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on 14 May 2017
Wow, when reading this very honest biog you quickly realise that Mike Tyson is a walking contradiction!
One paragraph he appears very profound and extremely enlightening whilst the next he relapses into a barrage of blaming everyone but Mike Tyson.
Tyson was one hell of a boxer and he had all the ring skills (he could slip punches as well as throw them with intent) but I'm still not sure what kind of man being he is. Perhaps it depends on what Mike Tyson you meet on the day of what chapter you read.
Although you learn the patten quite quickly (relapse follows relapse), it was an enjoyable book but I'm pleased to finish it.
I hope he finds his peace.
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on 12 June 2017
Almost as engaging to read as Mike Tyson was to watch, this book really laid bare the way an individual as complex as Mike Tyson thinks. Having watched him in various interviews, I found myself imagining Tyson's voice reading this book to me as I went; the way the sentences are structured, the language used, and the open and candid nature of the descriptions of the numerous experiences he had throughout his career and personal life, all contribute to an intriguing - and brutally honest - account of the life and lifestyle of the most famous Heavyweight Champion of the World. Highly recommended.
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on 1 October 2017
I don't agree with violent behavior, but I could understand from his up bringing how he got where he is. What I found saddening throughout how money influenced so many people's behavior in his inner circle towards him, that finding 'real' people who liked him and his company was difficult. He takes you on a bare journey through his life, and prepared to be shocked with his truth.
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on 10 January 2015
Rather daunting read at 500+ pages, but once you start reading, it's phenomenal. It became rather like a research project for me, watching the fights on You Tube after reading about them in his book. Believe me, he doesn't embellish his life story at all, it's 100% accurate. I was a big fan of his in my teenage years and it reminded me what a devastating, driven fighter he was. We haven't seen any fighter that gets near him since he retired. Today's fighters lack the "killer instinct" Tyson had in the ring. Big men were visibly frightened by him and who can blame them. He recounts his personal life in an extremely pragmatic and honest way. Very self critical yet he has hopefully learned from his mistakes. Reading it,it makes you angry at the many leaches who took advantage of him and bled him of hundreds of millions of pounds. Don King, hang your head in shame!
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on 15 December 2013
If you are even remotely interested in Mike Tyson then this will prove a most worthwhile read. Far more eloquent than one would inpmagine (as witnessed by his one man shows) yet despite the aid of a ghost writer, most definitely the authentic voice of the formidable former heavyweight boxing champion of the world.

The book is perhaps the most brutally honest biography I have ever read. For this alone it is worth buying.

To seemingly become a fly on the wall to Iron Mike's personal development as a boxer and to gain insight into his life of crime and harsh upbringing in the early days is another reason to consider purchase.

Mid way through the book I was compelled to rewatch some of his best moments on YouTube (maybe one day we will have e-books intermingled with the authors voice as an option and access to visual clips all in one package when we buy our books in a few years time). Iron Mike was truly formidable and the story that unfolds provides insightful insight into what makes a champion and ironically what contributes to his fall.

I was particularly fascinated by the insight given by the strategies and physchological shenanigans of his mentor Cus D'amato. Without his input and the chain of events that led to Mike Tyson's involvement with him there would have been no champion (which gives us food for thought as to all those out there who never did manage to reach the extraordinary potential to which they were capable).

A fascinating read. A jaw dropping read in places. Funny, at times tragic, but to its credit honest and ultimately entertaining.

Mike Tyson has packed more living into his life than most and whether one ultimately liked the man or not, this book captures a most interesting life and fully justifies the rave reviews.

Did he rape or not rape? User or used? Violent perpretrator and victim of his upbringing? Or monster, rapist, animal?

Mike Tyson appears to lay his soul bare and the reader has enough scope in this honest biography to form or strengthen an opinion.

Five stars if you are a boxing fan or a fan of Iron Mike Tyson. Four stars plus if you are coming into this biography with little knowledge of the famous . If you hate the man I would still give it four stars.

People are complex and Mike Tyson especially so. For me, I came away understanding more about the man. I enjoyed his company and marvelled at his formidable boxing legacy but was left wary of his violent potential and capacity for self loathing.

When Tyson shook up the world by becoming the youngest heavyweight champion my friend called him an ' awesome animal' - such was his ferocity.

On reading this biography I feel compelled to conclude my friend summed it up about right...
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on 15 October 2017
Very well written and captivating from the start to finish. this book puts you through a whirlwind of different emotions learning about his upbringing his relationship with his legendary mentor Cus D amato, his rise and his downfall.this is an individual who came from the worst of the worst of environments and made an icon of himself and believe me you'll understand the sacrifice and dedication this guy made to become the champ once you read this book. its easy to read and follows through nicely you won't be disappointed.
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on 3 August 2016
Being a fan of Mike Tyson as a fighter from quite early in his boxing career, it was great to read this book as it's so personal and incredibly honest. What's more is that there were several high profile incidents throughout his life where at the time tainted his legacy in my eyes, but actually reading about them from his honest account, rather than media portrail of his actions, make me see him in a different light.

Quite long, but highly recommended and difficult to put down!
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on 22 December 2013
All sporting autobiographies I have read contain a certain amount of filler waffle and this is no exception although it is less prevalent than most.

I am giving it 5 stars because it is the most illuminating and candid autobiography I have read. It feels as though Mike is holding nothing back and really is revealing the undisputed truth about his personal life and the drug, alcohol and sex extremes that began while he was still an undefeated champion with the world at his feet. It does leave you wondering how good a boxer Tyson would have been if he'd kept his personal life in check, the slide apparently beginning with the death of his mentor D'Amato and exacerbated by that of his friend Jacobs. If those guys had been around longer to keep Mike on the straight and narrow I'm convinced we'd now be talking about him as the greatest heavyweight of all time rather than "one of the best".
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on 23 December 2015
This book really amazed me. Even though I had certain expectations of this book, I somewhat underestimated the integrity of the heavy weight champion.

Michael Tyson describes quite vividly his worst and best moments in such a visceral way, you cannot help feel the pain and struggle he has endured. His passion and love is laid bare for all to witness, most noticeably with the way he talks of his late mentor Cus D'mato.

This book is inspiring at times, as you would expect from a dedicated champion. It certainly is a bold and audacious read for the majority audience. Filled to the brim with words of wisdom and an insight into the mind of a passionate individual that he seems to be. It does seem to overrun towards the end as he goes into great detail over his battle with addictions. This is not to take away from the importance of the issue but it feels a little bit repetitive and maybe could have been modified for a better reading experience.

What is quite interesting is his perspective on his dual persona. Tyson has so much to say about himself, which indeed is a good thing as he is a astounding person with rare qualities. He probably could have authored two autobiographies. The Real Michael Tyson and Iron Mike.
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on 17 December 2013
I like how he really wrote down about his life and gave out personal information that we could only have heard from him. I love those hood stories, it would be great if you (mike) throw out another book on those hood stories. Another great thing I liked about the book was the women stories, how easy it was for you to sleep with girls when you became famous. You care to tell us how many women have you slept with?

I think good readers shouldn't become judgmental about what mike did in the past, I just appreciate the fact that he brought out all these stories.

Write another book man, I am buying it.

By the way, my friends find it hard to believe when I tell them that you used to read books before you became famous haha.
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