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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 2 March 2016
Back in November 2014 I purchased this book after a work colleague recommended it. She'd read the book, bought the juicer & some supplements but hadn't got any further. Up until this time I hadn't heard of Jason Vale, so just out of curiosity I ordered the book.

At the time I was on medication for a severely under active thyroid. I had aches, pains and found it impossible to loose any weight so I thought any things worth a try. I started reading the book & just couldn't put it down!! I finished it within a day & was so fired up to try this lifestyle change that I immediately ordered myself a juicer, blended & all the fruits and veggies I'd need for the first few days.

If you've never read Jason's books before, his style of writing is very quick & easy to follow - maybe a bit basic for some, but his message about what we put in our bodies & the way it makes us feel really hit home with me.

I embarked on the 7 day diet with excitement. I was 43, almost 11 stone (I'm only 5' 2"), looked tired & puffy, ached a lot and had just enough energy to get me through the day.
Most of the smoothies are delicious - some of the juices are an squired taste... I have to say, I discovered I really don't like raw beetroot in any of the juices so I skip that ingredient. Other than that it's a really tasty diet!!

I didn't have any withdrawal symptoms at all, felt pretty normal the first 2 days. But on day 3... WOW!!! It was almost like I woke up in a different body. My eyes opened to the sound of the alarm & instead of dragging myself out of bed it was like there was a light bulb of energy bursting through my body. My stomach had melted away in my sleep & I could see myself slimming down before my eyes!

This amazing surge of energy lasted all day, every day. I slept much better every night too. I was in a much better mood, my skin appeared fresher & all the puffiness in my face disappeared.My body continued to visibly slim every day...but I resisted weighing myself until the 7 days were completed.
I managed to loose 7lbs in 7 days without ever feeling hungry - in fact I missed a couple of juices as I didn't feel I needed them.

As my results were so good, I decided to follow on with Jason's 14 day Supercharge plan... I continued loosing weight and feeling great.
In fact when I had my routine blood test a month or so later my doctor called me into the surgery to say my thyroid had decided to start working again so my medication was reduced.

This firmly reiterated to me that I was doing the right thing, and pretty much from that day on I have eaten only whole healthy foods, with lots of juices, smoothies & soups thrown in.

Over three months I lost 3 stone and got back into my size 6-8 clothes (pretty good going for a 44 year old mother of 5!).

I am writing this review a year after my initial weight loss and can happily say that the weigh has stayed off... I'm still a size 6-8 and am now completely off medication for my thyroid (which I 100% credit to my change of diet - thank you Jason Vale!)

My review doesn't end there though...
My sister witnessed my transformation & joined in loosing just over a stone (she didn't have that much to loose)
My brother in law (who was very over weight lost 47lbs starting off with the 7 day plan & finding he only wanted to eat healthy food after that)

As for my husband - he watched myself & family members regain our health and figures but was adamant that he couldn't & wouldn't do it. He couldn't live without 'food', even though I explained to him that it's 'food' that makes the smoothies... You just drink it instead of eating it!
He even refused to try any of my juices & smoothies - would turn his nose up at the look & smell with a disgusted look on his face...
That was until I ordered a new slow press juicer (from Jason's website) & in the box was Jason's 28 day Superjuice Me documentary (I can't recommend this documentary enough... It explains the reasons why you should give your system a break soooooo well).
After watching the documentary he said he wouldn't mind trying a 7 day juice plan, so I dusted off my copy of this book & bought the fruit/veg before he had chance to change his mind!!

He needs to loose around 3 stone (maybe 4), suffers with aching knees & ezcema, mood swings & lack of energy.
Day 1-4 for him was awful. He didn't feel hungry but had what I can only describe as severe man flu. I think this was mainly down to caffeine withdrawal. Still, he stuck at it and actually really enjoyed all the smoothies & juices (apart from any containing raw beetroot, which I was happy to drop as I don't like it either). By day 5 his skin was amazing, the ezcema was clearing up & his energy levels started increasing.

This transformation continued and by day 7 he'd lost an amazing 14lbs and 15" off his body measurements!!!

The first thing he said to me was he wanted to do another week!!!

So... Week 2... Energy levels increased, mood swings disappeared, skin condition continued to improve and knees stopped aching! He lost a further 6lbs and wanted to do another week!!

