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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 4 October 2014
Great thanks
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on 16 January 2015
Good read typical of the series, also enjoyed the bonus chapter immensely.
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on 1 March 2012
The Hollows series is probably my number 1 series if I really had to make a choice. I first discovered it by accident in the library some years ago. I didn't know anything about Kim Harrison or about The Hollows but I picked up Dead Witch Walking just because the cover looked cool and I was hooked immediately. If you have never read The Hollows before there may be spoilers for you in this review so be warned. But I beg you to please try this series it has everything you could possibly want, witches, demons, vampires, spells, love, friendship, laughter and sadness.

So after Pale Demon which was book 9 we know that our favourite itchy witch Rachel Mariana Morgan is now a Demon after Trent's dad genetically modified her blood when she was a child in order to save her life from the fatal Redwood Syndrome. We also know that Trent has given Rachel a bracelet with an Elven charm woven into it so that she cannot use her Demon magic and thus let her Demon mentor Al know that she is alive and well. We also know that the world has written Rachel off as dead and that is where the story begins with Rachel trying to get her driving license renewed. It is here that we meet three new characters Wayde who is Rachel's were bodyguard, Nina who is a living vamp working for the office where Rachel is trying to get her license and...well for now I will call him Mr O. Mr O is a very old dead vamp who is head of the IS and he channels himself through Nina in order to talk to Rachel. I knew this book was going to be fab as soon as Rachel meets Mr O. In my opinion I don't think there is anyone better at writing a scene for a vamp than Ms Harrison. The tension between Rachel and Mr O comes across so well that I was literally holding my breath reading it, nothing is rushed so the anticipation builds and builds, it is scenes like this that made me fall in love with The Hollows. Mr O informs Rachel about murders that are taking place that look like Demon activity and makes an offer that Rachel cannot refuse. Of course this means that Vampiric Charms aka Rachel, Ivy and Jenks are back on a case.

For me this was like an early Hollows book with Rachel, Ivy and Jenks on a run and I loved it. It was so nice not to have Pierce in the book nor spending lots of time in the ever after either. Al does make a couple of brief appearances but even though they are short they are well worth it. And what of Trent I hear those of you who read Pale Demon ask. Ahhh Trenton Aloysius Kalamack the rich powerful businessman elf, how my feelings about you have changed over the course of 10 books, from hate to not liking to having a crush to full on loving you. And how you have changed too but none more so than what we see in this book. Mmmm what can I say about Trent and Rachel.....well for me the story between them was spot on but I can see some people may not see my viewpoint but that is all I will say. We get to see a fair bit of Jenks and Ivy in this book and we are not allowed to forget Kisten either and just like Rachel I still miss him. This is right up there in this series for me I absolutely loved it and would like to give A Perfect Blood 5 stars.
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on 23 February 2012
Wow! What a fantastic read!

A PERFECT BLOOD has absolutely everything you have come to expect from a Hollows novel: humour, mystery, magic, romantic elements, danger, adventure, friendships and so much more.

A lot of series would be losing steam and momentum by their tenth book. Not so for The Hollows. Instead, it feels more like Kim is finally getting to have a bit of fun by letting some of the seeds she's been sewing come into fruition and it marks some exciting changes on the horizon, as well as some potentially sad and poignant ones.

The characters in this series are some of the most diverse and interesting I have ever come across. And any writer that can make me go from hating a character in one book, to having me jumping up and down in fangirl excitement every time he steps on the page in recent books, has my utmost respect. Yes, of course I am talking about the delectable, incorrigible, part-time businessman, part-time badass, all the time pain in the ass, Trenton Aloysius Kalamack. There is yet more development of his character in this book, as if the huge steps he made in the previous one, Pale Demon, weren't epic enough. This time we get to see Trent when he's relaxed, Trent when he's having fun, Trent when he's furious and many other Trent's that we haven't ever seen before because they were hidden underneath his professional façade of political bull****. I loved every single one of his scenes in this book and I'm so excited to see what else Ms. Harrison has up her sleeve for the elf you love to hate and hate to love.

The rest of the supporting characters were excellent too, of course. We saw all the usual faces and returned to many familiar settings which was nice after the departure we took in Pale Demon. Rachel is back in her church trying to lay low and take some much needed me time after the hell she went through four months ago. She's also got a new bodyguard- a Were named Wayde, whom I though was an okay addition to the cast, and who now lives in her belfry. We also saw quite a bit from David and, if anything, this is probably the character and relationship I understand the least. I think from what I've read on Kim Harrison's website, the werewolf angle was something she would have liked to have addressed in more detail, but decided against it when she plotted out the Demon/Elf/Witch story arc for the remaining books. So now David feels a bit surplus to requirements within the series. I was glad to see she got her werewolf tattoo sorted out, but it had a definite "tying up loose ends" feel to it.

