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Customer reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 23 April 2017
It's not in my usual bookish nature to pick up a rom-com but I'd had this on my Kindle for some time, ok a long time, and it was like a breath of fresh air after the rather heavy going brutal serial killer thriller I'd just finished.
This is the first book in the I Heart series and it's a good read which I enjoyed.  It's light-hearted, sad, funny and is mostly set in one of the best cities in the world.  Having been to New York I do like reading about places I've visited as I have much more of a clearer image of the setting - this book just made me want to go back even more!
Our heroine Angela is a somewhat clichéd character who thinks of herself as a bit of a lush but I think she's actually stronger than that and has got her head screwed on exactly where and how it should be.  I totally see where her actions were coming from on her arrival in America and would think that a lot of women who'd been through what she had would rebel.
It's not without faults, some of the storylines are a little far-fetched but overall it's an entertaining read.  I'm not sure if I'd continue with the series...maybe if they were on Kindle offer I might be tempted.
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on 10 October 2016
Review: there is literally nothing not to like about this book but I talk about it all the time so you must know that. The wonderful thing about this debut novel is how it makes me feel. Angela makes me feel empowered, like I can do anything, Jenny makes me feel positive and also think about projecting positivity onto other people, and New York? Well New York just makes me miss it and feel wonderful and excited all at the same time.

I have now read this novel twice, once in 2009 when I was having a pretty rubbish time and once right now when I'm having a pretty excellent time and both times this novel did not fail to make me feel all the feels. This novel is about when Angela takes the massive risk of moving to another continent (as I have just done) and sets off to find herself in new York city. Of couse she doesn't know she is finding herself and that is what is so fab about this book. I love Angela as a character because she is so real and like so many of the people reading this book. You can imaginge finidng that your joint bank account is still being paid into by your cheating ex and then using that money to buy amazing clothes and accesories can't you, well Angela is amazing because all those things we are thinking about doing, Angela does-she is Kick ass!

As much as I love Angela though, I love Jenny Lopez more, Jenny Lopez is amazing and we all wish that she was our best friend. I hope the next time I check into a New York hotel I find Jenny Lopez on the other side of that desk. She ahs all the right answers and she tells it like it is, she is not going to let you onto the streets of new york in a fashion mistake and she will lend you the clothes off her own back if she needs to, she really is the star of the show for me!

New York is the other favourite character in this book, the descriptions of this city are out of this world. The heat, the business, the scenery, the people, all absolutely perfect! And even the Bubba Gumps sign in Times Square gets a mention. I cannot wait to get back into New York and go and see all of the places mentioned in this book and i defy any reader reading this novel to not have the same feelings! Lindsey Kelk does a fab job of describing something so well you can picture it and you also want to go there, I love her for that!

So yes, this is one of my favourite novels and so this is a terrible gushy review but I'm clear on my opinion of this book, it is a fun read with great characters. The setting, the storyline and the characters are all well-written., It will make you wish that Jenny Lopez is your best friend and it will make you wish that New York is your home town too. If you've not read any of the I Heart series yet, this is the one you MUST MUST read, do it now!
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on 19 May 2017
Fun read. Looking forward to getting time to start the next book in the series.
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on 9 April 2017
A good, funny easy read.
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on 12 May 2015
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on 5 July 2013
Just amazing book! Love the whole adventure of the story. Kelk keeps the reader gripped from start to finish with the twists and turns in this great book.
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on 29 August 2013
I enjoyed reading about the start of Angela and the various relationships. I thought that the strongest relationship in the book was with Jenny.
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on 26 December 2012
There aren't many books that I read in a day but this was one of them. Great girly read. X
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on 7 September 2015
After reading "Always the Bridesmaid" and enjoying Kelk's writing style I really thought that I would love this book. I was expecting a funny, girly, easy to read novel with a bit of a twist and the reviews were really positive. I was so disappointed! It was the kind of plot that I may have bought when I was 16 years old but considering this is meant to be a book for adults, I was shocked by how ridiculous it was. I persevered despite my reservations and read it to the end in case it got better- it didn't.

It is essentially a whole book about a girl getting her hair done, going shopping and going on dates. It's utterly boring. So Angela gets cheated on, she reacts horribly, ruins her best friend's wedding and goes straight to New York. It starts off okay, you think it will be a journey of self discovery, of learning from mistakes, of the reality of doing a runner from all your problems. But no, on her first day in New York she meets her new best friend, Jenny, who is always full of word-perfect lines from self help books. If you rock up at a posh hotel and cry at the desk about your "terrible life", one of the employees will not come up to your room with loads of freebies and offer you a shoulder to cry on. It just doesn't happen.

So Jenny takes Angela out shopping, because that's what strangers do. Despite not having a well paid job Angela spends a load of money on designer clothes and getting her hair and makeup done. She goes out with her new friend and makes loads more fabulous friends. Within two days of being in New York she's also met two amazing, cute guys who she goes on dates with. Both of them are lovely, rich, fantastic in bed with no perceivable flaws. She moves in with her new best friend Jenny. Then she gets a job at a magazine and is super successful.

The whole book is terribly written. The dialogue between the characters is completely unrealistic and cheesy and Angela just doesn't seem like a very interesting person. You get some little glimpses of what she writes about in her column and it's absolute rubbish. It isn't clever, it isn't witty or funny. In fact there were no funny moments in the book at all. Nothing bad happens, there are no date disasters, no fashion mishaps, no money worries. Nothing happens AT ALL! I'm all for escaping into a book and going a little unrealistic but I felt that this book was a joke.
It's like it's trying to be a cross between "Sex and the City" and "Eat Pray Love" but it misses by miles.
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on 17 September 2016
Love this writer. Witty, quick and human without being so quick you get whiplash from relentless one liners. Love the stories and the characters are so warm. Recommend for sure. If you love to read about love and life and you prefer it witty and easy to read, this is one to go for.
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