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on 6 April 2017
This short story, whilst filling in gap and providing some extra fleshing out of characters, does little in the grand scheme of the riftwar cycle. Having read the books in a specified order, knowing what happens to certain characters removes the possibilities of risk and this is not a desirable reading experience. That being said not knowing how outcomes are reached is always entertaining. I look forward to the final book and finishing what has been an excellent series.
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on 3 May 2017
I bought it because I have read all his other books and just had to have it to finish the series, as I suspect he knew well, its very short, overpriced for what it is, Feists best books were the original magician trilogy and the empire books with Janny Wurts, after that things kept getting shorter and shorter
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on 8 April 2017
Not as good as previous books.
Felt rushed , like he just wanted to tie up the loose ends. Still worth reading for super fans like me
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on 5 March 2013
I was quite looking forward to reading this book as I really enjoyed the original "Krondor" books.

That being said I was quite gutted when I actually received the book. It totally wasn't worth the price I paid.

Don't get me wrong Feist's usual writing style engages you right from the start but by the time you're actually into the book it finishes. It's very anti climactic but does answer some questions left open by other books.

It would have been easier to have had this as an appendix to "Magician's End".

I'd recommend that anyone considering buying this book wait for the paper back as the price isn't worth it and I most definitely wouldn't pay the RRP in the shops. Daylight Robbery!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 3 March 2013

This series is and has always been the weakest of the Krondor based books.


I loved it; There is and has always been something about Jimmy the Hand that worked for me. He is the one of those great characters in fantasy fiction. Yes he is too damn good, too fast, too lucky, too heroic etc. But he is fun. He is the type of escapism character we all want to be, and takes you so far away from the hum drum real world.

The book slots in between many of the other tales, and i found myself wracking my memory for which not to which person or place fitted in which book. This annoys some but makes me want to read the other books again. (i probably will after the release of Magicians end is published.

The finest Feist series is still the Empire series:

Riftwar : The World On the Other Side
1. Daughter of the Empire (1987) (with Janny Wurts)
2. Servant of the Empire (1989) (with Janny Wurts)
3. Mistress of the Empire (1989) (with Janny Wurts)
The Empire Series 3-book Bundle (omnibus) (2013)

but the most fun is:

1. Magician: Apprentice (1982)
2. Magician: Master (1982)
3. Silverthorn (1985)
4. A Darkness at Sethanon (1985)
5. Prince of the Blood (1989)
6. The King's Buccaneer (1989)

Riftwar : Serpentwar

1. Shadow of a Dark Queen (1994)
2. Rise of a Merchant Prince (1995)
3. Rage of a Demon King (1995)
4. Shards of a Broken Crown (1998)

10 books of such sweeping action, imagination and escapism that it ranks up there as one of my all time fav fantasy series.

The 2 series that Jimmy the crawler belongs too started life as script for computer games, and while the weakest of all his books, can often be some of the fun ones, a closer look at amusing character like Jimmy

Riftwar : Legacy

1. The Betrayal: Krondor (1998)
2. The Assassins: Krondor (1999)
3. Tear of the gods: Krondor (1999)
4. Jimmy and the Crawler (2013)

Legends of the Riftwar

1. Honoured Enemy (2001) (with William R Forstchen)
2. Murder in Lamut (2002) (with Joel Rosenberg)
3. Jimmy the Hand (2003) (with S M Stirling)

So if you are a fan of Feist you don't need me to tell you to buy this book, but if you have never read his work, it's a fantastic little novella that shows how well the man writes, and gives you a flash of fun and adventure from one of his finest characters.

Oh and the book its self, beautiful cover, a really fine satin finish to the art work.

For the detractors: £9 for a book that takes several hours to read, and leaves you thinking about for longer, that makes to re-live the great books of the series and maybe even re-read the whole series end to end. Compare that to £8 for a 90 min film at the cinema and the fact you will probably leave and forget the plot within 20 mins because the avergae film from hollywood is some mindless pointless comedy. Yet people go back and back for them without complaint, but think that the effort and time and imagination that went into a book, even a novella like this "isnt worth £9". tell me what else you can do for £9 that lasts on its own for hours and can inspire and entertain in the same way?


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on 20 March 2013
Basically this a money spinner whist it does fill in a few holes in the saga i would advise reading a detailed review than spending your money on this book. However from my review i suppose you are wondering why I gave it two rather than one star. That is solely down to the jimmy character Feist's early work is outstanding and as jimmy is one of his early creations he has a massive background to call upon and with the serpent war books a fair idea of where the character should end up. each other character is two dimensional a minor plot point for the serpent war is glossed over. All in all this is a book that relies solely on the the authors reputation rather than his writing skills which in my opinion have been going downhill since the darkwar saga.
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on 7 March 2013
Since 2008 when I picked up The King's Buccaneer I have read (and own) every Riftwar Cycle book minus Murder in LaMut.

Others have touched on this already but I would like to add my weight that the quality of the books have declined since Serpent Wars (written order). The low point is derivative-fest At the Gates of Darkness (The Demonwar Saga). The final series has improved.

This book concludes the weakest series Riftwar Legacy. The Crawler story line was always a gap, along with what happened to Jazhera. This story - originally planned as two books has been delayed due to rights issue as this series is based on the computer games. However the conclusion was derivative and weak and felt like a wrap up for wrap up sake. The early book was OK, and I agree with other comments it felt like it has been written a while ago, and finished off recently.

The first half the book is the only reason this gets more than one star. This book is fighting with At the Gate of Darkness as the worst book in the Cycle.
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on 7 March 2013
I've been a fan of Feist since I was a teenager and I have always enjoyed his work however this has to be the worst book that he has ever written. No plot, no real story and the character development was pretty appalling. Don't buy the book and save your money.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 22 November 2016
I have had difficulty finding a new adult fantasy writer for some time now, most of the genre seems to be either targeted at the teenage demographic or is a pale imitation of authors such as Feist, Martin, Kerr or Gemmell and so once again I have returned to my bookshelf to revisit the masters of the genre and add their works to my more mobile Kindle collection.

Jimmy and the Crawler revisits jimmy the Hand in his youth and because it was one of Feist's later additions to the saga I had added the hardback to my bookshelf but had not got around to reading it. Just recently I decided that it was time to re-read the entire collection in chronological order and have subsequently loaded all to my Kindle for a marathon reading session now that the winter nights have set in.

I agree with other readers...this short novel is perhaps not as dynamic as some of the earlier books but is still of the quality that is expected from Feist.

If this saga has now really finished I shall honestly miss not getting a new volume every year or so it is still some of the finest adult fantasy available.
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on 2 March 2013
Like others I was looking forward to this when I read it was to be published as I always felt there was a chunk missing from the crawler story line. I was looking for completion to it and this book gives it....... badly. Thats being kind, very.
It starts off fine. Nice pace, but I had the "oh oh" sense that 144 pages could not be a good sign. I was right. You can read this start to finish in about 2 hours. Obviously the quality of a book should never be measured in its length but in this case is a fair indication.
How it reads to me RF had the start of the book penned a good few years ago and decided a few months back to finish it...overnight. Its almost as if 80% of the way through a door slams shut and the story line and effort goes to the 4 winds.
Sorry, its poor, poor, poor. It will tell you what happened to Jazhara and with the crawler situation but I think many will feel cheated and disappointed.
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