Week 3 we changed it up a little - smoothie for breakfast, homemade soup for lunch, juice mid afternoon & smoothie for tea. He lost a further 2 lbs and wanted to continue...

Week for we changed it again - smoothie for breakfast, homemade soup for lunch, juice mid afternoon & a healthy vegetarian tea. He lost a further 7lbs and 3"!!

So in total, in just 4 weeks he's lost 2st 1lb and 18" off his body.

He's now happy to continue this way - it's not a diet, it's a lifestyle. He is now happy to try any veggies I put in front of him and actually likes foods he previously hated. It really has changed his lifestyle.

I will try & update his progress over the coming weeks/months - it does work for the long term as I have proven, but hopefully reading about my husbands journey may also help a few people too.

UPDATE: Husbands 7 week weigh in - total loss so far = 2st 10lbs 😊
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on 9 April 2012
Right. I am a 50 year old man, not massively overweight, naturally stocky, do irregular exercise, and eat all the usual stuff, from McDonalds and pizza to veggies and fruit and cereal. I have never done a "diet" in my life, because none of them looked vaguely appealing and I knew I would not stick to them. The closest I got was the Dukan for a week. Just got bored and didn't get the results promised.....but a friend of mine lost a LOT of weight by Juice Feasting, which, for me, looked too veggie based and extreme. So, inspired by him, I did my research and decided to do this.
It is well written (some find Jason too informal, I like it), informative and just common sense, in that "why on earth hadn't I thought of it like that?" way!! Did the program, religiously, although I did NO specific exercise as suggested, and I didn't drink any hot drinks in the morning, just water from the tap.
After 3 days I had lost 7lbs!! Could NOT believe it! After 7 days I had lost 10 lbs. I felt fresher, more awake, rarely hungry, LOVED the juices except for one which was OK, and have now gone on to the 14 day plan Turbo charge Your Life, though not so religiously. Got the app too which is brilliant value.
I did have severe headaches on day 2, as predicted, but given the amount of Diet Coke I was downing beforehand I am not surprised. But I will not be going back to chucking all the same unhealthy stuff down my throat that I have for ever, as I have been inspired by this book and Jason Vale to take more care. And I haven't had a Diet Coke or a Mcdonalds for three weeks.
If you stick to it, you WILL be thrilled with how you look and feel, I am sure!
Some people have bemoaned the cost of doing it.....well, all I can say is this; Aldi sells all these fruits at a much lower cost than Tesco or Sainsbury, as indeed do the markets. Most of all, remember this is ALL you are going to spend on food and drink all week, so a bill of £30-40 for a week seems not expensive to me.
I just thought that it might be useful for someone, like me, who is a bit older and doesn't DO diets, to read that it is pleasurable and DOES do what it says on the tin!!
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on 15 February 2016
This will change your whole outlook on the impact of food on your health!! I think nutrition is overlooked these days and there is a lot of focus on 'medicines'.... Getting the right nutrients from a plant based diet is what humans are built to receive. I did a lot of research around this before I tried it as I didn't want to be doing more damage than good. Having done the research and buying a juicer, blender and book I was good to go.

I'm not gonna lie it took me a few goes before I actually managed to go a day just juicing. But reading the book helped keep my motivation and eventually I was in the right frame of mind to do it!! My energy levels went through the roof, the weight dropped off (12lbs in 7 days, and a further 7 lbs following the turbo-charge your life book). I felt amazing, it's been 10 months since I juiced for a week and I've been getting caught up in the junk food world again but only just starting to put weight on again. I'm going to use the 7lbs in 7 days book again as a reboot to get back into a healthy way of living.

Don't enter into this if you are not in the right frame of mind... It's hard anyway but will be near impossible if you're not in the frame of mind.

