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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 25 September 2012
It's amazing! Suddenly, a group of children who previously had no real interest in books or in reading are hooked!

2/3 of my class are now reading David Walliams books; and nearly half of them are reading this title. They cannot put this book down! Laughter and giggles permeate through the classroom during Individual Reading sessions. I walk into the room to take the register at the beginning of the day to silence ... everyone's nose is in a book! Sections are shared; small portions are read aloud - the addiction is passed from one child to another! They have even infected me! I just had to read it to see what it was that was keeping them all so engrossed!

Plot Summary (without spoilers!)
Zoe is 11 and has just started 'big school', where she is bullied horrendously for 3 reasons: - she is terribly poor; she has red hair and she is short for her size. Her father is an redundant ice-cream maker; and her mother is dead. Her stepmother is vile! She is totally obese and eats nothing other than prawn cocktail flavour crisps! One day, Zoe is devastated to find that Gingernut, the pet hamster that she had been training was dead. What can she do? They cannot afford a replacement and, even if they could, her stepmother is very anti-rodents; then Zoe finds a baby rat in her bedroom and her adventures begin!

Whilst the humour is quite 'wicked' in places, it is no more so than many of Roald Dahl's titles (particularly George's Marvellous Medicine, The Witches and The Twits.)

Overall, I have to say: - Thank you, David Walliams - you have inspired a group of reluctant readers to absorb themselves in books. Long may it continue!

Highly recommended for 8 to 12 year olds with a wicked sense of humour!
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on 8 December 2012
Rat burger is hilariously funny i couldent stop laughing.i loved every single bit of it.Zoe is the main character in the story. She lives with dad, a dad, Shila, lazy and wicked stepmum, Gingernut, a dead hampster and Armitage,alive rat and they all live in a crumbling block of flats on the edge of the town. It is a great story for 9-14 but i would not recamend it for 8 year olds. There is a few people that made that story so like it is, they are David Walliams and Tony Ross for a great story and lovley illastrations,
Thank You so much and please say if this is helpful!
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on 9 October 2012
This book is probably the best book I have ever read, the book gives you a mix of feelings, they are very good books for children 8+, I hope you like this review and look out for it, thank you.
Thomas,9 years old
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on 23 September 2012
I read this with my 8 year old son over the weekend and we were both hooked after the first page. As with all David Walliams books, the characters are funny and make you want to read more and more, this one is probably my second favourite of his books, after Gangsta Granny.
The illustrations are also great and really add to the story, the cover looks gorgeous too.
I hope David Walliams keeps writing, I think his books are some of the best childrens books since Roald Dahl.
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on 1 December 2012
My wife and I bought this book for our grandson who is a fan of the David Walliams books. He loves to play his xbox but as soon as he received the Ratburger he sat and read it cover to cover totally engrossed in the book and said it was the best ever.
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on 30 January 2013
I would recommend this book to people who like a good chunk of adventure and danger. However, you have to be prepared for some putrid and gory details; on the other hand it was extremely interesting.
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on 14 November 2012
I like this book it is very exiting!Infact I didnt like it I loved it!I love when Zoe and Tina become buddies!Thanks for reading my reveiw!
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Walliams isn't printed in the U.S.. I posted this on the U.S. Amazon site to encourage interest and post it here just to remind you lucky readers what great choices you have in kid lit:

David Walliams is the biggest thing going right now in British kid books. He has a half dozen hits circulating through every children's library in the Kingdom. The books haven't yet been published in the United States and it used to be that you had to buy them from Now there are a lot of new and used copies around. Almost all of them ship from the U.K., but the shipping charges are modest enough that, if you're willing to tolerate the delay in international shipping, they are reasonably available.

And it really is worth it to give a Walliams book a try. In the spirit of Roald Dahl and a few other contemporary kid book writers, these books have an undercurrent of bracing and macabre dark humor. (With titles like "Demon Dentist", "Gangsta Granny", and "Awful Auntie", you are forewarned.) It has become clear to me that readers in the U.K. are quite happy to expose their kids to darker and more ironic offerings than American kids may be used to. But of course kids have a much greater tolerance for dark humor than we tend to give them credit for, and the Walliams books have certainly been well received by the grandkids I've experimented on.

This book, (his fifth), is classic Walliams. Creepy adults are engaged in creepy misdemeanors and gimlet eyed, resourceful and plucky kids have to uncover the shenanigans and save the day. With a horrible stepmom, a terrible bully, and a downright evil burger chef with eyes for pet rats, our heroine Zoe has her work cut out for her. But Zoe is smart and no nonsense, and nobody can have her pet rat.

The book alternates among funny set pieces, quiet and touching bits, action, adventure, sad bits, gore, and comedy wickedness, all presented with a deadpan delivery and a twinkle in the eye. How can that not be a good and refreshing change of pace for a young reader?

Please note that I bought this book on I have no connection at all to either the author or the publisher of the work.
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on 25 October 2012
I am a grown up, at least that's what people tell me. But I still like eating chicken nuggets, playing my Nintendo 3DS and throwing a secret strop when I don't win at boardgames. When I saw this book in WH Smith I couldn't help but take a peek and was hooked. I don't have any children so I didn't have an "excuse" to buy it but it was so hilarious I couldn't resist. It was a nice change from literary books that are hard work. In many ways this book was better than many of the Booker prize winners that I've read because it wasn't "hard work" or used long words that I pretended I understood and it made me laugh and smile and all things good. It took me back to the 10 year old who read things like Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, Tracy Beaker and My Naughty Little Sister. Someone who read books that were fun and enjoyable and feel good. So, I am not ashamed. I am a grown up and I like it and I will be buying it as a present too. I got it not because I am a teacher or a parent who wants to read it to their child, I got it because it was a good book and it was funny and I like it. SO NAH NAH NAH NAH NAH to you ;p
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on 21 March 2013
I loved this book!!! I read it in 2 days non stop as it was so fab!!

It's about a little girl who lives with her dad and her step mother who is opsested with prawn cocktail crisps! The little girls hamster suddenly dies and you'll find out who at the end of the book. But a few weeks later she finds an adorable rodent but as soon as people find out there's trouble!!! Theres a girl who is a big bully and bullies the little girl but at the end of the book they become BFFS!!!................

At the end of the book it gets a bit odd ( 2 bad people get turned into a burger!!) So may be a bit unsuitable for under 7.

I'm 11 and I loved this book and all David's other fab books like:

Gangsta granny,Gangsta Granny - Link for book
Billionaire boy!Billionaire Boy- Link for book
The boy in the dress!The Boy in the Dress- Link for book
And Mr stink!Mr Stink- Link for book

But I think this one is the best so far!!!!!!

I would recommend this to any one who loves a fun , weird , hilarious book!!!
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