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on 7 October 2017
Wonderful for adults to read, not boring at all, my 12 week old baby loved it!!! She loves all the pictures and I read it to her. We have now ordered all 10 from Amazon.
I have to lay my baby over my knees for just a few minutes and I pop this under her so tummy time is not so boring.
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on 12 October 2017
good book
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on 21 September 2017
Fond memories from my own childhood made me make this purchase. Just as I remember and hope the kids enjoy it as much as I did
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on 30 September 2017
I love it
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on 15 June 2017
I had these books as a child and bought these for my friend's son who thoroughly enjoyed them. Great pictures and lots if detail.
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on 1 January 2002
This book is ideal for bedtime stories as it has eleven short tales to choose from.
The illustrations are fantastic with so many tiny details to discover each time you look through the pages.
Casper aged four was most pleased to see the familiar characters who he has grown to love and laugh at,the infamous Bananas Gorilla with Sergeant Murphy hot on his heels,Ma and Pa Pig,the wonderful Lowly Worm and regular appearances from the Busytown firemen.
A very popular book which would make a lovely present.
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on 4 September 2011
I sent this book to my 3 year old nephew in Hong Kong. He loves detail and spends hours studying all the little scenarios going on on the page. I have a photo of him falling asleep with it in his bed, but the proof in the pudding was when I skyped him last week for a chat and he was sitting on the loo (we have to take our chances with the time difference!)- studying the book and showing me what he was looking at... brilliant to see him so engrossed..
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on 31 July 2011
Any of Richard Scarry's books are a real hit with my 3 year old son. We've got to the stage that we can't get him interested in anything else at bedtime! The very nature of the book prompts lots of questions and he constantly refers to the books during the day. We've just come back from holiday and I bought the Airport book which he had to have for the whole journey, pointing out the various parts of the check in and flight as illustrated in the book. Same goes for Trucks and cars. Really good buy as are all of this author's books.
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on 3 November 2017
Richard Scarry's legacy is an areay of fantastic books for young children overflowing with detail & humour for hungry eyes & inquisitive minds.My one big gripe would be any book created after Richard's death.These books are created by other authors & illustrators to mimic his particular style.These later books from Richard Scarry Corp are poor imitations.Just stick to the originals, there are plenty.
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on 11 February 2012
I wasn't wild about these books when my little girl had this book for her 3rd birthday almost a year ago now. However they have grown on my and have definitely grown on my daughter - the Richard Scarry books she received are a hit! Until an hour ago, when Amazon parcel arrived, we had 2, 'Bedtime Stories' plus 'What do People Do all Day?' Though my daughter loves pink, baking and threading necklaces, I would not describe her as a 'girly' girl, preferring gymnastics, dens, trampolining and finding worms in the garden, she is going through a little phase right now at 3 and three quarters of wanting these books every night for her bedtime story. The books are good, with pages busy with quirky and detailed little spot colour illustrations which children like to scrutinse to see what comical mis-haps they can spot, though my husband gets a little irritated by the Americanisms like 'asphalt' for tar, 'faucet' for tap, and 'dumpcart' for refuse van, etc. I'm now in the habit of simply replacing the Americanism with the English term when I get to that word when reading aloud so that she understands.

'Bedtime Stories' in particular is a really handy book to take on a journey when you need to travel light, like on a Ryan Air trip, as it is so very small, thin and light (about 8"/20cm each way, and 15 pages long). It means that for the sake of carrying one book, you get 5 little stories to read:

~ Sergeant Murphy and the Banana Thief (you guessed it - that Gorilla Bananas)
~ Ma Pig's New Car (bit silly this one - Pa Pig is made out to be ridiculously absent minded accidentally repeatedly getting into the wrong vehicle on the way home until she ends up with a 'power shovel' - that's a digger to you and I)
~ Uncle Willy and the Pirates (thieving rats (pie-rats...) are foiled by Uncle Willy as they try to steal his home made pie)
~ The Unlucky Day (Just about everything that can go wrong for Mr Racoon does go wrong)

Today, I bought a handful of other Richard Scarry books as birthday gifts for a 4-year old boy's party later this afternoon. Would concur with another reviewer that the 'Funniest Storybook Ever', which has 11 stories in it, 5 of them are the identical 5 which feature in 'Bedtime Stories', though there are also 6 more, namely:
~ Talking Bread
~ Absent Minded Mr Rabbit
~ Sergeant Murphy and the Banana Thief
~ Speedboat Spike
~ Ma Pig's New Car
~ The Three Fishermen
~ The Accident
~ Please Move to the Back of the Bus
~ Uncle Willy and the Pirates
~ The Unlucky Day
~ Lowly Worm's Birthday - which is longer than the others and seems to be the grand finale!
So, actually this makes Funniest Storybook Ever a really good value buy, just be careful you don't unintentionally duplicate by buying Bedtime Stories though.

'Cars and Things that go' - many pages of lots of different types of vehicle, with their names beside them (some of those are Americanisms) - with a thinish storyline running through it - as this is a gift for someone else, have not sat down to read it with my daughter but I think it less likely she would enjoy it so much due to the lack of story to engage with. Little boys who love vehicles however (like today's Birthday Boy, probably will enjoy it). There are occasional quirky little drawings of crashed cars etc in it.

Also bought 'The Great Pie Robbery and Other Myseries' - this is for my daughter, am saving it for her birthday. A nice quality book. Glancing through, I think she will enjoy it - it is hardback (so heavier) and the stories are perhaps v slightly longer than usual - or maybe just a little more spaced out in the pages.

Finally, the one she already has (Birthday Boy is also going to receive) 'What People do all day, is also a very good book, looking at different professions, daugher really enjoys it, stories being:
~ Everyone is a worker
~ Mothers work is never done
~ Sergeant Murphy of the Busytown Police Department
~ Firemen to the Rescue
~ A visit to the hospital
~ The train trip
~ Wood and how we use it
~ Digging coal to make electricity work for us
~ Building a new road
~ Water

Apologies for the repetition, but I am going to post this review on the pages for all the books I have listed herein.
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