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on 13 July 2013
The Arrivals was a marvellous idea, it was completely original and wildly imaginative but not all of it worked for me. It is hard to explain exactly what the main issue with this book was because it wasn't something I can point out, something was missing and just didn't feel right.

I really cannot fault Melissa Marr's imagination. The Arrivals was unlike anything I have ever read. I loved the concept and the dark world of the wasteland. Yet despite loving the concept I do have to wonder if it maybe went a little too far and ran away with itself ever so slightly. I say this because there was a lot that i didn't understand and a lot of things that were not explained fully. The idea was so brave and rich but it didn't all make sense and I ended up with more questions at the end than answers.

Despite that there was still much about the world building that I enjoyed. I liked the wild west setting and the varied and fantastical creatures and monsters that filled the world. Marr is great at describing the physical parts of this world.

The characters were hit and miss for me. I liked Jack and thought he was a good leader. His sister Kitty was less likable. She was far too hectic and dramatic and made a big deal out of everything, she walked around like she was the queen of the world and I just couldn't like her. Her love interest Edgar was far more interesting but he was only there for Kitty and the dramatics the romance provided which was a shame.

Chloe was dull and lacked personality she did have some potential but I never got to know her enough to really care. Her romance with Jack seemed to happen instantly and was incredibly rushed. Out of all the characters Melody was the most interesting but she was a sub character so I didn't get to know her that well.

The Arrivals was an interesting and brave book that partially worked and partially didn't. I have no idea if this will turn into a series or not but if it did I would read the next book but wouldn't rush out to buy it. It was a book I liked but didn't love.
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on 23 January 2014
Firstly with this book is that the synopsis is not really how to book is, the synopsis is exactly what i brought the book for i was excited it sounded like nothing i have read, i dropped my other books to read it. Started reading and spent most of the beginning of the story wondering where Chloe was?! Then by the time she does come into the story i felt no connection to her and she was uneventful and i couldn't connect with the other characters because i spend my time waiting for Chloe! I guess this was my fault by being spoilt by other others letting me know who the main character was on the blurb! Anyways the main character is pretty much Kitty with Jackson on the side.

With all that aside, the world is very different to anything i've read, a fantasy wild west is new to me but i do know there are some others out there. I liked the Bloedzuigers they were very interesting and enjoyed reading about them. Just there is something missing from this book, it just seemed to fall flat. It really shouldn't have when you look at the characters individually they could have been amazing to read about but i didn't care.

It's just a damn shame, i had such high hopes.
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on 25 August 2013
I ought to have liked this book.... but I just couldn't. It reads as really shallow and unengaging. I found no connection or intrigue in the story, setting, ideas or characters. It all just lacked any depth or atmosphere. The people didn't feel like people. The places didn't feel like places....etc... It lacks all that a book should have.
The Blurb clains that it is 'wildly imaginative' - maybe that works if you don't read imaginitive fiction; but if you do, it's all very run of the mill. Seen it a thousand times. But then again - I didn't finish it. I was so bored after 120 pages I gave up. Maybe it gets better later on? - if so, it's too slow for me.
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A quick read of the blurb had me jumping at the chance to get a copy of this. The first few chapters where interesting enough but for some reason I didn't feel that pull that makes me want to carry on reading. I'm not sure but I think it's because I was expecting Chloe, after all I had already identified with her a little from the blurb and for her not to be there threw me off a bit. It didn't stop me from reading on though, like I said the whole idea of the book had me intrigued and I wanted needed to know the why's of it all.

You soon realise that the first few chapters are giving you just enough back story and information to give you glimpses of the lives The Arrivals lead and that is what draws you in. The ever-changing dynamics of the group, the uncertainties; both in life and deaths, the deceptions. It's all very exciting. Although not set in the Wild West the Wastelands has that feel to it, we have a whole bunch of people who have been taken from their own time (between the 1800′s and 2013) in our world and been transported to the Wasteland. This is a great mix of science fiction and western. Cowboys have never been so hot ;-)

The back of the book says "A thoroughly original and wildly imagined tale.." and I honestly can't think of anything more appropriate to say about this book. It is well written and definitely has the `hooks' to catch the reader. The only reason I haven't given this 5 stars is because the first few chapters didn't immediately grab me. But what it lacked in pulling power in the first few chapters it soon makes up for in the rest of the book.
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on 30 September 2014
Not that I hated this story or found it extremely boring, but I felt like the story could've had a better potential. The concept of the Wasteland and how people mysteriously end up there is quite unique, however I felt it lacked a proper background story, like how everyone gets there, why they are the chosen ones and even about how this place came to be. Without this knowledge, I feel the book is somewhat lacking. However, the story is still interesting and I don't regret reading this book.
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on 2 April 2015
This is not a fantasy, it's a tame romance set in a fantastic world. The sickly romantic drivel really spoiled what could have been an interesting concept, undermining the drama, sense of threat and all the characterisations.
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on 4 September 2015
Written with Marr's easy-to-digest humour and style, but unlike her previous Fey focused books, this one has an enjoyable western edge. I'm hoping it'll become a series, as I'd definitely read more.
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