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on 13 January 2017
Great book. Having said that, I spent a few months going through the fire starting chapter and found that some of it needs to be taken with a pinch of salt until you actually try it. I tried the "bow + string" method of trying to start a fire, and found that it's probably one of the most difficult ways to start a fire (see you tube vids of people failing miserably). On a brighter note, he covers other methods that work better if you don't have a firestarter/spark generator to hand.

With that in mind, the book should probably be viewed more from a "how to improvise and survive" manual rather than a "this is exactly the way to survive" as then the scope of the book becomes clear and you'll start to apply the knowledge outside of the defined scenarios in the chapters and gain more value.

For example, I failed to see the importance of the knot tying chapter until I realised that you could improvise snow chains with 10mm nylon rope and then it dawned on me that you needed to apply the right kind of non-slip knot to ensure that it didn't come off.
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on 12 December 2014
Essential handy guide for truly wild camping/living off the land in a wide variety of environments. Easy to understand diagrams and instructions. Ideal size for keeping with you - a waterproof paper version would be ideal, which would make this safe to use in all weather. Ideal to read before planning outdoor activities especially if you are going to teach/practice shelter making or wish to travel very light with just a bivvie bag. Also includes information on making open fires, ovens and cooking utensils/appratus to dry cloths, cook food etc...I always try something new when on camping trips as regular Practice is essential to keeping your skills fresh - good fun to :)
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on 13 November 2013
having read a few so called survival/outdoor books (ray mears bush craft is a good one) i thought i would give this one a go as it has lots of positive reviews. i ordered the gem sized version on the basis i can always have it on me when i go wandering, im glad i did. i have never read such a comprehensive guide on survival techniques and living off the land. every page is useful and covers everything from how to use a rope without a harness to which plants you can eat and everything else in between. the chapters are clearly defined and there is so much detail you will find yourself referring back to them. even after reading it if i lost my copy i would replace it without hesitation. well done lofty!!
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on 2 August 2014
this is without doubt the best survival guide on the earth ,lofty wiseman was the s,a,s survival instructor for years and years a very cleaver guy , i have had 1 of these copys for years as soon as i missed placed it i would buy another straight away ,this 1 fits inside the survival kit (bag) nicely any time i get the chance i will read it over and over it covers everything ,i love bear grylls and ray mears and all the survival instructors ,if your into survival you do need this book in your collection and its cheap , wrap it in a small polythene bag and pop it in your kit bag ,
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on 27 September 2012
The size is perfect to take with you on the trip, very useful information not just for survival, but for any camper and hiker too.
really great book, easy to understand text and pictorial instructions and drawings.
Generally one of the best survival guide books i had, as its so compact it can fit in my hip pocket on my trousers, i have the papercover version in my emergency kit always with me on a trip
and a kindle version at home.
From choosing your gear to 1st aid, this book contains everything you need to know even if you would find yourself in a long term survival situation where you would have to spend months away from civilization.
I highly recommend both this book and the Urban survival book from this author.
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on 7 March 2014
This is a very useful guide for every person forced by the circumstances to go survival. It provides the practical information to deal with the worse case scenarios. By reading through this guide without practicing, won't guarantee chances of survivals, because in emergency situation one need to have precisely in mind what to do and there is not time for reading books nor for mistakes, so unless one is willing to practice things like how to build a shelter, I would not recommend this book as it will serve little or no purpose, but to satisfy curiosity.
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on 30 June 2013
Forget the other overpriced stuff. This is what you want, all in a package that will fit into the palm of your hand.
It covers a number of subjects from a survival point of view, but as I didn't go to scouts as a kid and my son does, this is giving me some excellent knowledge so that we can go out and camp together.

I bought this along with another guide, but this was so complete that I ditched the other one.

'Look Inside' gives you a much better idea of the contents than I can summarise here, but what I can vouch for is the clear diagrams and useful tips on the application of these skills.
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on 2 December 2015
Go on. It's cheap, Buy one. Nice small format so it easily fits in pack or pocket. This contains just about everything you ever need to know about survival. You don't have to be a "Prepper looney" but of course we all have a copy. The content is interesting in itself and even the Americans buy it in droves.

If you ever go camping buy a copy of this and help Lofty's retirement fund.
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on 23 January 2018
A great read with plenty of information on how to survive if SHTF content of the book is second to none but could have done with a grammatical 're read to make it spot on but other than that it's ideal for on the go reading with its small and compact size perfect to fit in an EDC bag.
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on 6 July 2016
Had one just like this when in the forces great little book about the size of a pack of cigeretts (20). So small you can take it anywhere in the world without realising you have it.
Got this one for my son in Army Cadets. All his mates want one and even some of the instructors have now gone and got them. Good stocking filler for xmas
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