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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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I decided to pre order this book as we have been cooking some of the free taster recipes from the Guardian that are in the book and absolutely loved them.

I do not own any of his other books (yet!) although my wife often watches his TV series when they are on repeat on the food channel.

So this review is mainly about the recipes we have tried and our first impressions of the book (I've posted some photos on this product page to let you see for yourself).

I have also posted a list of recipes at the end of my review too which I hope will be helpful for those considering buying the book.

Firstly the book feels lovely, a small thing but the flexible way it is bound, it feels really nice and in my opinion looks nice too.

This small book is literally jam packed with recipes (see list below) I think there's bound to be something that appeals to everyone in here.

The majority of the recipes have an accompanying photo (see image uploads for examples).

I like the premise that the book and recipes are meant to be `beautiful and easy to use' for everyday eating, and I would say so far this has definitely been the case. The recipes have been straightforward and perfect for weekday nights when late home from work.

So far we have cooked the fig and goats cheese focaccia - since figs are in season at the moment. The method was very straightforward and it was super quick and easy for a tasty weeknight meal. We used ciabatta instead of focaccia but it was lovely, and cheese improves any meal.

Nigel's Potatoes with Spices and Spinach were another hit and absolutely delicious (being fans of spice in our household!). Again this was great for a week night as we get home quite late from work, so the premise of the book being `fast food' has really fit in with our lifestyle as we're not fans of takeaways and always cook at home whenever possible.

We had the spiced fish soup at the weekend, my wife wasn't too keen on this but I loved it. We didn't include the mussels but it still provided two generous portions, which is something that's worth noting so far, the portions seem about right and we have healthy Yorkshire appetites.

In summary I found all three recipes to be unfussy, relatively quick, straightforward and very tasty.

The front of the book lists "a quick guide to what to eat by main ingredient" so I have put this below as I've found it a useful reference:

Cod with Lemon, Tarragon and Crème Fraiche

Crab Balls
Crab, Melon and Basil Salad

Smoked Haddock and Leek cakes
Smoked Haddock with Lentils
Spiced Haddock Chowder

Grilled Kippers, beetroot and Horse raddish Mash
Kipper Benedict

Mackeral with Bulgar and Tomato
Smoked Mackeral and Green Beans
Smoked Mackeral with Peas and Edamame

Mussels with Clams and Chorizo

Basil Prawns
Chilli Prawns with Watermelon
Prawns, Lemongrass and Coconut
Vietnamiese Prawn Baguettes

Salmon and Cucumber Pie
Salmon with Artichokes
Salmon with Roast Garlic and Cream
Soba Noodles, Salmon and Prawns

Sardines, Potatoes and Pine Kernels

Couscous, Lemons, Almonds, Squid
Squid stuffed with Judion Beans and Tomato


A Beef Sandwich
Bresaola, Emmental and Pickled Cucumber Sandwich
Philly Cheese Steak with Tagliatelle
Slow Cooked Beef Pie with Celeriac Rosti Crust
Steak with Miso
Tomatoes, Charred Onions and Steak

Chicken, asparagus and avocado sandwich
Chicken Breast with Smoked Cheese and Pancetta
Chicken Breasts with Taleggio
Chicken skin with popcorn
Chicken Wings, Katsu Sauce
Chicken Wings with Onion Umeboshi Chutney
Chicken with Soured Cream and Gherkins
Citrus Chilli Grilled Chicken
Marmalade Chicken
One Pan Sunday Lunch
Paprika, Mustard Chicken Goujons
Chicken, Sherry, Almonds Pot Roast
Quick Chicken Pot Pie
Ras El Hanout Chicken and Spelt
Satay Drumsticks
Spatchcock Chicken, Rocket, Couscous

Duck Burgers
Duck with Beans

Grilled Lamb with Minted Feta
Lamb Cutlets with Mustard Seed
Lamb Shanks with Crushed Roots
Lamb with Yoghurt and Turmeric
Roast Lamb, Mustard and Crumbs
Slow Roast Belly of Lamb
Spiced Sesame Lamb with Cucumber and Yoghurt

Ham Hock, Herb Sauce
Pig and Fig
Pork and Mango Kebabs
Pork Belly, Pisachios and Figs
Pork Chop with Plum chutney
Pork with Blood orange
Quick Pork Ribs with Honey and Pomegranate Molasses
Rib and Rhubarb Broth

Slow Cooked Rabbit with Herbs

Bacon and Pancetta:
Bacon and Beans
Bacon Boulangere

Sausages and Chorizo:
Breakfast Burger
Chorizo and Sweet Potato Mash
Chorizo and Potatoes
Chorizo Burgers
Sausage Balls, Mustard Cream Sauce
Sausage Danish
Sausage Lasagne
Sausages, Mash and Tomato Gravy


