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on 28 February 2011
I have been a simpsons fan... forever. I think i have seen almost every single episode at least once, but this book has told me things i didn't know. When it arrived i could barely lift the box. When i got it open i found over 1000 pages detailing every single simpsons episode ever made. All the best jokes,cameo appearances by celebrities,all the couch gags,plot summaries and so much more.It comes in a beautiful bound cover inside a hardcover box.I was astounded how much information was inside and i count myself as a simpsons fan. If i read this book for an hour a day every day, i would still be reading it in 20 years time. An essential purchase for any diehard simpsons fan especially at such a good price. One word of warning though, don't drop it on your foot!! it is a seriously weighty book.
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on 24 June 2017
My partner is a huge simpsons fan and spent hours with his nose in this book when I gave it to him! Great source of extra info, episode highlights and illustrated, plus it had the biggest index I've ever seen haha! Would recommend for any simpons lover!
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on 19 July 2016
My son adores this enormous book.
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Writing a review for this book, which was released six years ago in 2010, is by no means an easy task, because there is so much to say about this gigantic and beautiful encyclopaedia which provided The Simpsons enthusiast with the most comprehensive guide to the show yet.

As anyone who has ever taken an interest in the literature available surrounding The Simpsons, four episode guide books had already been released over the years, and it all began with the official 1997 companion: The Simpsons: A Complete Guide to Our Favorite Family, however, although this does reuse some of the material from that book and the ones that followed, plenty of new content has been added in onto every page. For everything that has been rehashed, there are more quotes, more pictures, and more information in here. In fact, whereas many of the episodes had previously been presented over just one page, every episode in here receives the two page treatment.

If you haven't bought any other book, then prepare yourself for a visual feast, the full-colour layout of this guide is simply fantastic, with brilliant pictures, detailed information about each episode, highlighting the best quotes, uncovering the many references, as well as alerting the reader to things that they might just have missed. There's a brief biography of literally every character, both major and minor on the side of each page, though the main Simpsons clang naturally receive a more in-depth overview.

There are many other cool features to be found at the back of the book, including information regarding all of the couch gag openings that the show had between one to twenty, a complete Itchy and Scratchy filmography, all the times Homer Simpson has said 'D'Oh! and 'Mmm...'' (there's been loads of them!), all of the Krusty the Clown merchandise, a tribute to that failed film star Troy McClure, and lyrics to all the songs that have appeared throughout the show's run, and many, many more. As this is an official book, there are some really nice authentic touches such as like a introduction by The Simpsons' creator, the genius who is Matt Groening.

The whole packaging itself is superb, complete with an outer-cover which has fantastic artwork of the heads of the characters who need no introduction. The book itself is huge, nicely bond, and with a bookmark in there to save your place. After reading it again and again, you could always use it as a doorstep, because this really is a heavy item.

'Simpsons World' is ultimately a bible for all fans of what I regard as the best animated TV show of all time, and I truly appreciate all the hard work and dedication which clearly went into making it possible.
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on 24 October 2011
Sure, We've all seen the previous episode guides 'Forever, Beyond Forever etc.' But I think we can all agree that this is a very special item.. The amount of detail that has gone into this book is amazing.

Featuring an enlightening foreword by Matt Groening, a full deconstruction of our favorite family (Highlights - Homer's Job list, Things found in Marge's hair), a two page spread packed with trivia, quotes and characters from every episode season 1 - 20.

Then after the guides themselves, you are faced with charming appendices. There's a full analysis of the opening titles (Season 1, 2 onwards, Post movie, christmas etc.).

Continuing the appendices, there are some great lists.
A list of Couch gags
Homer says 'D'oh!'
Homer says 'Mmm'
First Church of Springfield Marquees
Itchy & Scratchy filmography (And full deconstruction)
A list of Krusty Merchandise
Troy McClure's filmography
Every lyric from every song
Who Does What Voice? (Amazing idea)
A list of Celebrity guest stars
A very thick, detailed index

If you haven't bought it already, You should. Don't let the 'Money for old rope' feeling get you. There's alot of stuff packed in that hasn't been in the previous guides. Price wise, this originally retailed at approx. £100. But if you shop around you can get a bargain. I managed to find mine for £30 brand new on Amazon UK from an individual store (Only to find that another store was selling it for £15 two days later) D'oh!
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on 27 January 2012
I love The Simpsons and I got this from a book shop for only £15.00, which was bargain. You get over 1000 pages and it gives you more information than the other season guide. You also receive a gold ribben so you can put it on your favourite episode. And it is my favourite Simpsons Book.
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on 23 February 2013
This book is massive. It has to be because it dedicates two pages to each episode of the first twenty seasons! Add to that all of the extra's and you end up with a 1,000 page tome that offers knowledge and wisdom, Simpson style, on just about every aspect of an average Joe's life. This is not a book you read sequentially, it's more of a flip through and read some fun stuff on random pages kinda book. I'll never read all of it, but it's great fun to find out some fun facts and inside jokes for your favorite episodes. It's certainly not for everyone, but if you like the Simpsons you're bound to get quite a few laughs from this book. Plus it's a great time-waster for those dreary autumn days.
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VINE VOICEon 14 November 2013
While I'm not a massive fan of the more recent seasons and prefer the first 6 or 7, this book is jam packed with information and pictures on the first 20 seasons.

Paying the full RRP i would not have brought this book, but given you can normally pick it up for less than £20 from most 3rd party sellers on marketplace it's an absolute bargain.

Any fan of The Simpsons would love to own this book.
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on 12 September 2011
This is an amazing book, if you adore the simpsons then you will certainly love this book. It has everything, not only does it have every bit of simpsons information you could ever dream of, but it is wonderfully presented. Lovely binding, a fantastic slip case and has a brilliant strong heavy feel to it, every doh or mmmm Homer has ever said is in this book. A couple of pages on every episode from seasons 1-20. If you are a simpsons fan or geek, you will treasure this for life, this book has every gag and chalkboard gag in the simpsons, if you are reading this review wondering if you should buy this or not well, trust me you won't regret it well, worth the money. 1200 pages is enough to last you a while, I just hope the simpsons keeps on going strong, so that we can look forward to another episode guide, celebrating it's 25th or 30th season.
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It is, as it claims to be, an ultimate guide of all the episodes of Seasons 1-20. It really does cover practically every event, character, in-joke, every tribute to a film/play/song, every voice spoken, and every lyric to every Simpsons song! So if you think there might be a gap in your knowledge somewhere I think you`ll find the answer here. It`s very nicely produced, and each episode`s double page is truly crammed with information and facts. Just how many characters there have been, and how they all manage to look slightly different whilst keeping the Simpson`s art style is really emphasised. As I`m bit of a Simpsons nerd I didn`t find out much I didn`t know before - however, I`ve always wondered what the words were to the Kamp Krusty song and now I know them, so that`s good. It`s massively heavy at around 5kg so be careful if you`re planning to keep it on the coffee table!
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