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on 27 March 2017
I have not reviewed this series. There really should be a link to review the series as a whole but I am starting with this book because I have just wept buckets so I thought I should get that down before anyone decides to pick this book up in a public place.
Most of the books have a slow part to them but you have to keep reading as the world and the characters get to be people you know and you need to find out what happens. A great series - I am so glad I have picked it up when it is finished so I dont have to wait for the next book.
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on 16 November 2007
...for the 6th book! So far this series has been absolutely riveting. I bought the first volume "Dead witch walking" on impulse in my local bookstore,and was hooked.

This series is a fantastic romp through an alternative earth, where a mutated virus has killed off half of the "pure" humans, leaving them on a roughly equal footing with witches, vampires, werewolves, elves, pixies and demons. Would you want to owe a demon a favour? They can be sooo devious when it comes to the fine details.....

Rachel Morgan is a very believeable character with her own quirks (she's a witch) and problems (the series begins with her trying to avoid being killed by assassins sent by her previous employer), yet she still tries her best to help those around her- whether she thinks they deserve it or not!

Her interaction with her two business partners- a female vampire and a pixie- are nothing short of brilliant. At times they seem to know Rachel better than she does herself- and have no qualms about telling her so. She also manages to upset the non-human branch of the local law-enforcement with great regularity, and often through no real fault of her own...she just does what she feels is "right"

I've made a point of pre-ordering the next book- just so that I get my hands on it as soon as possible, and woe betide anyone who bothers me before I've finished it!
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on 28 November 2007
I finished "For a Few Demons More" by Kim Harrison today. In it her main character has to deal with the consequences of what happened in the previous book in the series. In the previous book, Rachel Morgan (Harrison's main character) hid a charmed item called a "focus" (which could give the group that possesses it great power) from various groups of demons, vampires, weres, elves, pixies and the like. In this book, people start dying, so Morgan naturally assumes that someone might be looking for the "focus."

It wasn't a bad book, it certainly rattled along at decent rate, but there was a lot of "back story" that Harrison made reference too, so I'm inclined to wonder what someone who didn't start the series at the first book would think of the series.

In addition, while I like the series, I've found that it's classified as "chick lit" in England, which might explain why I haven't really clicked with the series as much as I would have liked (given that I generally like horror-cum-fantasy books).
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on 6 January 2016
I stopped reading this series about 8 years ago because I got bored with it. I decided to give it another try as I love the world it is set in. I ended up with mixed feelings for this book, some of it just droned on or felt not right/weird, while some was great. I'll keep reading the series, but slowly rather than racing through it like I did the first few books.
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on 7 April 2014
I've read every one in the series so far and, happily, unlike your average film series, they just get better every time. It was a rollercoaster, especially towards the end and I had a lump in my throat and held my breath, losing sleep to find out how it would end. To call this"chic lit" is an extreme disservice to Miss Harrison. They are well crafted, funny, poignant, thought-provoking and, most important, an extremely good read. More please.
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on 1 November 2012
... damn but Rachel is annoying. Kick ass heroine? More like whiney little...witch.

She's impulsive, headstrong (but without the brains of an earth worm to back it up), charges off without thinking or listening to those more capable than herself. She uses people without thinking of anyone but herself, often putting them in danger as a result.

She complains that Ivy cannot seperate sex and her blood needs. Yet Rachel cannot seperate sex and danger and her relationship with Ivy is more about satisfying her craving for danger than genuine feelings for a friend.

All in all, if the author's aim was to create a central character who deserves a good slap, then she has succeeded. If her aim was to create a "kick ass heroine", then fail. The only person's ass that gets kicked regularly is Rachel's (she must be on 1st name basis with the doctors at the ER by now) and without a host of supporting friends, she would have died before the end of the first book.

Don't get me wrong, the books are well written and the storyline is engrossing, I just wish Rachel had been written as a stronger character. If she was male, I'd want to yell at him to man up and grow a pair!!
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on 26 November 2015
Well I'm at book 8 taking them one at a time and I can't put them down, I guess I'll go all the way to book 13. Plenty of magi action a couple of girly bits here and there and some humour. It's kept my interest right up to the present book so... I'm in to the end.
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on 25 July 2013
These are an okay series for me I felt they dragged a little in places, haven't completed the set yet, they are good and can also be quite heavy. very good at the same time - I know this sounds confusing! Just try dead Witch Walking and see what you think - its different for everyone!

Quick delivery, well packaged.
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on 6 December 2013
I really enjoyed this book and found it hard to put down. I have to force myself not to rush and buy the next one. The main plot of this one is that someone is killing weres in search of the Focus Rachel acquired in the last book. I wouldn't start as a new reader to this series as all the story arcs are starting to carry over into each book and it might get complicated
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on 16 March 2017
Heartbreak, thrilling, emotional roller coster. Already downloading the next one to read. When a book makes you cry, you know the author had done something amazing.
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