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on 1 May 2017
I received this for Christmas and I have to say its pretty underwhelming. Quite a few recipes are just so bland and boring. I looked forward to having the moroccan chickpea casserole but it was just really unappetising.

I am a fairly good cook so its really frustrating to make something that just doesnt taste of anything or is actually quite unpleasant - black eyed pea bake (could not eat it).

I will still with my very old copy of sarah brown, much more flavour
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on 29 September 2012
If I could pick only one cookbook in my (ever growing) collection to keep, I would pick this one. And, I am not a vegetarian. It is packed full of recipes (must be hundreds and hundreds) that contain only ingredients that you've heard of and that you probably also have in your cupboard. There are 14 separate sections covering all the expected areas in cookbooks, and so far I have cooked mostly from the sections on pulses, pasta, grains and rice (each around 30 pages long). The recipes have all been successful and easy to follow (the recipes are short in the main), and for the most part the portion sizes are spot on or produce leftovers (and we all know leftovers are a wonderful thing). There have only been a couple, the rice and spinach tian (works fine with tinned spinach, by the way!) and the lentils and courgettes gratin that say they serve 4 but that we can easily finish between two!
The detailed index means that it's easy to find a recipe you've seen somewhere in there, or for when you find something lurking in the fridge that needs using, you will in all likelihood find a suitable recipe.

So why do I like this cookbook so much when I am not a vegetarian? Firstly, it is cheaper to eat vegetarian and eating from this book has slashed my food bills. I can and do happily plan a week's worth of meals just from this book. Secondly, it's healthy stuff and very tasty, and all the family can eat it. Thirdly, if you want to add, for example, a pork chop or a few bits of ham to any of the vegetarian dishes, it's very easy to do so. And fourth, the information sections in this book are handy all on their own - I have found the table on p. 177 of how long to soak and boil pulses for very useful (and her quick boil/soak method for when you forget is good too). It should be said though that all recipes do tell you many tins of beans to use if you can't be bothered or don't have time to soak any. Last - the baking section contains a good selection of "normal" cakes and biscuits so you don't have to go digging about for other recipes when you decide that the 30 mins waiting for something to cook could be spent whipping up a few biccies...

My favourite recipe so far? Moroccan chickpea and aubergine casserole, p. 187. Delicious, filling and surprisingly cheap to make.
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on 29 September 2014
A great selection of recipes for vegetarians and non vegetarians alike. Many other vegetarian cook books are almost entirely salads or rely on cheese to give the food texture and flavour. Rose Elliot's recipes are much more varied and reliable and I have yet to try one that didn't work. I had a very old copy of her Bean Book and am pleased to see some of my favourites have been updated and included in this book. My only quibble would be that I don't find it easy to read the pale text against a mottled background (must be an age thing, but is still slightly annoying as it is completely avoidable).. Highly recommended as a really useful veggie textbook - the "Delia" of vegetarian cooking!
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on 11 August 2012
I have Rose Elliots, 'Simply delicious', which I bought about 30 years ago. I don't always like her combinations of foodstuffs but some recipes are delicious. For this reason I decided to go ahead and purchase New Complete Vegetarian. I have to say most of the recipes are the same or slightly adapted to newer tastes and some of my old favourites, like the sugar free mincemeat which I make each christmas, are missing from the new book. However, I do like this book and have enjoyed revisiting old favourites and a few new ones. Sometimes a recipe looks more complicated on paper than it actually is to make and on a winters day I find it so relaxing to put on the radio and spend some time in the kitchen giving them a go.
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on 25 February 2014
I was looking for a vegetarian cookbook and saw this book on special offer as a kindle book. Within a couple of days of purchasing I ordered the hardback. It was very obvious that this was a book that I was going to be using on an almost daily basis. I had a number of other vegetarian cookbooks, but none were as comprehensive or as full of recipes as this one. Every recipe we have tried has not only worked, but been delicious. I say this as someone who is a relatively new vegetarian. Prior to finding this book I had always been put off either by the bland food and/or the stodginess of nuts and pulses and/or lack of variety and slipped back into eating meat. Another good thing about this book is just how many recipes (over 1000) there are in it, which makes it tremendous value.
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on 5 August 2013
I can't fault this book - well, I can but it would be nitpicking. I have had my first copy for over two years (I bought the second for my daughter) and I have made lots of the recipes. None have ever failed. The recipes, which cover the gamut from soups and starters to desserts, breads and drinks, are clear and straightforward, there is much encouragement and plenty of tips for success. Plus, unlike some cookery books for vegetarians, the author is a vegetarian so knows of what she writes. This is tremendously helpful for new vegetarians. Many of the recipes are suitable for vegans too or can be modified to suit their requirements.
Those of you who like lots of pictures and/or illustrations should be warned that there are very few in this book. It's not a problem for me but I know it matters to others.
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on 26 October 2014
Owing to ongoing health problem I asked my god daughter if she knew of a good vegitarian book ( she being a veggie . What a revelation this book is ,I've been professionaly been cooking for forty years and now I can get the right balance of food intake .i still eat meat ,but with more exciting veg dishes ps.lost a stone in two months ! Cut out sugar,salt etc. you can taste them naturally,so why have them!
Great BOOK!
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on 26 October 2013
As one has come to expect, this is a book full of tempting new recipes from the original goddess of vegetarian cooking. There are, of course, also many vegan options lurking in its pages. I can recommend it to anyone looking to increase their repertoire.

I would, however, strongly discourage you from purchasing the Kindle format. I like having recipe books on Kindle so that I can easily take them with me. This one is seriously disappointing, however. There is no index, which makes it a terrible pain to use. Really poor showing on the part of the publishers and one of those rare occasions where the Kindle product is not worth the saving.
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on 21 January 2018
Very disappointed. I bought it because it's supposed to be complete. One curry recipe I wanted isn't in the book. Also it was advertised as illustrated, I dont call one picture between chapters illustrated.
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on 26 February 2015
I'm a bit disappointed with this book. I had previously borrowed a couple of Rose Elliot books and liked them, but I haven't found myself inspired to cook many recipes from this one. The recipes tend to be quite simple, using readily obtainable ingredients, so I can see that if you are new to the concept of vegetarian cooking it would be a good introduction. But if like me you've been a vegetarian for many years and are looking for fresh ideas and interesting vegetarian dishes from around the world, you won't find much that is new and inspiring here. If you're looking for a single cookbook that can provide a wide range of vegetarian recipes I'd recommend Madhur Jaffrey's World Vegetarian over this book.
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