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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars

on 17 April 2017
Gate book.
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on 26 November 2010
I really enjoy reading this book :) I'm not finished yet, but I like the fact that it's written so simply and down to earth. I laugh out loud at some parts and I like that humor is mixed into other topics that are more serious.

I don't have any problems reading this book, as the above review states.. Of course maybe the journalist who wrote it made sure the sentences are complete and understandable, but I don't have any problems believing that the content of the book really comes from Usain Bolt himself and his personal views. I highly recommend this book to anyone, sports-interested or not! :) It's a stunning story that appeals to anyone. If there's someone on this earth who is not into sports, it's me. But I really enjoy this book :)
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on 23 February 2012
I enjoyed reading this book and the photographs are fascinating. I could visualize Usain speaking as I was reading, not that I know him but from what I have seen on television and you tube. Its claimed it is ghost written, that is neither here nor there because as far I am concerned I got a clearer picture of Usain. It is funny like the man himself and I laughed most of the time. It is very refreshing and if you are from the third world you can really make that connection with everything he is talking about because our circumstances are more or less the same. I am glad I bought it despite some negative comments I saw on the book, it is a treasure I will keep and I think it is worth every penny I spent. The photographs portraying him in various situations just did it for me. I now know where he came from to be what he is and I appreciate the man even more. The book was just my cup of tea.
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on 23 September 2013
What I've read so far is typical of many sports person's biographies. Written by a journalist after interviews with the subject. I didn't get the feeling that Usain wrote this with assistance - it seems clear that Shaun Custis is the author. Usain's character doesn't come through in the book, the way it does in even the briefest of his interviews on TV and radio. I'm not Jamaican, but live there 3 months each year and I travel the island extensively. I've slept in every parish and ridden a bicycle island wide, over 5,500 miles. I think I've picked up a bit of what Jamaican culture is about, but none of the culture shines through here, the book is too clinical. I didn't see 'Champs' referred to and that is a huge event in the Jamaican calendar!!! Oh the National Schoolboys Championships is mentioned - but not referred to as Champs. Usain would have named it as such, I feel sure.
The book is factually interesting, but has nothing of Usain's personality shining through. Some readers will feel a bit cheated by the way that Usain 'asserts the moral right to be the author', when it's clearly a work of the Sun journalist.
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on 13 February 2011
Dont know what Green Ocean is talking about in his review. Writtten by British Journalist my foot!!! Why, I felt like Usain was sitting on the couch with me telling me his story!! I was laughing like a mad woman from start to finish of the book, you see I grew up in Jamaica, went to school and worked there and could identify with everthing the man talked about.

The book is very inspiring if anything it inspires you that anything is possible if you believe in yourself and are prepared to put in the work to make your dreams come through. I have already started applying myself from some of the ideas I picked up in this book. You dont have to be an Athlete or even a Jamaican to relate to the book.

Which is probably why it is written in such a refreshing way. Green Ocean may have wanted this book to be wriiten in ''Patois'' or as we say in Jamaica ''Patwah''!!
but did'nt Usain say in the book that when Jamaicans get together and talk Jamaican unless you are Jamaican you will never understand.

People out there buy the book. Di book so sweet mi read it alf in one night(Jamaica talk). The book was so nice I read it all by night fall(English talk)
get my drift?

Once again buy the book and forget any bad reviews . You will not be disappointed.
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on 28 October 2010
I bought this book over a month a go and I am having real problems reading it. The reason being is that although I do not know Usain Bolt personally I find it very hard to relate what is written in the book to Usain Bolt. The book is actually written by a journalist from The Sun newspaper (apparently he is also responsible for a Rio Ferdinand biography), however according to the inside cover "Usain Bolt morally owns what is written in the book" - or something to this effect. I have no idea what this means. The book is written in the first person - so it's all " I did this.." and "I grew up here.." and "I like this..." etc etc. but I really do question how much of the information that is in this book actually came from the mouth of Usain Bolt and how much was 'ad lib' by The Sun journalist.

The reason why I have such problems with this book is because it is written in very 'high class, British English'. I follow Usain Bolt a lot and I know that he doesn't talk and wouldn't use the words or phrases that are used in this book - he is very down to earth and likes to keep it real. In fact I don't think the average British person talks or uses the phrases that are in this book. And this is why I have had such problems reading the book - it just doesn't 'keep it real', I just do not believe that it is reflective of Usain Bolt.

I may not even finish reading the book because the more I read it, the less I like Usain Bolt - and this is not because of the information in the book or anything to do with Usain Bolt but purely because of the way it has been written. I don't believe it does the man justice at all. I'm actually suprised that Usain allowed this book to be published because it does not keep it real at all - and that's the reason why we love him! You can't argue with the facts but I do question how true all the 'conversational' information contained in this book is - I reckon it's been 'beefed' up by the writer. I would therefore recommend that if you read this book - take anything that isn't fact with a pinch of salt. And keep in mind that a journalist wrote this book - we all know how they like to sensationalise stories and add their own thoughts and opinions (esp. the red top tabloids).

I'm Jamaican, in fact I grew up very close to where Usain Bolt grew up - the writing of the book is so so so removed from what Usain Bolt represents. This book simply gives you an idea of a British man's perpective of a Jamaican sprinter rather than real insight into who Usain Bolt is.

The only good thing about this book are the photographs.
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on 4 October 2010
I got this for my brother for christmas. A bit early I know but I wanted to check it would be something he would read. It is! There is lots of pictures to keep his interest but there is so much information. It was delivered about two days after I ordered it so I am very pleased.
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on 3 July 2014
A great insight into the sprinting phenomenon that is Usain Bolt. So glad he watched a documentary when he was younger on 'what to do when you are drowning' or else we would not have had the pleasure of seeing his unbelievable feats of speed today. The book takes you through the trials and tribulations of Usain's personal life whilst juggling the athletics training regime and injuries that haunt him to this day. The pressure of expectation from his home country and how he bit the bullet to eventually prove to himself(via a quality coach) that he could lose in order to know how to win was truly a great revelation and set the stage for how he now 'Looks Forward and Believes'.
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on 29 August 2012
Bolt's writing is as charismatic and captivating as you'd expect from one of the sporting world's largest personalities. It's fascinating to read of his humble origins and to hear from the people who have shared and cultivated his success to get him to where he is now - on top of the sprinting world.
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on 20 September 2012
A great book which provides some insight into the mind and thoughts of the great Usain Bolt. It was an enlightening and entertaining read. It'll be interesting to read about his experiences at the London Olympics and his current lifestyle when the next book comes out (as I'm sure it will!)
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