Jenks has some great moments and one-liners as always. Still worshipping the almighty Tinkerbell in all of her red-thonged glory. There wasn't a great deal of Ivy and it's made clear that Rachel feels they might be drifting apart. I wish I could say that really, really bothers me, but to be brutally honest, their relationship has always seemed to have an unhealthy balance to me, so I'm glad Ivy is moving on a bit and isn't quite so focused on Rachel. That doesn't mean Rachel is happy about it, though. It's more like something that she has accepted as inevitable, but still finds very sad.

There were a few more new characters introduced as well but I shall leave them for you to discover yourself. They were very intriguing, though. As was the mystery plot. There was truly not a dull moment throughout.

There may be a slight upset for Al fans as he has very little screen time in comparison to others, but for me, again, this wasn't so much of a problem because I'm all about the elf.

All together, a wonderful addition to the series. Easily Pale Demon's equal and one I look forward to re-reading again next year while I wait impatiently for "Ever after" to come out in early 2013.
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on 6 March 2012
I get so excited when another Rachel Morgan book comes out. It feels like meeting up with old friends. I just slip straight back into their world. This ranks among my fave series along with The Black Dagger Brotherhood, Lords of the Underworld and Nalini Singh's Psy/Changeling books. All old friends.
I'm not going to review the story as so many have done that better than I can. I just wanted to say that if you've enjoyed the previous books, you'll love this, mainly for the moving relationship between Rachel and Trent. Good to see Al back to his demonic cheekiness too! If you haven't read any of this series start from the beginning Dead Witch Walking and keep going, this series is outstanding!
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In urban fantasy, human beings are usually the pathetic losers - we don't get any cool supernatural powers that witches, werewolves or vampires get, and we're usually depicted as ineffectual racists. At best, we're just oblivious.

Kim Harrison is among the few authors to tackle the subject with any real depth. "A Perfect Blood" is a smart, witty, fast-paced book where a small but clever cabal of humans humans are the enemy. While the plot gets a little bogged down in Rachel's woes as a new demon, the main plot is tense, taut, and genuinely scary at times.

Rachel is furiously treading water in the government bureaucracy when an old, powerful vampire (via a young one named Nina) offers her a deal -- if she helps solve a bizarre crime, he will arrange for her to be declared "alive" again.

But the crime is more than merely strange: a young man who was ritually murdered, and partly transformed into a hideous beast-man. Even worse, he's not the first. Rachel realizes that someone was trying to transform him into a demon. And the perpetrators seem to be HAPA (Humans Against Paranormals Association), a hate group that wants to destroy all Inderlanders, and is now using magic to do it.

And since Rachel's demon blood makes her a huge blinking target, she begins worrying about the people she cares for -- and what will happen if she finally removes the elven bracelet. But soon she begins to realize that has members hidden in the IS and/or FIB -- and everyone around her might have their own agenda. To keep herself and her friends safe, she might have to trust

I honestly have developed a leetle pet peeve at how humans are depicted in urban fantasy -- usually it's as frothing racists who have no chance against the overpowered supernaturals, but for some reason they're able to oppress the poor Metaphorical Minorities. Ugh.

"A Perfect Blood" is one of the few that DOESN'T annoy me. It's tightly written, burning with dark intensity and filled with taut action scenes and some genuinely scary foes. The scariness of HAPA is not just that they're fanatics using magic, but that they're SMART. And, well, that the authorities don't want to acknowledge that they exist.

With such an intense plot, Kim Harrison spends a lot of time weaving dark plot threads and spidery twists into the story. But she also includes some of her trademark wit and humor (Jenks' stormy love life with Belle) and some touching moments (Rachel has Kisten's pool table refelted), and some genuinely suspenseful mysteries (who is Felix?). The one downside is that for some chapters, the HAPA crisis gets shoved on the back burner so Trent and Rachel can deal with her demon problems.

Rachel spends most of this book being crippled by her fears and her denial of her new demon nature -- and she won't be able to trounce HAPA unless she overcomes them both. And her relationship with Trent is growing by leaps and bounds. While she still doesn't fully trust him, Rachel is starting to see that the stately elf is not the monster she once thought he was, and that he might feel more than friendship for her. It's actually rather cute, in a Lizzie-and-Darcy way.

