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Customer reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
Summer and the City (The Carrie Diaries, Book 2)
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on 17 March 2015
My daughter reading books by Candace Bushell. I always know if I buy one of her books for my daughter for a christmas present she will love it.
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on 29 September 2015
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on 25 April 2011
Following on from the success of the first Sex and the City prequel, Candace Bushnell has written another surefire (what does surefire even mean?) hit. After the events of the last book, Carrie's finally made it to New York, attending a real writing program, navigating her way around Manhattan and (most importantly) she's meeting people, aided by the surprise cliffhanger at the end of The Carrie Diares, Samantha Jones! :D

Once again, along with its predecessor, I loved it! Carrie's on her way to becoming the Carrie we first met in 1998, but she's still a teenager - something fans both old and new can appreciate. The introductions of Samantha and particuarly Miranda have you laughing out loud. And for those who were genuinely distraught at the theft of Carrie's 'Carrie' bag, don't worry!

Bushnell has a truly unique writing style, something that is instantly readable but not dumbed down or simplified. She has Carrie's ponderings about friendships, men and Manhattan drawn perfectly, and the general characterization of other people within the story is truly unique.

Carrie's teenage voice is so relatable, and I can admit that in the year between the publications of both The Carrie Diaries and Summer and the City, it actually felt like I was waiting for a catch up with a old friend. This is what Bushnell's writing does so well - she makes you geuninely care for the characters and want to know more about them.

And once again, the ending of the book is just PERFECT, I am a little ashamed to say I squealed a little bit. Signed up to write another two books for teenage audiences, one can only hope Bushnell continues with Carrie.

Get carried away!
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on 11 July 2017
This novel follows Carrie Bradshaw as she adjusts to her new life in New York and fumbles through the first few weeks in a new, big city, as she struggles to become a writer. We meet Carries unique neighbours who introduce her to a range of people with huge, lovable personalities who help her to discover herself and become the witty, confident women with a fantastic sense of humour we all adore.

This novel follows Carrie Bradshaw moving to New York. Carries welcome into the city was everything but warm, she’s eager to begin her summer and begin writing but first she has to overcome some unique challenges. She meets writers that she quickly comes to admire and adore, and progresses in her important writing class, but most prominently of all the summer becomes filled with possible romances. Carrie is faced with difficult questions and decisions about her future and life as she waits to see if she can stay in New York and keep living her fun-filled life.

This character is truly inspiring and realistic, which are relatable. As a reader you share similar worries and questions about love, friendship and life. I adored the friendships she built with each unique character and how they play a huge role in not only Carries coming of age but also making this novel enjoyable. The twists and turns throughout mean that there is never a dull moment and you are always eager to know what is going to happen as suspense is created in unique and amazing way.

Highly recommend to all.
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on 24 May 2011
i was apprehensive when i purchased 'Summer and the city' and id read good and bad reviews. however i read the book in two days. i loved it. im a big fan of sex and the city and i would recommend any one who loves the show will love the book. the book has carrie arriving in new york and explains how she met samantha, miranda and charlotte. its a must read. im looking forward to what Candace Bushnell has next in store for Carrie's Diaries.
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on 18 August 2011
I've read a few of Candace Bushnell's books now and
This has been my favourite. Summer in a City is a funny, easy read and would make a good holiday book. It is the story of how Carrie met Miranda and Samantha. A fun read and worth readimg if you like the Carrie Diaries (1).
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on 14 February 2012
You can also read my review here: [...]

Again, I'll start by saying that I am an admitted Sex and the City virgin and have never watched a single episode, so what may be old news for some, was new for me!

Book two of this series was MUCH more enjoyable than the first. I felt like I was reading about 'grown-ups' rather than kids and that was much nicer... appealing to my adult self.

Carrie Bradshaw's Sex and the City character came to life in this book. I could actually see Sarah Jessica Parker playing her and started to realize why I haven't fallen head over heels in love with the show. She is an annoying person. Her constant need for reassurance, her over-inflated ego, and her horrible sense of style all irritated me throughout this book. Even though my love for Carrie didn't come full-bloom, I really did enjoy the story.

One of the parts of the story that I enjoyed, while finding extremely unbelievable, was Carrie's rise-to-fame. How awesome would it be to venture to the 'Big City' and become an instant 'in' at every big industry party; Falling in love with a play-write and having him return your affections; Meeting a famous literary agent who actually likes your work. If I had known that it would be THAT easy, I would have made the trip to the city a LOOOOOONG time ago.

Character development is definitely a strong suit for Candace Bushnell. It was fun to follow the beginnings of Samantha Jones and Miranda Hobbes... and eventually, I imagine Charlotte. Through her words, a 'posse' is born.

Overall, I enjoyed reading the book. I would definitely read the follow up story, but am still undecided on whether I will ever really watch the series. Who knows, there may be a rainy day when I don't have a book on hand - ya, right - and I might JUST flip on an episode... MIGHT
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I adore this series. I am a massive fan of the TV show but never read the original novel. After reading The Carrie Diaries I was really excited to read Summer and the City and it does not disappoint at all.

Summer and the City follows Carrie as she embarks on her adventures in The Big Apple. She starts in her writing program and make new and exciting friends. Carrie is trying to find her feet and wants to make her short time in New York a success. However, life is hard and nothing is ever easy for Carrie.

What a fantastic sequel. Carrie matures alot in the story and we get a glimpse of the Carrie that she is going to become. She is still her funny, quirky self and I love her. Being set in the 80s its a very different life to how life is now. I love that we are introduced to so many new characters and also for fans of the original book and show we see the relationships form between Carrie, Samantha and Miranda. Now because I havent read the original book I do get a little confused reading these books as I know they story is different from the Show so some of the characters stories such as Miranda is different. However, Miranda and Samantha are still quite similar that I just feel in love with them.

This is really a coming of age story for Carrie. We see her grow from a country girl to a city girl. With Candace skillful writing we are plunged in to the story and really feel like we are there by Carrie side and experiencing everything she is put through.

I'm not sure if this is better than book 1 or not. They are both quite different I think I love them equally. And just like book 1 I love the ending the best. And if you read the book you will know why I love the ending to both books. I was grinning like a cheshire cat at this ending. It was perfect and makes me really want book 3 like yesterday

Rate: 5/5
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on 30 March 2012
This book is a sequel to The Carrie Diaries. It picks up right where The Carrie Diaries left off. As a fan of the Sex and City show I always wondered how Carrie ended up in New York. This book tells of her arrival in the Big City, her struggles, her adventures, her friendships and fallouts, her relationships and eventually how she came to be a writer and most importantly her greatest love of all, love for the city. I personally didn't think it was as addictive as The Carrie Diaries (I could not put that book down once I started), but still a decent read. If you're a fan of the shows it's definately interesting to find out Carrie's and her friend's background. I would recommend to read The Carrie Diaries before reading Summer and the City as there are quite a few references to the first book that might make the storyline a bit confusing if you don't know it.
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on 15 October 2011
My wife's review:

I have never read any of Bushnell's other novels however I have watched every 'Sex & the City' episode & all the movies, so expected this novel to be as good, if not better, (as is normally the case with a book) than the televised versions - how disappointed was I. I found this book bland, boring and none of the characters were interesting at all, they seemed to lack depth and I had no interest in wanting to find out what happened to them next. When I purchased this novel I also got 'Sex and the city' as well, however this book was such a let down that I may well just donate it to the charity shop as I have no interest in reading it or any other novel by this author.

I read this book to the end and I can honestly say it was a poorly written, unimaginative book that I would NOT recommend. I think I'll stick to crime novels in future.
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