Good luck.
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on 3 March 2016
I had heard about this diet from a friend of mine and he had lost a phenominal amount of weight in a very short time ( 2 weeks).
I immediately went to Amazon to by the book and as instructed read it thoroughly from start to finish in 2 days, this is key!!!
week 1 , no flannel it was tough but everytime I felt like quitting, parts of Jason Vales book would pop into my head and steer me on the right path.
On Day 8, I weighed myself, i thought I may have dropped about 7LB but nearly choked on my juice!!!! I had lost a whopping 19LB, After weighing and re weighing again and again, it was true not only that but had lost up to 9cm around my ribs! 7 on my waist etc.
The next week, I then carried on with introducing a few bits of chewable food and after week 3 had lost another 6LB! total 25LB's.
I would definately recommend this book to anyone who needs to reboot their digestive system and it proved my point, after years of trying to convince doctors that I didn't just sit around eating all the pies, there was something else going on,
Jason Vale has been there, done it and now written several books, it is the best diet I have ever done and personally to lose the odd 2lb's here and and 1lb there wasn't encouraging enough to make me stay on a diet for the long haul, by losing this weight and so quickly, I have now completely kick started my new life.
I am not kidding myself, I know it is a life long change but I am now happy that I have found at last after all the tears, anger, hopelessness and many diets i have tried, that this is the one that works for me!
Get it , you won't regret it but READ IT COMPLETELY before you begin, that is so important.
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on 5 June 2006
If you have read Jason Vales books before, then you will know that this guys approach to writing is very casual. It's also very easy to read and surprisingly more(ish)! The first half of the book is designed to make you understand why you are juicing, why it works and why it's good for you and tries to cover just about every scenario that you're likely to use to stop yourself completing the juice week.

All that said, I felt really apprehensive about starting this diet and not eating for a week, but I couldn't have been more wrong!! The lack of food is just psychological; this plan is just about not using your teeth for a week! In fact I had more meals more regularly than I do normally. I never at any point felt hungry because the juices definitely make a meal. Some of the juices are nicer than others (as you would expect) but some juices you would think are terrible because they are full of greens, surprising turned out to be my favourites. I felt so happy with the plan, at the end of the week I could happily have carried on.

To give myself the best opportunity to succeed I tried to make things as easy as possible. I followed the plan pretty much to the letter and I made up a simple wallchart for the kitchen, although I think JuiceMaster sell these now. This really made it much easier to follow. The fruit and veg for a week cost me about £45, which is less than I would normally spend on food.

The book does exactly (if not more) what it says it does! Here's the big one, I lost 12lbs in a week and I've kept it off! I feel more energetic and much better for it. It's definitely a book that got me back into juicing. I think the book is geared more towards people who are new to juicing but if you have fallen off the juicing wagon this book is just as good for you! Get it, you'll have a much better summer after reading/doing the juicing plan!
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on 9 August 2016
I have just completed the 7 days. The book is easy to read and whilst I would definitely advise that it is read completely before you embark, I found it a bit repetitive and waffly in places. That being said, it is crucial to read it to get into the right mindset.

On to the plan: ok, firstly I would disregard the advice that you weigh yourself the night before you start and then first thing in the morning of day 8. My body can fluctuate by 4-6lbs easily during the day so I would say it would give an inaccurate impression of your weight and the overall loss (especially if like me you have an enormous banquet for a 'last supper' the night before!). I weighed first thing in the morning (before eating or drinking) on day 1 and again on day 8.

I found that the juices were really tasty. I have a sweet tooth and the apple and / or pineapple based to them catered to my taste.

Day 1: I had no hunger but an absolute killer headache from mid afternoon until the next morning!!
Day 2: no hunger but a mild headache for a couple of hours mid afternoon.
Day 3 onwards, no side effects at all except I found as the week went on I became ravenous between juices. This diet is supposed to slow the metabolism but mine (which is normally snail speed) seems to pick up big time! It took a tremendous amount of willpower towards the end but I could visibly see my stomach deflating and I was feeling brill. After 3 days my bleeding gums which I have had for 5 years stopped completely!

I weighed myself on the morning of day 8 (the day after completing the programme) and I had lost 12lbs!!! I am 36, 5'6" and started this at 14 stone 9lbs so I did have quite a bit to lose.

I thoroughly enjoyed all the juices but I couldn't stomach the wheatgrass supplement and gave up on that. I didn't fancy the thought of spirulina either so didn't buy that. I did not do any extra exercise other than upping my walking a bit.

The most amazing thing to me was that I went from a sugar monster, literally hunting for the most sugary foods and living on junk to just pure juice and I can honestly say I never had a single craving for any food at all, no junk, no sugar, nothing. Don't get me wrong, I got hungry and wished I could eat but there were no actual cravings and I have finished the juice plan with the intention to continue with juicing for breakfasts and I have stocked the fridge now with salad, rice, fish and chicken to continue eating healthily as I have no desire to go back to the dreadful rubbish I was stuffing before! Prior to this I have never been a fan of salad in my life.