"A Perfect Blood" isn't quite perfect, but it's close enough to be one of the best books in Kim Harrison's series yet. It's dark and intense, but threaded liberally with humor and a tinge of romance.
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on 29 March 2012
Rachel Morgan is back - witch turned dead turned demon, trying to prove she's alive enough to have a driving license is tricking enough. So trying to get the FIB and the IS to work together on a set of serial killer murders is pretty much impossible. Throw into the mix some political plotting, a Were bodyguard who won't go away, possessive dead vampires throwing their weight around and an elf with trust issues and you've got one hell of a book.

Rachel starts this book in need of a legal life - she just wants her car registered. So helping out the IS (paranormal police) should be a simple case of one good turn deserves another, but once she realizes that everyone is out to frame her for murder if this goes wrong she contacts Detective Glenn from FIB (human police) and tries to convince everyone to work together. The serial killers are trying to turn witches into demons and Rachel's blood is the perfect part of the cocktail they're making. She has to do some fast thinking to keep herself alive, including revealing to Demon Al that she is still alive, trying to figure out what the hell is happening between her and Trent and can she trust the magic that he offers her.

Harrison's series has gone from strength to strength. Unlike a lot of fantasy series that are out there her characters continue to develop, the plot moves forward with each book - semi cliff hangers keep you waiting just long enough for the next one. Stick with Rachel Morgan -she's a demon who has far to go.
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on 18 August 2012
I have been a fan of The Hallows since book one, the series as a whole is extremely well written with an enticing plot and brilliant characters. A perfect Blood does most certainly not disappoint. This latest novel sees Rachel begin to deal with what comes after declaring yourself a demon to the entire supernatural community and having to live with the consequences for doing nothing more than embracing her true nature.

What I love about these books is that, as with any good series the novel adds to the overall narative arc whilst holding its own at the same time. In A Perfect Blood not only does Harrison do this excellently but she also lets the reader deeper into the universe and the characters that we have all come to know. We find things out about them that we didn't expect and she again has excellently woven these elements into the character as a whole, it lets us see why perhaps they behave the way they do and look back on past events with a different perspective.

This book is fast paced, humorous, and even dark and sad at times, she takes the reader on an emotional rollercoaster and I urge any fans of the hallows to pick this up ASAP. Brilliant.
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on 26 March 2012
Once more Kim Harrison has produced a book that once taken up is almost impossible to put down. Her imagination at producing these latest interweaving strands in Rachel Morgan's life is breath-taking. References to her earlier works in this volume are however minimal and so I strongly recommend that new readers of this saga begin with one of the first few parts to get familiar with her earlier life; but it is "stand alone" as a tale and makes the reader want more, more!
In my humble opinion she stands out as a "major player" in the current fantasy scene and no doubt will continue to do so for many more episodes. A fantastic read!
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on 18 March 2013
A Perfect Blood is the tenth book in Kim Harrison’s The Hollows series, and it continues the story of Rachel Morgan, a witch who recently discovered that she’s actually a demon. The Hollows is one of my favourite urban fantasy series, and I have been waiting a while to get my hands on a copy of this book.

I really enjoyed reading this book. It has been a while since I have read any of the books in The Hollows series, but I just picked up A Perfect Blood and fell straight into the world and the story. With The Hollows series Harrison has created a really vibrant world. I really enjoy Rachel Morgan as both the narrator of the story and as the main character. Sure she makes really stupid choices at times, but she tries her best. And boy does she try in A Perfect Blood.

The plot of A Perfect Blood is pretty much what you would expect from any of the books in The Hollows series. Rachel, Ivy, and Jenks team together to solve a rather tricky case. The case in A Perfect Blood is the most tricky case the team have tackled yet, and I have to say the fallout from the case will be interesting to watch in future books. I get the feeling that in A Perfect Blood Harrison has started the “endgame” of the series. There are certainly a few threads left dangling tantalizingly by Harrison at the end of the book, though there isn’t the feeling of a cliffhanger.

The Rachel in A Perfect Blood is a really interesting character. She has grown a lot as a person since the first book in the series, and that is really obvious is the book; she is a lot more self-aware, and aware of those around her who she cares about. This Rachel is at times the most vulnerable and the strongest that I have read in the series so far. I really enjoyed watching her progression in this book. It was nice to see her relationship with Ivy and Jenks in full force in this book. I also loved her interactions with Trent. They were so…them.

If you are a fan of urban fantasy and you have not read this series yet, then you should! A Perfect Blood is a great addition to The Hollows series. I cannot wait to get my hands on book eleven – Ever After!!

Originally posted on TheFlutterbyRoom.com
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