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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars

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on 23 July 2017
As always another good book from Chris.
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on 9 June 2008
Richard Moore has done it again, following on from the Robert Millar book, Richard has produced a book that is surely going to win as many awards as Chris Hoy has won world championships! As well as providing an insight into one of the last decades most successful sportsmen it also provides previously unknown information of how British Cycling turned itself around from one of the most underfunded and unsuccessful sporting organisations to be the envy of sporting associations across the world, one where even the Aussies want to copy us! Richard has had unprecedented access to Hoy during his 1km world record attempt in La Paz, Bolivia and throughout the year to the amazing Manchester world cycling championships where Hoy won the men`s world sprint championship at his first attempt, ending a 54 year drought in the blue riband event of track cycling. More than anything the incredible support that the Hoy family as a whole have provided Chris, is written about with affection, and you are left with a feeling that even though Chris does the pedalling it really has been a team effort to produce " Chris Hoy the Real McHoy." Richard Moore is surely becoming one of the most entertaining and investigative sports writers of this century. Buy this book if you want to know what makes an Olympic champion tick.
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on 2 September 2013
It is probably not fair to compare this to Chris Hoy: The Autobiography. If anyone asked I would recommend Chris's great autobiography. Simply because all the information in this book is in there and straight from Chris himself. The main thing I got from this book was that all the testimonials from other athletes and friends and even rivals for Chris all agree that the man is un-hateable, a supreme athlete and a great role model and ambassador of the sport. When you see things like that in an autobiography you think that people were told to say this but with an independent writer finding the same conclusions it is much more credible.

The book is well researched and written, as I said my main problem is it is a biography Vs an autobiography and the autobiography wins. Especially as it has not been extended to includes (now Sir Chris') great 2012, where as this book stops at the end of the Beijing Olympics in 2008. I also would have like to hear more about the other riders and the GB cycling team. This is a biography of a great athlete, but that is what it is and that is what it should be called.

All in all I did like this book but I would recommend that any fans of Sir Chris Hoy read his own book written by himself.
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on 10 June 2008
The story of Chris Hoy - and Craig McClean and other trackies - is told in Richard Moore's new book. It's an inspiring read, especially when you discover about the pathetic state British Cycling was in in the mid-90s.

This book will whet your appetite for the Beijing Olympics, and give you confidence that Team GB are in wonderful hands.
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on 7 August 2008
Heroes, Villains and Velodromes is an excellent read and was obviously very well researched.
I particularly enjoyed all the facts and figures. For example; Bolivia having the longest runway in the world,Chris Hoy's winning margin of five hundredths of a second equating to 2.3cm.
A excellent profile on Chris and all concerned with his success.
Perfectly explained even to someone who is not of the cycling fraternity and I would recommend it to cycling fans and newcomers alike. Well done to the author on this account alone.
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on 30 August 2008
Like so many people in the country I was blown away by the success of the recent Olympics in Beijing, but especially by the amazing performances of the GB cycling team. So when i noticed "Heroes, Villains & Velodromes" on the shelf of my local book shop I thought I'd give it a try. I wasn't sure what to expect really but what i got was a lively, entertaining and extremely well written read about the revolution in british cycling and Hoy's part in it over the last ten years. As Moore says in his comments it's not nessecarily a story just about Chris Hoy but he is the principal character and 'star of the show'
Hoy comes across a phenomenal athlete, ferocious competitor but also a genuinely nice guy who's dedicates hiimself completely to his sport, not for the money but for the thrill of winning and being a champion.
In today's money obsessed world of sport where even the most mediocre of premiership footballers can earn a small fortune, that is something truly awe-inspiring.
As one reviewer said there will probably be a re-release or additional chapters added to the paperback version to cover events in Beijing which you might want to wait for. However i would say that this insightful, well researched and engaging book is definitely worth buying.
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on 31 March 2010
Very good book covering the complete development of the GB Cycling team from almost nothing to the world class team we see today. Hoy naturally is a major player in the book but its a story containing him rather than one about him. This actually adds rather than detracts from the overall book and I suspect from what I've read about Hoy this would suit the man himself down to the ground.

I read the book over the same weekend as the 2010 Cycling World Championships in Copenhagen and it was fascinating to be reading about the personalities who were all playing major parts in the on-screen drama. A good book and written in an open and very readable format with lots of interesting background facts and insights.

Hoy comes across as an amazing talent who works hard at his craft and is supremely dedicated, its this that makes him attractive as a character in that he works hard for what he gets. As a person you clearly could not look for a better role model in a sportsman.
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on 13 February 2009
An excellent book covering the development of British track cycling with a focus on Chris Hoy, of course. Very readable, I found it hard to put down. Other sports could learn a great deal from the planning, development and teamwork of British Cycling to become a world beater.
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VINE VOICEon 27 August 2008
This book is a great look into the history and story behind one of Britain's most impressive athletes. The book isn't just about a variety of topics Hoy, but covers a range of issues around track cycling and the changes that have happened in British sport. Moore writes in a very engaging way and uses a range of styles that keep the book interesting.
Only 4 stars for two reasons.
1. Given his recent Olympic Haul there's bound to be a re-release with an added chapter so you might want to wait for that.
2. The book doesn't really delve into Hoy's relationship with other cyclists especially the other stars on the British team like Wiggins, I would have been interested to hear more about the interactions between the various disciplines within track cycling.
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on 24 April 2012
I didn't read more than the online excerpt, which was interesting. Book was bought as a gift and the recipient said that he enjoyed it.
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