I would 100% recommend this diet as a detox and weight loss programme. Some people breeze through it, i didn't, but it is definitely worth persevering with. Using supermarkets like Aldi / Lidl brings the cost of the fruit and veg down and i found it was actually cheaper than a normal week shopping. I needed this as a drastic measure to completely break my bad food compulsion and I thought that if I wasn't allowed to eat anything the nothing naughty could sneak into my system. And I was so grateful to be able to eat by the end of it that a (previously boring) salad seemed heavenly!
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on 12 June 2010
Needing the stimulus to lose a few kilos and having heard about this book, I read the said book, bought the (expensive) equipment and had a good time trying the various recipes and knowing I wasn't doing myself any harm - in fact I was "eating" healthily. Drinking juices composed of fruit and vegetables was highly enjoyable and I even got to the point of not drinking my morning tea and had instead the recommended hot water and lemon - and I liked it! And I'm still doing it so I guess from time to time it's desirable to break our eating habits and try something new.

I frankly feel that you can modify this regime to suit yourself and your style of life - drink a juice instead of normal breakfast and maybe lunch.

Jason Vale writes in a pacy style and you can't fail to get motivated by his enthusiasm. The book with recipes is easy to use and being paperback you can put it in your shopping basket to do your veggy/fruit shopping and then stagger back home with it all!
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on 16 January 2009
I was not overweight when I decided to try this detox plan, but I was at the upper end of what is classed as a "normal" BMI. I was feeling sluggish, had a bloated stomach and was not eating the healthiest of foods.

So one Saturday back in September 2008 I began the programme. I will be honest & say that I didn't like all of the juices, especially the Super Juice which contains avocado & wheatgrass, neither of which taste good to me. My tip is to hold your nose while drinking it as this will block off most of the taste and smell (it's quite strong) then have a slice of orange or a chewing gum ready to put in your mouth afterwards to really kill off the aftertaste.

The other juices are not as bad (the ones without avocado/wheatgrass), and the Passion 4 Juice Master is gorgeous, by far the tastiest drink on the menu. Oh the Hot 'n' Spicy is fab as well, as a bedtime drink.

On the 2nd day I felt like giving up. I felt hungry, had a headache & didn't think I'd be able to keep drinking the Super Juice (it features heavily on the programme, twice most days). But I decided to keep going (possibly because I had told quite a few people that I was doing it & knew they would ask me how it went at the end of the week).

I am so glad that I did. I lost 5lbs in 7 days (I know the book says 7 but I didn't do any of the exercise recommended on the plan). My stomach went from muffin-top to flat in one week! My jeans which were fitted were falling off me, I could actually take them off without opening them!

What's more, I lost even more weight AFTER doing the 7-day plan. A total of 8lbs. And I have had no problem keeping it off, which has amazed me. My first meal after the 7-day plan was Gillian McKeith's Hearty Lentil Stew (see her website for the recipe). I highly recommend this dish - it's easy to make, quick to cook (35 mins) & you can make a large pot of it & keep it in the fridge & heat it up as required. It's yummy & filling & very healthy. Have it with chicken as an evening meal. I credit this dish with helping me to keep the weight off, because it's true what Jason Vale says - if you eat good healthy nutritious food, you will not be hungry whereas if you eat rubbish, you may feel sick/full for a while but soon enough you will feel hungry again because you have not actually fed your body.

Another tip I will share with you is a yummy smoothie which I make on Saturday & Sunday mornings (because I have more time then). Strawberries, blueberries, Rachel's Organic Lowfat Vanilla Yogurt, 4-5 large spoons of muesli, 1 teaspoon of spirulina & the juice of 1 apple/quarter of a pineapple. This will keep you full for hours. I rate spirulina very highly, it's great for preventing snacking. Weekend is the time when you might feel like being less disciplined, but this smoothie will help.

If you don't already have a juicer, get a Philips one, the 7-day book is free with some of the models. The juicer is an investment so well worth the money. The supplements will last ages so even though you have to splash out first time you do it, you will be able to use them the next time you do it, and probably the time after that again. He only recommends doing it once per season. The only one I continued to use after the 7-day plan was spirulina.

