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Customer reviews

4.9 out of 5 stars
Scott Pilgrim Gets it Together: Volume 4
Format: Paperback|Change
Price:£6.28+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

Fourth in the series of graphic novels telling the tale of Scott Pilgrim, aimless twenty something who has to fight the seven evil exes of his new love. This is not a good jumping on point, so new readers should start with the first in the series:Scott Pilgrim - Scott's Pilgrim's Precious Little Life: Volume 1.

Those who have followed the series all the way will find a handy cast list on the inside front cover of this one, and a story in which Scott has to take his relationship with Ramona to the next level: get a full time job and move out from where he lives.

Is he man enough to face up to this kind of responsibility? And to deal with the latest ex? Who is not the only person who's out to get him....

The strongest volume in the series so far, because it does an excellent balancing job between the main story of Scott having to make life changing decisions, plus all the other relationships between the ongoing cast of characters. And the usual video game style imagery. The evil ex of this volume isn't quite what you'd expect, and doesn't quite get as much screen time as you might have imagined, but it's still a plot strand that works fine for what it is.

An entertaining read with some appealing art and one that moves the whole story along very nicely.
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on 22 August 2012
Each book I read in the series is the best one yet and the fourth book doesn't disappoint. An older Chinese man with a sword and a female Evil Ex-Boyfriend too are trying to kill Scott but more pressing things occupy him - the lease on his flat is up and his sugar daddy gay flatmate, Wallace, is moving out so Scott's got to find a new place to live. Meanwhile his band Sex Bob-Omb have given up live shows as they enter the studio to record their debut LP, and Scott gets a dishwashing job to earn his keep.

Though I saw the film first, I'm enjoying the books enormously, partly because there's quite a lot in them that didn't make it into the film (understandable as Edgar Wright tried to cram 6 books into one 2 hour film, doing an anti-Peter Jackson/Hobbit approach) like the concepts of subspace in their world and all that mundane (but cute) relationship stuff about moving in with each other and so on. There's also more focus on Scott and Ramona's relationship so as it give it more substance to the reader and make fighting 7 Evil-Exes more understandable.

There's a whole other character introduced - Lisa Miller, a high school friend who could've been a girlfriend - who doesn't add that much overall but is another story strand that makes the series that much richer overall. Couple all this relationship stuff with the energetic action sequences - this time Ramona gets to kick some booty too - and the comedy (some scenes made me genuinely laugh, the timing on them is excellent no matter your reading speed), and you've got another home run for Bryan Lee O'Malley and his masterpiece series.
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VINE VOICEon 16 August 2008
The fourth volume of Bryan O'Malley's slacker/coming of age saga is a doozy, shifting the emphasis slightly from Scott's continuing battle with Ramona's evil ex-boyfriends, sorry, evil exes, to how Scott manages to grow up a bit (just a bit, though it earns him 9999 experience points) in terms of responsibility and relationships. So the battles aren't quite as crazy as in the previous volumes, though there's a great bit where Ramona's ex is chasing Ramona and Scott with a sword through the streets and Scott is tucked away in Ramona's subspace satchel, just his head poking out of the top, but by now you should have totally bought into the relationships between the characters, including but not limited to Kim Pine (is she in love with Scott or not?) and Knives Chau (still seventeen years old).

If you've not read any of the previous volumes and you're under 30, you must do so. (Okay, if you're over 30 you can do so too.) A bit like the TV show Spaced, it mixes the lives of young adults with references to TV shows, music, video games etc. Unlike Spaced, Scott's world is more fantastic: his girlfriend uses subspace to make deliveries and has seven evil exes who Scott must beat in Street Fighter style battle. Scott meanwhile is a likeable dimwit, clueless about the world but with a good heart. In this volume, he gets a job and there is much talk of the "l" word.

The art is mostly in black and white, though it kicks off with a colour section that features a Sonic the Hedgehog homage, and is a lovely simple cartoon style with some manga trappings that perfectly fits the tone. The paperback is in the tiny manga format but this works for it!

Personally I can't wait for the next volume and the battle against twins!
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on 8 June 2010
'Gets It Together' is the 4th in Bryan Lee O'Malley's book series which literally keeps getting better. This time around, (starting off with a few glorious colour pages) Scott has to face his love life, getting a job and finding a new place to live. Plus, you know, ninjas.
The longest and most action-packed yet, this book contains some of the series' best images: Scott's head poking out of Ramona's infinitely large subspace bag while she battles a ninja with a titanium baseball bat, Scott earning 'the power of love' and an enemy exploding into bunny rabbits, pigs and birds.
This book is also the most complicated in terms of Scott's social life. His old friend Lisa Miller turns up to meddle with things and it looks like Sex Bob-omb is in danger of breaking up. Will Scott manage to get it together?
This may be the best to start out on - it has a short recap at the beginning and isn't hard to get into. If you want to go chronologically then obviously you'll start with 'Precious Little Life', but this is definitely my personal favourite and it'd make a great introduction to the series for newcomers.
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on 25 April 2010
The Scott Pilgrim series is very entertaining and this is another solid addition with good plotting and some of the more humorous events. Unfortunately, this is the American copy, which whilst in some ways is better (the opening is in full colour), it is a different size to English versions and the number on the spine is in a different place, meaning it looks out of place in my collection. So if you like Scott Pilgrim I would recommend the book but if you like a uniform collection either find an English copy or buy the American ones (which are better because of the colour segments).
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on 19 February 2013
Volume 4 of Scott Pilgrim...WOW! I reached the third or fourth page, and I was laughing already. That's how amazing Scott Pilgrim is. Our hero of the story continues to battle the evil Ex's making it number 4 on the list this time. And I can tell you now, the fight between them is fantastic! Reading along I never found myself getting bored at all. I was entertained throughout all the chapters. If you're worried about disappointment, seriously, you won't be!! That's a fact. Purchase it today!
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on 5 January 2015
The Scott Pilgrim series is great and this is possibly my favourite Scott Pilgrim (kind of in a tie with 'Scott Pilgrim vs The Universe'). Only a couple of pages in found myself laughing out loud. I liked the focus on Scott, literally, getting it togather and trying to deal with the stresses of a having a relationship (when he doesnt even know Ramona's age) and of 'grown-up stuff' (like getting a job[!!]), all in Scott's usual comical way.
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on 2 June 2011
If your a fan of Scott Pilgrim then by now regardless of a review you will buy this book, I am writing this in order to say that this is in my opinion the best in the series so far... It contains that brilliant mix of real life, wacky humor and over the top fights.
What makes it stand out is the character development and in particular the development of Scott and Ramona's relationship...
Buy it and enjoy! x
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on 8 November 2015
So this is the book that I have enjoyed the most it really shows how ramona and Scotts relationship but however the scenes feel repeated like I have already read them but overall this is a great book and I recommend buying it but if I were you buy vol.1 first and read and this book gave a lot of laughter inside my head it makes you fell like you are in need of reading vol.5 (which I am awaiting delivery)
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on 12 January 2013
If your buying this book you obviously have read the first three so I don't need to tell you to read it. What I will say however is that this is volume is my personal favorite in the series. I think O'Malley's artwork is at it's best in this book, the comedy is at it's top-notch and it is also pretty much ignored in the film; so it makes a nice surprise if you saw the film first like me.
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