Root Vege Patties with Spiced Tomato Sauce
Root Vege Tangle
Spiced Root Frittata

Beetroot and Fennel Slaw with Speck
Beetroot and Sausage and Rosemary
Roasted Beetroot and Tomato Spelt

Carrot, Black Beans and Coriander
Carrot and Bulgur Porridge
Harissa Carrots
Prawns, Noodles and Spring Carrots

Jerusalem Artichoke:
Artichoke and Chicken Soup

Parsnip Rosti

Beef Dripping and Potato Salad
Cauliflower Cheese Baked Potato
Poor Man's Potatoes
Potato Wedges with Gorgonzola Sauce
Potatoes with Hazelnuts and Egg
Potatoes with Spices and Spinach

Young Turnips with Mushrooms and Orzo

A quick(ish) Green Minstrone
Green Vegetable Soup
Roast Chicken Pho

Asparagus Cenneloni
Chicken, Asparagus and Noodle Broth
Lamb with Asparagus

Potatoes, Speck and Sprouting
Stir fried Chicken with Cashews and Broccoli

Stewed Cabbage with Blue Cheese and Apple

Gratin of Kale and Almonds
Ham and Kale Colcannon

Baked Red Mullet with Fennel and Leeks
Chicken with Fennel and Leeks

Broad Beans-
Gammon Steaks, Broad Beans and mUstard Seeds
Orecchiette with Ricotta and Broad Beans

Pea and Watercress Soup
Peas and Ham

`And all the rest':
Aubergine and Chickpeas
Aubergine Curry
Aubergine Paneer
Roasted Vegetable Rice
Split Peas with Aubergine

Courgettes with Bacon Gremolata
Marrow Gratin

Aromatic Pork with Cucumber
Cucumber, Fennel and Ricotta salad
Summer Herb Rolls
Tuna and Cucumber Salad

Onion and Mushroom Toad in the hole
Spiced Mushrooms on Naan

Sweetcorn, Bacon and Parsley Salad
Sweetcorn Crumb Crust Pie

Basil Tomato Pasta
Cherries, Tomatoes and Salami
Summer Vegetables with Harissa and couscous
Tomato Caesar Bruschetta
Tomato Foccacia
Tomatoes, Cucumber and Anchovy
Tomatoes with an Anchovy Crumb Crust

Apple, Ginger Endive

Banana Cheesecake

Fig and Goat's cheese Focaccia
Figs, Bulgur and Blackberries
Figs and Ricotta Toasts

Mango and Passion Fruit Mess

Strawberry and Cucumber Salad
Strawberry and Mascarpone Brioche Toasts

Chocolate Oat Crumber


Beans and Pulses:
Black Bean and Onion Stew
Herb Burdgers
Artichokes and Cannellini
Baked Chickpea Cakes
Sea Bass with Tarragon Glageolets
Lentil Bolognaise

Anchovy, Penne, Crumbs
Brown Shimps, Linguine, Dill
A light Chicken Ragu
Smoked Salmon and Green Peppercorn Macaroni
Spaghetti Bake

Quick Spiced Rice
Rice Cakes


Spiced Eggs with Squash
Spiced Scrambled Eggs
Goat's cheese Frittata
James;s Potato Tortilla

The Bagel
Irish Coffee Trifle
Oat and Lemon Cookies

Mozarella Chorizo Sandwich
Pancetta Crumbed Mozarella Salad

Herb Ricotta Cakes
Ricoota Burgers
Spelt Basil and Ricotta Cakes

A Beef Sandwich
The Sunday Roast Pork Sandwich
Quiet old fashioned flavours for leftover ham hock
The comfort of carbs
The pork rib sandwich
Rice Cakes
Ham and Kale Colcannon
A creamy chicken lasagne, leftover chicken meat with onions
Turkey or Chicken Couscous
Beef Dripping Potato Salad
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on 27 November 2013
The easiest index I have ever found! Find an ingredient in the garden, cupboard or fridge and the index gives a group of recipes to go with it.
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on 4 October 2013
I am a fan of Nigel's Kitchen Diaries, Real Fast Food, and cook from his recipes at least twice a week. EAT is the same in spirit, but totally different. It's categorised so beautifully that you can search by cooking method, or by fish, meat, veg, puds. It is recipes pared down, kept simple, in approach and ingredients. I think it reflects the pace we live at now, and it ups the comfort quotient, so that, whatever kind of day you've had, the process of choosing, chopping, cooking and enjoying, made so easy here, but still with many flavour combination discoveries, will invigorate yet relax you. And that is what I look for. Thank you, Nigel.