Well I have waffled on for long enough. To sum up - it's only 7 days, accept that you may struggle & feel like giving up especially the first few days, accept that some of the juices do not taste great, but do it because you will be glad you did. The feeling of elation & achievement when you stand on the scales on the morning of day 8 will make it all worthwhile. It kills cravings for junk food & will set you on the path to lose even more weight and KEEP IT OFF! Back in September I said I would not do this programme again (that's how I felt on day 2) but guess what - I am doing it again starting on Sunday. I'm not doing it to lose weight this time (because I haven't gained any since last time), it's more of an after Christmas cleanse.

So, what are you waiting for?
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on 22 July 2006
I bought this book 3 weeks ago and I followed the plan religiously and lost 9 lbs and lost most of the distressing health problems I was suffering.!! I cannot believe how easy it is to follow and would recommend this to anybody who has some patience. I work and also look after a young child and I coped but you do have to be organised or else it can all fall apart. I am now on the follow up book - Turbo cahrge your life in 14 days, and I am still losing weight and feeling fantastic.

Do your body a favour and do this book.
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on 26 July 2006
3 stars for the book, 6 stars for the "7lbs in 7 Days" programme.

This book is not a particularly great book. Jason Vale's style can get irritating, and theres a lot of repetition and wasted space (e.g. the pages where you're supposed to keep a diary of your experiences during the week). However, all its designed to do is get you through the "7lbs in 7 Days" programme, which it does very well. The real question is whether the "7lbs in 7 Days" programme does what its supposed to do i.e. achieve weight loss, energy gain, and kick-start a healthier lifestyle. My experience is that it does - I did this programme and lost 8lbs during the week; I have much more energy now and I'm doing more exercise than I have for years.

The book doesn't tell you anything you didn't already know (e.g. take some exercise, give up smoking and stop eating junk food. Well duh!!). Nor does it tell you much about nutrition. What it does do is get you in the right frame of mind for doing the 7 day programme, then lead you through doing it.

Reading the book is pretty pointless if you're not going to do the programme (although of course you have to in order to make that decision?!?). If you're looking for in depth nutritional information, look elsewhere.

The one thing that really annoyed me was failure to specify the number of apples required in each recipe. The shopping list says to get 39 apples, the recipes just say "apples". For anyone having this problem, the answer is "2 apples" in all cases except the 'Passion 4 Juice Master', which only uses "1 apple" (I discovered this after finding an article about the book on the Daily Mail web site; if you can't be bothered with the book this article includes all the recipes from the book plus a 7 day recipe planner!).

Also, I only discovered what a 'Wheatgrass Chaser' was after reading the Daily Mail article (you mix the wheatgrass with your juice). Having only experienced the type of chaser you have in the pub I'd been drinking the juice, then drinking the wheatgrass by itself afterwards (which is absolutely repulsive - don't do it!).

If you're going to do the programme, here are my thoughts/advice:
1. Give yourself a break. This is not going to be easy to fit around a busy job (although its certainly not impossible). If at all possible do it when you've got a week off work (thats what I did).
2. Yes, its going to cost you money. You DO need a juicer AND a blender. You DO have to buy a whole bunch of fruit, veg and supplements. You DON'T need anything else. The book suggests that the DVD/CD/Chart etc. may make it easier mentally, but you DON'T have to have them (I didn't bother). As it happens I only ended up having about 3/4 of the juices (I just wasn't hungry), thus saving a bit of cash.
3. Get a decent juicer. The books buying advice is pretty thin on the ground, basically recommending the Phillips juicer and not saying much else. However, I did buy the Phillips machine and it is very good. Annoyingly, the machine came with another (free) copy of this book!!
4. The supplements are really really easy to get hold of; use the Internet. You can get them all from the Juice Masters web site, but if you don't like that there are loads of other sites selling this stuff.
5. Don't underestimate the washing up. Its a nightmare. I ended up making batches of 3 or 4 juices at a time to avoid having to wash it all up again and again...
6. The juices do take a bit of getting used to; I felt really sick on the first day, and had to spend quite some time on the loo. However, as the book points out, this is not uncommon on the first day. Strangely enough, I didn't have a problem with 'JM's Pure Green Super Juice', which the book implies is utterly disgusting...

And finally, the whole thing was almost worth it just for the simple childish excitement I felt about having an avocado salad and using my teeth again on day 8!!!
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