilt brats ect, where as Cathy comes across extremely smug about her own kids- as if her perfect little darlings would never dream of behaving badly. In particular, she seems to emphasise the things Paula comes out with- Paula is only 2 in this book yet she is apparently using words & phrases that much older children, & even adults would use! As if a 2 year old would say "Yes, it's all right, Mummy, I understand" (as she repeatedly says "sweetly" throughout the book!)

There is so much un-necessary, mundane detail repeated throughout the book. Going into almost forensic detail of how Cathy makes a cup of tea, or does the childrens bathtime, story & bedtime routine, or exact detail of what everyone says & does when Cathy's husband arrives home. It just made for very dull reading.

When I finally got to the main part of the story, I was interested (although when describing things to do with the foster childs situation & family, Cathy Glass often seems to somehow come across as rather sanctimonious & as if she herself would be appalled at the idea of herself or her family being "that way") incest alone is an extremely taboo subject- not one that is discussed pretty much at all in society, & the term "emotional incest" was something which most of us have probably never thought about or even really heard of. To put it bluntly, the word incest seems to spark thoughts of illicit sexual relationships between immediate family members. The fact that this was more of a deeply unhealthy emotional relationship between a young girl & her father (although they never had an indecent physical relationship, in every other aspect they behaved as a couple rather than a father & daughter) & it was interesting to learn about this sort of unhealthy relationship & how it worked. I found myself feeling extremely sorry for Beth (although often she did act pretty spoilt & obnoxious- the constant repeats of "I'm daddy's little princess" would get on anyone's nerves after a while) & indeed I also felt great sympathy for Beth's father, Derek. As someone who has struggled alot in the past with depression & mental health issues, it's never an easy thing to deal with. Whilst as a father, I agree that he should never have allowed his relationship with Beth to turn out the way it did, when you're struggling with your mental health, as well as trying to single-handedly raise a child who is the only person you have because the love of your life ran off & left you, & also being the the subject of spiteful playground gossip & having the stigma of being a single father to a young girl surrounding you, I can imagine for Beth's father that it all just got too much & more & more he relied on his daughter, & that in "seeing his wife in Beth" the boundaries of the relationship went completely out of the window, & that Beth came to see herself as more of an adult, wifely role rather than the normal little girl role she should have played in her father's life.

One thing that didn't seem to make much sense is the fact that once the issue had been realised, Beth suddenly became alot more accepting of Marianne & the fact that Beth needed to see herself in the proper role as a child, rather than her father's partner/wife. It often takes children many years to "unlearn" certain learned behaviour & charachteristics, & like with every Cathy Glass book, it seems that suddenly after a few weeks/months with Cathy these children are miraculously changed & now behave normally.

It also makes you wonder how these children must feel about Cathy writing & selling these books. Although yes, names, places, dates ect are changed, these subjects are also very sensitive & personal, about real children who have often experienced horrendous abuse or severe neglect throughout their lives, & there are bound to be some of them who maybe didn't want their stories shared with the rest of the world. Unfortunately nowadays, it is very easy to find out the true identity of someone, & it makea you wonder if the children in these stories may one day face backlash or find themselves in the spotlight after having their story published by the likes of Cathy Glass. If someone is determined enough, they may manage to find out the true identities of these children, & possibly use this to expose them when they don't want to be exposed! It is also Cathy Glass who profits from these books, not the children who's stories they are based on.

Overall, for this particular book I'm only giving it a rating of one star. It just didn't capture my attention as there was too much dull detail & it was extremely slow-paced, with alot of completely unrelated/un-necessary descriptions that only seemed to serve to bulk the story out as much as possible. Shame, as if it had been written better it could have been a good read
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on 28 March 2014
I've now read all of Cathy Glass's books and also enjoy similar authors such as Casey Watson and Rosie Lewis. I'd been eagerly awaiting this new release and I wasn't disappointed. The story goes back to when Cathy's children, Adrian and Paula were much younger and a seven year old girl, Beth comes to stay after her father suffers a nervous breakdown. Cathy's starts to notice that there is something not quite right about Beth's relationship with her father and gradually all becomes clear. Cathy has mentioned in her previous books her divorce from her husband and this covers the period when Cathy's marriage to her husband John broke down, something that I found as interesting as the story with Beth. Well done Cathy Glass and what a tough cookie you are! I can't wait for her next release and have it on pre order.
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on 27 September 2016
I've read a few of Cathy's books now and I am always impressed by her professionalism and patience with these poor, scared children that are bought into her care. In this book, we met Beth - a 7 year old little girl with a seemingly unhealthy relationship with her father. Cathy handled this situation brilliantly yet the social worker, Jessie - I found appalling. A very good read, however.

On a completed unrelated topic - Cathy's own 2 year old daughter was using phrases that a 6/7 year old would. It isn't relevant to this case but it was a little annoying to read of a 2 year old that can apparently speak more articulately than I can! I sometimes feel that Cathy's children are portrayed as the wonderful and smart-beyond-their years archangels amongst the "Troubled" and this I find irritating at times.
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on 13 July 2015
Cathy is so inspirational and inspiring to me.
I was very upset and angry by what John (her ex) did to her and the children. She's a better woman than I'll ever be, as I would have made life very hard for him after that.
I hope that one day Cathy finds someone who is as amazing as she is.
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on 30 March 2014
Once again I was taken back by the story of Beth in this latest Cathy glass book. This is another story that makes you realise that people like cathy glass who help so many children are special. If you have not read this or any other cathy glass book's I recommend you do. But beware they are addictive. Loved the story and cant wait for another book. Good luck to Beth and her family. A must read.
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on 28 March 2014
cathy glass is a brilliant author i have read all her books so hard to put the book down once you start reading it and it makes you realise there are some wonderful foster carers out there who take on some very difficult children and make them feel loved again
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on 28 March 2014
Read this book in one day. Absolutely brilliant account of Beth's foster placement. Another fabulous book by Cathy. I've read all her books now and I can't wait for future releases. Keep writing Cathy xx
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on 13 April 2014
I am an avid fan of Cathy Glass.

Have read every book to date and thoroughly enjoyed every book so far.

Liked Daddy's Little Princess but felt it was not as good as the previous books.

I seemed to be more intrested in finding out what Cathy's ex husband was up to!
Felt it took something away from the story somehow.
However it was nice to find out eventually what happened to John.

There seems to be alot of fresh foster carer stories out there think Cathy will have to watch out.
Loved Rosie lewis and Casey Watsons new material.

Still admire Cathy for what she does.
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on 28 February 2016
I started to read this book on holiday, it was very easy to read and I finished it in 3 days. The girl in the story was fascinating & the issues of emotional insest was something I'd never even heard of before. Caths explains what it is very clearly and in great detail and the way she handles the situation amongst Beth being in care was great. I fell in love with Beth and like Cathy felt very judgemental towards the father before I had gotten all the facts. The book helps you understand that as humans we are very judgemental about things that we don't understand or don't have the full facts on. Once the child and the father seek professional help its very easy to fall in live with both the characters. I did however know from previous Caths Glass books that she was divorced so she talked about how this came about from the story told of this foster child. I have a great respect for Cathy on how she manages to control her personal life in able to protect her children and I feel that she handled her situation in an extremely brave and calm way which I don't think I would have been able to do. this was a great holiday read actually even though the issues discussed where hard and heart breaking.
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on 22 November 2016
I've read other Cathy Glass books and this wasn't my favourite. I didn't even manage to finish it, maybe because it wasn't as dramatic as some of the other Cathy Glass books. However, I did learn about a new type of abuse I hadn't heard of before, so at least that was interesting.
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