PS: The oat cookies are unbelievably good.
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This chunky little book is packed full of recipes for every occasion and every mood - from food you eat with your hands, to warming soups, roasts, pies and puddings. Literally every taste is covered, from the quick and easy to recipes which take more time to cook and prepare. The photography, while often fairly small, gives a good idea of what you are aiming for and, as with all of Nigel Slater's books, it is very readable. Ideal to browse and peruse when you need a little inspiration or simply to whet your appetite. Where the book falls down has been covered by other reviewers already - it is absolutely impossible to keep the book open while cooking! It has a lovely bookmark, it is cloth covered (looks gorgeous, not ideal in the kitchen, where it is likely to soak up spills....), but it is simply impractical. Also, recipes often cover two pages that are not side to side, so you have to turn over if you want to refer to both sides. Not always easy when cooking and your hands are covered with flour, etc. So, beautiful book, yes. Great recipes, yes. Well written, of course. Just impractical. You will have to either scribble out the instructions on a piece of paper or photocopy it, but still it is a lovely addition to my cookbooks and I know that, despite the problems, it will be referred to often.
22 comments| 25 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?YesNoReport abuse
on 11 October 2013
Classic Nigel Slater recipes. If you like cooking and don't already have several Slater books, you're seriously missing out. Already tried a couple and as usual they don't dissapoint. Easy, tasty, readily available ingredients. But WHY, was this strapped together into a teeny brick thick notebook that will NOT stay open on the worksurface unless you weight it down with an anvil! I couldn't believe it when I unwrapped my copy. I'm not being picky for the sake of it I swear, it's infuriating! If they bring out a decent sized spineless version (ala Polpo which has set the standard for the way a cookbook should be put together), I'll buy it again, bin this one, and give it five stars.
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on 9 September 2015
i enjoy my home cooking and have plenty of cookbooks to refer to for recipes. Now, I am a fairly fussy eater and don't like to complicate my food too much. I've watched Nigel Slater for a while on TV and loved and hated some of his recipes so i bought this book with a little bit of trepidation but I have not been dissappointed.

The book contains some really good, quick and healthy recipes. I think most of the recipes are healthy because he doesn't dictate what you should eat with it. (I would happily eat a chicken curry with side salad rather than rice). The portions vary between one or more servings but that works well for me and my girlfriend - but we do tend to fight over who gets to take the leftovers for lunch the next day.

I can come home at night, open the book and find something I fancy eating - well, maybe within a page or two. But, overall i find there are lots of things I would like to try. The list of ingredients isn't too extravagant for the majority of recipies. There may be one or two that the supermarket might not stock but they are few and far between compared with the rest of the book.

Overall, as a fussy cook/eater, I do find myself looking at this book when i want something quick, easy and healthy to cook. This will definitely get lots of use in our house.
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on 27 September 2013
Got the book yesterday and tried the sausage beetroot and carrot recipe It was delicious. As usual with Nigels recipes they don't look like they should work but the end result was sublime hardly any washing up and a lovely easy to prepare recipe
I am looking forward to trying out the other recipes
my favourite chef by a mile
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on 11 October 2013
I have most of Nigel's books and love them all, he writes so well and EAT is well written, but I do not like the format of this book, its very difficult to use in the kitchen it wont stay open. The ingredients are not listed so it makes doing a shopping list more troublesome (although ingredients are highlited in the text, but its easy to miss something. Id tried the Pea and Watercress Soup and it was tasteless (I did not make the prawn soldiers) Not my favourite Nigel book.
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on 9 November 2015
I'm a student (so therefore minimal budget, and keen on speed+low washing up!) and Nigel's book is ideal for looking at the back of the fridge, cupboards and rustling up something tasty. I find the best thing about the book is the flavour and texture combinations, and so it really is quite easy to mix and match- especially with recipes that have a lot of veg. He just helps me to be a little mindful of adding something extra in terms of herbs, spices, maybe some lemon juice- and the fact his recipes often involve less than 6 ingredients is so handy.

This is for the days when you get back and you have a fridge with things in it and you cant possibly fathom how they could go together. Somehow-Nigel manages it for you. It's like someone going into your wardrobe and creating new outfits for you (odd analogy, but there you go). It's also a cookbook that allows for pared-down, yet quite special meals- the puddings in particular master that task. The fact that so many recipes are for 2 (and are easily doubled because no yeast/gelatine ratio issues) is so useful, especially if you're cooking for 1 and are looking forward to a packed lunch the next day.

The book almost manages to read like a novel, where Mr. Slater manages to conclude each recipe with a few summative words- and so I will do the same. Simple, delicious, and beautifully written.
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on 23 March 2014
Love the shape and size of this book and more importantly it is loaded ,packed full of ideas ,recipes , and useful tips on every page a mighty little book ! Never, never be at a loss at what to eat just open this book randomly and there's always a tempting recipe .........brilliant
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