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Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 11 September 2012
What I could read of this book is great.
Unfortunately, someone screwed up on the Kindle formatting as once you get to about 60% of the book, the book just repeats itself, so most of the second half is missing.
Hope this gets sorted soon.

Ammended Review:
All problems sorted now, just delete the book then redownload.
Bloody good book. Nicely set up for the next book.
Stark & Saint James at their level best.
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on 8 July 2013
Devil Said Bang takes place exactly 100 days after the end of Aloha From Hell and once again Kadrey is at the top of the writing game. With great characters that continue to evolve, unbelievable twists and turns and a fabulous gripping storyline with the expected gory narrative, you will be gasping for the next instalment in the Sandman Slim series. The book starts with Stark settling in as the new Lucifer, but he doesn't have the Key to Thirteen Doors so he cannot escape Hell and head back to LA. when his underlings try to assassinate him, he managed to find a missing piece of Lucifer's armour that allows him to visualise himself out of Hell. This is just the opportunity he's been waiting for, do he decides to leave the operational running of Hell to Semyezah (the hellion general he saved from Tartarus) and hotfoots it back to LA only to discover everyone he cared about has moved on assuming he'd passed away. Furthermore, the very fabric of the universe is changing and ghosts, dream weavers and people are being killed by a murderous child ghost. Aelita once again makes an appearance and Stark is fighting to save himself and the universe from imploding. Fortunately, he gets to merge back with Saint James, has the Key to Thirteen Doors returned and also abdicates the Hellish thrown of Lucifer. What can possibly go wrong in the next book? I can't wait to read it.
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on 26 May 2014
Well I just can't get enough of Sandman Slim. Cynical, foul-mouthed, paranoid little Prince of Darkness that he is. One book rolls steadily into the other. I won't give any of the plot away, as it seems a shame to spoil it, but the series continues to go from strength to strength. If you've read the others, then you'll have to read this. If you haven't read the others, then what are you waiting for??? These are one of the few books that I pay full price for on my Kindle - I usually wait until they've reduced a little, but Kadrey just makes it impossible to wait any longer than the time it takes to download the next volume. Great stuff.
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on 2 March 2015
As with the previous books, Richard Kadrey did not disappoint! Have love the series from first to last. A generous dollop of humour mixed in with the supernatural, and a sprinkle of horror thrown in.
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on 14 September 2013
The books are getting better and better
With the old gods wanting to say 'remember us', the denizens of hell getting uppity, and killer ghost children it's a pretty strange and great ride.
The ending is a bit of a squib but it perks up and a great Munnin bit.
5 Stars as it rocks, its very easy to read, with ideas flowing freely and many ass kicking are had.
Loving the various LA's too
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on 8 March 2013
Read the first 3 books before this one, although it does a good review of the salient parts of the previous books you'll get a lot more out of it if you read them first as this is definately a continuation and does not really stand alone. This is a very, very good book, but its the least of the four so far written.

Sandman Slim's stuck in Hell. His angel side's left him in Hell and returned to earth to do who knows what damage to Starks reputation up there. To make matter's worse he's become the new Lucifer, not a job he wants, and of course everyone still wants to kill him. Its just they're all bigger scarier and nastier would be murderers in Hell. Oh and Hell's a mess after Lucifer abandoned it and Mason ran it into the ground gearing up for his war on Heaven. So Stark's got some rebuilding to do. In order to do that he has to learn Hell's politics, which he's not happy about. As Stark comment's,

"I can't believe I'm learning how politics and court intrigue work. I feel a little dirty. I miss punching people. "

Stark has some new toys, Lucifers armour which makes it almost impossible to kill him, a magic 8 Ball weapon that kills in intriguing ways before returning to him and steam punk hellhounds. But all Stark wants to do is get back to earth, get back his girl Candy, and get revenge on his angel half who abandoned him in Hell. Only as ever its not that simple for Stark.

The first part of the book's slow in comparison to the other three books in the series, but still retains enough action to keep you reading, but its when he returns to earth that the story picks up the tempo.

He return's to earth to find his girl's got a new love in her life, Aelita the homicidal angel still wants to actively kill him, oh and God as she thinks he's lost the plot, and a Ghost is on a murderous rampage that could end the world and the universe. And of course being the new Lucifer people want to kill him, plus being Sandman Slim, people want to kill him, so its business as usual.

As we've come to expect there's a lot of dark humour, over the top violence, plot twists, and action action action. The writing is excellent. Okay it lacks deep character exposes, but then I'm not a fan of those any way. You learn enough about the characters to drive the story, and the action keeps you turning the pages in mesmerising spell bound wonder.
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on 9 November 2012
This review only concerns the Kindle formatting of the book - not the book itself. Their are still major problems with the Kindle edition. It renders on your Kindle with no chapter breaks at all, it's just one long stream of consciousness. This is fine up to a point but then even the paragraph breaks seem to peter out and it's just one long unending block of text right up until your Kindle reports 94 per cent read - then, for the first time what seems to be a chapter break occurs!

Page over and continue reading and it's obvious that there's a big chunk of missing text. I won't go into detail as it would be a real spoiler but suffice it to say that one second the central character discovers someone close to him is in peril and then suddenly the story rambles on with the crisis obviously having been resolved without another mention! I was in Waterstones the other day, checked the paper book on the shelf and sure enough there is a huge chunk of missing text...

I emailed Amazon with zero response. Other, older reviews suggested the issue had been sorted out (they also mention big chunks of repetition) so I did as they suggested, deleted my copy off my kindle and downloaded it again (you don't get charged a second time) but the issue remains exactly the same!

Come on Amazon, use your influence with the publishers and get this sorted out. Happens all too often with Kindle downloads. Lazy, lazy conversions from the printed page! Kindle users are not second class customers!
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on 12 August 2014
Stark, still tucked away in Pandemonium in his role as Lucifer, finds himself totally bored with admin work, dealing with Hellions and trying to sort out the chaos that is Hell so he is almost relieved when he’s on the receiving end of assassination attempts. At least it livens things up a bit and he can forget about court politics. Hell is just a lot of administration and red tape with infighting thrown into the mix.

After telling Candy when he left he would only be a few days but has now actually been stuck in Hell for months, Stark is absolutely ready to go home. And, of course, when he gets there via Hellion Hawg, LA is in big trouble. Reality has taken a nose dive and a killer ghost along with Aelita are causing havoc while the Dreamers are doing their best to hold reality together. Stark and St James have parted company so Stark no longer has the key to the room of thirteen doors but he returns from Hell in Lucifer’s armour and with a new and fascinating weapon.

More at
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on 28 June 2013
Fantastic series of books!

Start with Sandman Slim and never look back, heaven, hell and a crumbling LA take your pick, not that there is much difference in this classic gritty gung ho in your face action packed horror fest with one of the best anti heroes to grace the pages of a book.

All Hail Sandman Slim.
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on 7 April 2013
The premise of this episode is so ridiculous it's genius. Without spoiling, we find our hero starting the episode back in Hell and as before trying to get the hell outta there. Only this time there's a delicious twist. The violence gets even more extreme as the story unfolds but the dialogue just keeps getting funnier. I laughed a lot and was even forced to read out bits to annoyed OH, who wanted to know what all the fuss was about. As usual there's an apocalypse for LA almost upon them and it's up to Stark to stop it. This time he does get some help from an unlikely friend. I can't imagine where the next book would go since it's hard to imagine anything more outrageous than this one. Highly recommended.
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