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Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 11 December 2014
Hopefully this review will be useful to someone as I thought it might be worthwhile comparing this course to Michel Thomas' 'Total German' set of CDs also available on Amazon.

If you're like me with no German knowledge and looking to learn the basics quickly these are both sets of 10 (or 12) CDs that are designed to get you up and running (or at least walking) in a reasonably quick time. Both these sets cost about £50 and are based on the student friendly idea that learning shouldn't be painful or forced, but given logical a logical structure and interactive methodology you can pick up the verbal language reasonably quickly.

One of the main differences is that the Michel Thomas approach is set in a 'classroom' where the teacher talks through concepts with the students and listens to their efforts, as you're likely to repeat listening to the CDs often this can get tedious. With Paul Nobel approach the fourth wall is broken and he talks to you directly, the German speaking is done by a German 'actor', this actually makes for a greater clarity and more confidence that the accent is correct. One issue though is that MT clearly states the pronunciation or each word, how it is built up, shape of mouth and tongue when saying it and often what English words sound like it, with PN you have to listen very carefully to pick up the correct working and can be confused between 'b' and 'v's etc. For example how exactly you say I 'ich' (is it 'ick' 'ish' icksh' etc.) is covered much more clearly with MT.

One of the big issues I have with MT though is that an awful lot of material is covered very quickly, this means for a slow person like me, lots of repeats of the CDs. WIth PN you're taken at a much lower pace, basics are covered well and longer more complicated sentences built at a good speed. Overall this means that there is is less content in the PN course overall, but you are taken at a better pace, and I certainly had more confidence with it.

Also PN goes through numbers, letters etc. in the last CDs in a learning-by-rote way. This is actually very useful and backs up the earlier leaning.

Overall, IMHO both courses are excellent and worth the money (especially if you shop around). I would say the Paul Nobel course is much better for a complete newbie or someone who'd like a language refresh, Michel Thomas is great for more complicated German. My advice would be to start with Paul Nobel, and once mastered move on to Michel Thomas.

Hope that helps! :)
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on 12 September 2013
I studied German at School many years ago and only managed to scrape a D Grade at GCSE. I wanted to re-learn some German whilst I was driving and out walking. I found the method very good and I have learnt some German phrases I did not learn in 5 years of studying at School.

I think this would make an excellent purchase for a child who may be learning German when they progress to Secondary School. This course would give them an enormous advantage in speaking German when they first start their German classes.
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on 10 November 2014
This is my 4th language course from Paul Noble. One of my big regrets in life is that I did not study a foreign language to O Grade (in Scotland at that time). So a few years ago I decided to change that. Now, I try to learn the language when I have an opportunity to visit that country. And Paul noble's courses let me get that grounding like no other CD I have tried. I wish he had more languages since this is the final one! (that I know of). The methodology he uses really does give you a change to let the words and grammer sink in. I do most of my listening in the car, sometimes I may have to listen to a track or CD twice, but I get it eventually. Excellent series of CDs, well worth it.
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on 9 August 2013
This CD course makes it easier to learn German and is the only course so far that has helped me to progress. You will definitely progress more in 12 hours listening to the CDs than trying to learn through other self help courses and weeks of expensive classes.
I divided my learning sessions into 30 minutes per day. Paul Noble repeats the words and sentences (many times) and has a German speaker repeating the words as well. I found the repeated words and sentences just naturally sank into my memory, but I actively had to speak and think during the course. Try and relax as much as possible while listening to the CDs and it will work for you. There are plenty pauses or silent sections to give you a chance to pronounce the words and to think out the sentences (which is what you will have to do in real life in any case). This course gives you the knowledge to build German sentences and holiday related sentences are also included. You won't be fluent in German after completing the CDs, but you will be able to speak with confidence. Future and past tense are also covered. I wish the Paul Noble Institute can design a further vocabulary course to supplement this course. I am more of a visual learner, so I didn't initially think this course was going to work for me and I was very sceptical initially, but I was incredibly surprised on how well it worked. I highly recommend this course!
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on 20 August 2014
Fantastic, excellent, brilliant & every other word you can think of to say this is a fantastic course. I learnt so much in hjust a few weeks. There are two things that I found disappointing: 1. the DVD is not for learning German, it's the story of how Paul Noble came up with this interesting way of teaching & 2. there is no foloow-up/advanced course. If he produced an advanced course with tips on how to get involved with any German Societies in the UK, that would be fantastic.
I recommend this purchase or any other languages that Paul Noble is involved with.
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on 24 May 2013
Well packed - well presented and promptly delivered. I've found this system of learning very easy to follow and very easy to listen to. Would highly recommend this product.
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on 1 January 2014
I first came across this method with the French language box set and went on to buy both the German and Italian sets. I can't recommend them highly enough. For me the pace is perfect, the discreet repetition is most effective and Paul has a very soothing voice, very well suited to teaching. I'd highly recommend the series.
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on 19 March 2014
I've just completed this course and initially I was impressed by how easily I was picking up the concepts it teaches but I've come to realize how little the course actually covers, by the end I started to notice just how often you're repeating the same few very basic phrases without introducing new vocabulary. Towards the end he starts to introduce some more complex concepts (EInem, EIner . . .) but he soon moves on back to the easy content he covered back on the first disk and never really comes back to the newer concepts, it even got to the point where I was skipping over chapters to avoid getting bored of it.

For what it does teach it's very effective and Paul's voice is very soothing but it really needs expanding to be worth the price tag.
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on 6 May 2014
This is a fantastic introduction to the German Language. I have used quite a few 'teach yourself' courses over the years for Spanish and French and found this format to be by far the most useful. Sentence structure is introduced gradually and then after practising with different verb and adjective combinations a practice scenario is used, usually in an everyday setting. The only problem is now that I have finished the course I want to progress further with the Paul Noble series and this is the only level available. Very much recommend this to anyone looking to start learning German.
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on 30 October 2012
It's a good course, but still need to be refined and avoid to repeat all the time some words like "baby" (after the 50th time you hear that word across several lessons you start to hate it). There are many possibilities to present the neutral article "das" besides with the "baby" word!. Here you will learn very few words, but smartly combined to grab the basic structure of sentences and tenses plus the right pronunciation, and these tips, if one pursue this course after having some experience with another beginner's course will provide the framework to be able to continue with more advanced courses.
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