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Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5 stars
4.9 out of 5 stars

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Another day, another top chef or celebrity cookbook. OK, maybe that is a little bit unfair but that is the first impression one got after opening this rather arty, heavyweight cookbook, written by British Michelin-starred chef Bruce Poole.

They say first impressions can be misleading and that is the case with this book - it is just a shame that many casual browsers may pass it by because of the first impression. When one picks up the book it gives off impressions that might be off-putting. Is it the design? The artiness? The perceived complexity and audience-level? It is hard to say. Nonetheless if one perseveres one may be rewarded.

The author has clearly written this book with love, the same kind of love that burns when he is in the kitchen preparing his culinary creations. Starting with the life story of the author, one gets a rather good overview of what makes Bruce tick and this follows on with the development of his career up to, and including the creation of the restaurant Chez Bruce.

It is also interesting to read the author's own likes and dislikes when visiting a restaurant and one gets the feel in that he is more down-to-earth, pragmatic and holding less "arty farty" views than many of his contemporaries who tend to put style over substance and assume that their typical customer wants that, instead of perhaps, a damn good feed.

Food you want to eat in other words. And what other food should there be?

When it is time to look at the recipes, many books of this kind tend to shut the author up and then just present the recipes, encouraging a bit of a pick and read mentality. Not so this book as the author keeps giving his views, thoughts and opinions throughout both at the start of each chapter and within every dish. The reader is taken through an entire menu from soups, salads and charcuterie through to desserts and, of course, the key stocks, sauces and sides that can be part and parcel of a service.

Each recipe is clearly explained so that the reader may make their own version with confidence and work on it to "fine tune" as required. The author has also cautioned the reader not to be put off trying the recipes, accepting that there is often a degree of uncertainty or fear from trying to reproduce what a "great chef" has made. Yet the reader often forgets that the chef (and his staff) could have made the dish hundreds of times until a final version was ready and then refined that thousands upon thousands of times afterwards. Sometimes the most apparently simple things can be rather difficult and involved with only practice making perfect, or as near to dammit that it can be.

This is a book that one should really read in detail before even trying to go into the kitchen - if only to immerse oneself in the wide range of knowledge and advice being given. Once you get to the recipes then even looking at the introductions and guidance (ignoring the production instructions) would suffice as you will find that a lot of information complements each other and makes a lot of the "dots" join together.

So, apart from the overall style and first impression making the book less desirable at first glance, the only other things this reviewer would like to change is a fairly common complaint for those with older eyes... Make the actual printed text a bit darker and a bit larger. This can be a heavy book to hold closer to your eyes and if one is in the kitchen, all that bending over to read a slightly out-of-focus, too-light text is not so comfortable to do. Yet the recipes and the guidance given by the author are worth it. Maybe that is part of the "no gain without pain" mantra?
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on 7 November 2011
This book is the best book i have bought in years and i buy at least 20 cookery books per year, you will enjoy and never regret.The chocolate pudding, chocolate sc and praline parfait are out of this world.
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on 14 May 2011
Chez Bruce is my favourite restaurant in London and so it was with some considerable excitement that I purchased this book.
Open the book at random and you will be treated to a delicious recipe and a beautiful photograph.
The photographs remind me of the dishes as they are presented in the restaurant, they're not dressed up in any way.
The recipes themselves are very clear and easy to follow.
They reflect Bruce's food philosophy which is to use the best possible ingredients and to make sure the dish enhances the food.
"Roast cod with olive oil mash", "Pot au feu, horseradish dumplings", "Grilled calf's liver with anchovy and rosemary butter"
"Ricotta, lemon and pine nut tart", to name but a few will hopefully give you an idea of the style of cooking.
There is also a fascinating and very funny introduction from Bruce which tells his story from his studies at catering college to becoming
a Michelin-starred chef.
Bruce's self deprecating voice is evident throughout the book.
You have the feeling that this has been a real labour of love,
and that he has taken as much care over his first Cookbook as he does of every single dish that comes out of his kitchen.
Thoroughly recommended.
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on 23 May 2011
"I love food and I love to cook. I am also an avid collector of cookbooks, probably owning more than 200 so this is a problem as I live in a flat where space is at a premium! I have a small kitchen with one very small shelf for those well-loved and well-used books and "Bruce's Cookbook" has gone straight on there because it is one of the finest in my possession. It's a wonderful read and if you know Bruce or have ever eaten at his restaurant, his personality and skill is evident in every page. He evokes enthusiasm for cooking the dishes and extreme anticipation of eating the finished product. I love it!"
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on 18 May 2011
To put it simply, this is a fantastic cookbook.

Great recipes, nice photo's (bet the finished article doesn't look like this in my kitchen!)

Well written with the odd amusing anecdote.

The best cook book for years which shows why the restaurants this chap runs are so good and win plaudits - totally unpretentious with amazing food and really good staff (I'm lucky to have been to 2 of his places).
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on 1 August 2011
clear, precise & innovative recipes, its as if the chef is training his own staff in his restaurant with the methods & descriptions of his dishes, excellent book
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on 9 July 2014
Having eaten at Chez Bruce and enjoying the delights that Bruce Poole and his team had to offer it was a joy to have this book come my way for Christmas.

Flicking through the cookbook doesn't follow traditional script, each recipe is explained in detail so you're left in no doubt about how things should look, feel and taste. The personal touch that Bruce provides in the narrative of the recipes is appreciated and will raise a smile.

Strongly recommend this book for anyone who is thinking of taking up French cookery or just likes great tasting food.
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on 15 March 2014
I went with my family to the Glasshouse in Kew as we live locally. It was an extraordinary experience!!! We enjoyed a wonderful lunch, i still friendly atmosphere. It just didn't matter if they were serving us as adults or our boys... every move, comment or generally speaking the attitude of the service people was perfect. I am a hobby cook and after the delicious food served in the restaurant I decided to try the book. I can truly recommend it! Great recipes, funny comments with many helpful tips:) I can't wait for the next one!!!
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on 12 December 2011
I have eaten at Chez Bruce on many occasions and its always been fantastic and I have left with my own thoughts on how to replicate Bruces great food
In Bruce's first and much-awaited book from the Michelin-starred chef and award winning restaurateur Bruce Poole whose restaurant, Chez Bruce, has led him to be one of the UK's most respected chefs.
The restaurant itself has sat as London's favourite restaurant in the Harden's Restaurant Guide for six years running.
In the Cookbook, the chef has translated his down to earth, honest, creative cooking into recipes for the homecook, free from the trappings of cheffy gimmicks or ego that sometimes falls onto the plate along with the food.
This is classic cooking at its purest from a chef who has spent his time in the kitchen, not the limelight.
Recipes vary from braises to sautes, salads to sauces, perfectly stylish, simple and elegant but packed with those deep flavours we associate with French cookery.
This will be a great asset to your repertior,. Truly magical...
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on 17 February 2013
Bruce Poole's recipes are absolutely amazing. What sold me on him was his plum and almond tart - it was a dream. I don't understand why we don't hear more about him. The recipes are clear and preciseand very doable.
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