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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 22 November 2007
I really enjoyed this authors first book but this one I really didn't enjoy that much at all. It just seemed the book equivilant of one of those trashy magazines that give you a insight into the lives of the rich and famous with really just about the same amount of depth and plot. It was very cliched and one dimensional and I really didn't care about or like the characters much. There was no feel good factor to this book (which I always think is good with a bit of escapist reading)It just left me feeling a bit icky (bit like eating a huge plate of pizza, seems like a good idea at the time but you wish you hadn't bothered afterwards!)Mabye I am just getting bored of that not much plot but maybe no one will notice if the characters fly to glamorous locations and we describe all their expensive outfits type of book.
There were lots of typo's too, very annoying isn't that someones job to check that sort of thing!
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on 5 October 2007
I was looking forward to reading this book , however, now I wish I hadn't bothered!I was extremely irritated by the whole book. The characters were all awful, one dimensional card board cut outs of what uber rich people should be. Don't get me wrong, I fully understand the premise of the book , however, there was not one endearing or likeable character. Some of the desciptions were so over the top and cliched that it actually made me cringe with embarrassment. I felt that the author was writing by numbers, parodying the real masters of this genre.
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on 19 July 2014
Really enjoyed this- it reminded me quite a lot of Jackie Collins'style of writing. A great mix of characters and a fast-moving plot. I couldn't put it down. Kept me guessing right to the end. A great beach read.
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on 10 January 2013
This is the second book I've read by Tasmina Perry, after Daddy's Girls. I'm actually a bit disappointed with this "Gold Diggers", it is lack of depth, and sotryline is nothing new.

Her books are a guaranteed easy read if you are on a beach holiday, it will set your mood right while sipping cocktails... but got to say, don't expect to remember any particular storylines, because there simply isn't any!
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on 31 August 2013
There are four main characters, whose stories intertwine throughout the book - Karen, Erin, Molly and Summer. One of the things I found I most like when reading was that although the story is about these 4 women and how their lives cross, each of them have their own , separate, strong story line. Each of them is well written and believable, which I think is a key feature, particularly in a story with such a glamorous plot as this where readers may not be able to empathise as well. I also really enjoyed the chemistry between the four women and Adam, each of them have a different relationship with him which is good as it mixes it up.

Karen is re-launching herself onto the social scene after the accidental death of her late husband Sebastian. She has her eyes set on Adam from the beginning. Her swimwear business and philanthropic side line allow her to be a glamorous socialite with a powerful influence when it comes to the men, and women, in her life. She has a past though just like everyone else and endeavours to keep it hidden.

Erin is an aspiring author with writers block. She leaves for London to become PA for Adam Gold. She is introduced to the glitz and glamour of being in London's elite crowd and also takes a plunge in the property game.

Molly is a social climber. She had success as a model in her younger years but now her looks are fading and she is looking for a sugar daddy to keep her in Mercedes and Gucci. Molly also has her sights on Adam Gold. The story follows what lengths she will go to get exactly what she wants.

Summer is Molly's young, beautiful daughter. She is striving to have a glittering career and is desperate to be out from under her mother. The story follows how she falls for Adam and how her life takes an unexpected turn, testing both her and her mother.

The blurb contains three powerful words, "power", "lust", and "murder". This very simply sums the book up. The bank balances read in billions, the social climbing and deceit is centred mainly around one man, Adam Gold, and the who doesn't love a bit of murder investigation to spice things up.

The story is written in 3rd person and is written from each characters perspective. It suits the story here to have it from each characters point of view as each of them have such a strong story and input to the overall plot.

I first read Gold Diggers about 4 years ago. I'd seen it in the supermarket and was attracted both by the name and the cover. It was the first book by Tasmina Perry that I'd read and found that it has a bit more substance to it than your average chick lit novel. After reading this book I have read most of Tasmina's other novels. One recurring theme throughout them all is the luxurious destinations, eloquently described in her books. Gold Digger is mainly set in London, something that really appealed to me as I love London; however the characters jet set all over the world to places such as Lake Como and St Barts. I've not been to either of these places but the descriptions of them both make me want to go.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 22 October 2009
I have read Tasmina Perry's first book and before I give you the low-down I need to explain about the Genre of this book. It is a typical `Bonkbuster' which reminds me of the type of books Jackie Collins writes. This style of book isn't everybody's cup of tea but for those that do like it and were mad fans of Dynasty and the like will absolutely LOVE this type of book. It has everything a good Chick Lit book should have. Lust, Greed and most importantly glamour!

Based in London we meet Adam Gold who owns the hugely successful Midas Corporation. He is the type of man every woman could only dream about. He is successful, handsome, sexy and extremely powerful. What he doesn't realise is he is about to meet the `Gold Diggers'. The `Gold Diggers' come in the form of Karin, Erin, Molly and Summer. Karin is a successful swimwear entrepreneur and the thought of having handsome Adam on her arm is almost too much to bear. She is a woman who is known for getting what she wants and is always the boss. Her biggest rival is Molly who was a huge star in the 80's but her success is now fading. The only thing she is gaining as time goes on is an expensive drug habit and lifestyle that she cannot keep up with. Could Adam be the answer to her prayers? Molly's daughter Summer has never had a great relationship with her mother, due to the fact that Molly sees her as a burden. The tables are turned in Summer's favour when she lands a big contract that promises to make her the next `big thing'. Last but not least we meet Erin. She is the country girl who decides to move to London and ironically ends up working as a PA to the one and only Adam Gold. The story is the contest of a lifetime. Which one of the girls will finally snare the illustrious Adam Gold?

The book was an absolute corker! The writing was fantastic with the author taking up to the exotic locations of Monte Carlo, Lake Como, St Moritz and St Barts. We get to plunge head first into the world of the rich and famous. The thing I also love is that the author doesn't skimp. Tasmina Perry books are always pretty meaty and you get a real feel for all of the characters. This book is absolutely fantastic and I have no negatives about it at all. Just remember, Gold Diggers is like Marmite. You will either love it or hate it.

Since I am writing this review in October 2009, the following books have since been released:-

Guilty Pleasures 2008
Original Sin 2009
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on 22 August 2013
I like Tasmina's book and this is the second that I have read. I'm concerned that the books will be very same'y, just as I found with Martina Cole's books. I have one more book to read, so we shall see!
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on 18 February 2009
I've not read any of TP's other work and found this very boring. Seems to think that the endless designer name dropping makes for interesting reading. Not! Lacklustre plot poodles along and then throws in (poorly) a twist towards the very end, trying to turn the Chick Lit into a bit of a Who-dunnit... and very badly at that. Only good points are: (a) set in London and (b) good bed-time reading... for sending you off to sleep after just a couple of pages!
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on 19 July 2007
I really enjoyed this book, it was just as good if not better than her first one. 3 women all with one man in mind, if you like glamour in a book this has it all. If you like Jackie Collins you'll like this. I found it to be a very easy book to read with a couple of twists and surprises. Can't wait for her next book.
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on 20 June 2008
I could not put this book down! I have recently read Daddy's Girls and this book surpasses it by miles! There are so many twists and plots it has you guessing from the front page to the end. Can't wait to read the new book!
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