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on 3 February 2004
Move over Bridget Jones and step aside Adrian Mole, because anyone who's ever been a teenager will be chortling to these hilarious award-winning diaries of Georgia Nicholson. This gregarious girl's confessions make some of the most honestly funny reading published for teenagers (and those of us just a 'tad' older, well, young enough to remember those angst-ridden years!) Both books, (spanning a single year each), and part of a collection of four, capture the frustrations and flirtations of those torturous teenage years with so much hilarity and at such a fast pace that you're left breathless by the time you reach the end of the book.
Georgia has all the usual problems - a stubborn spot on her nose, sadistic teachers, an incontinent younger sister and an uncontrollable pet Scottish wildcat (alias Angus). Her parents might be splitting up or shipping them all out to 'Kiwi-a-gogo land' (New Zealand) and she still doesn't know how to kiss properly. She recounts these traumas with a sense of irony and deadpan wit. This muddle-headed, drama teen-queen had me giggling out loud. I could feel myself blush aimlessly and cringing with recognition to similar emotions and events that were, at the time, the only reason for living and breathing - boys and make-up - and stopping at nothing to claim that 'gorgey' sex god. Thank God I have acquired a certain dignity and decorum now beyond those early attempts of desperation. In other words, I've found that devilish partner-in-crime and am doing the time. Mind you, he wouldn't notice if I shaved off my eyebrows and took up wearing leg warmers again. (It was the mid-eighties - the years not degrees).
These are delicious dairies full of thrills, spills and hilarious escapades, amply titled with a dazzling set of wicked catchphrases. Further published confessions of Georgia are: 'Knocked Out By My Nunga-Nungas' (if only) and 'Dancing In My Nuddy-Pants' (never). An introduction to Georgia is like being introduced to a really good and funny friend without the mood swings. Ideal for confident readers aged twelve and over (and older chicks for a trip down memory lane). You'll laugh your pants/thongs off!
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on 25 November 2001
Georgia is just abit mad. Well so would you if you had a mad sister, a scottish wildcat as a pet, a possible transvestite dad, A mum with a "shelf" and an uncle Eddie who pulled up at your school disco in his motorbike- the one that was around when God was a boy. Not to mention a ridiculously dim friend called Jas, the recollection of going to a fancydress party dressed as a stuffed olive and a school which made you wear a beret. Its not easy being a teenager, Georgia's diary will tell you just that. This book basically tells of the usual teenage problems we go through- not to mention added ones like having to trap older sex gods with wet weed girlfriends, a big mouthed ex and an ex boyfriend who not only is a snogging prostitute, but thinks your a lesbian. Team that together with the added stress of being a girl and going to school and thats Georgia's story in one swift plunge. Seriously though, READ THIS. You need to, it's not only the funniest thing you are ever likely to come across,[...] but it's the only thing in the human world which will make you realise that all though you are mad, there are worse off people....(eg. Georgia). Louise Rennison is soooo brilliant at capturing the feelings of a teenager, her style makes Frank Skinner, Ricky Tomlinson and Harry Enfield etc look really UNFUNNY.
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on 15 August 2000
I read Angus, thongs and full frontal snogging lately and it was BRILLIANT! I laughed so hard at one bit that I fell off my bed! It is the funniest book that I have ever read and I hope It's O.K., I'm Wearing Really Big Knickers is as good. I have only two complaints about the book... 1. She complained too much about her looks yet she got attention from guys including a sex god - as she put it. 2. It took me ages to get my mother to buy it for me because of the title.
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on 6 February 2007
This is essential reading for teenage girls - and their mothers - and their fathers!! I had to sneak this out of my daughter's room to read whilst she was at school. I laughed so hard I cried and startled the cat in the process. Louise Rennison has teenage Georgia and her friends described perfectly!
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on 29 July 2003
this is the original book that spawned a whole series, and no-one could ever say that 4 was too much.
It is a laugh-out-loud account of one certain teenager (Georgia Nicholson) as she stalks, talks to and successfully chases one certain 'sex god'. However she is hindered in her progress by her 'sadistic' teacher 'hawk-eye' heaton, the sex-gods pathetic girlfriend wet Lindsay and her embarassing school beret.
It is a delightful read which truly reminds all 20-or-over women of their angst-ridden teenage years. A great book!
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on 21 October 2008
This is so funny and amazing fabbity fab fab fab. I didn't know whether I would like it or not but decided to try reading it as it had some great reviews , like this one! I'm twelve and I don't think it goes into too much detail about anything rude. In fact it's not really like the name. her cat's called Angus(scottish) and her enemy wears thongs and her and her loon friends invent a snogging scale.Except it only goes into detail about the first thing. It touches real life issues and is a must have read for any girl aged 10+!!! It's fabbity fab. It rocks my socks.P.S. I read it when I was 10 nearly 11 and I'm normal well at least I think. I touches romance and is great read for anyone foing on holiday.
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on 19 August 2007
My friend recommended me this book and to her i am very grateful! It is such an amzing book i read it cover to cover and loved the whole book! You can really realte to everything that is being written.
An amazing book!!!
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Once I had started reading this book I couldn't stop reading it until I had read it all. This book is such a true insight of a typical teenagers life. I couldn't stop laughing all the way through. The part where Georgia demolishes her eyebrows brings back so many eye watering memories! This book is definately my favorate book of all time and I can't wait to read further confessions of Georgia. Thumbs up all round!
Tara Daniels, Blackburn, Lancashire.
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on 5 June 2004
This book is really good; it's cool and funny and I read it twice in a week 'cos I loved it so much. If you haven't read any of the Georgia Nicolson books yet, you should buy them NOW!! My favourite characters were Jas (hilariously stupid) and Angus (Scottish wildcat who terrrorises poodles.) The book is Georgia's diary about her friends, crushes and traumas with her mad family. All I can say is READ IT! NOW!
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on 26 May 2009
This book is so funny it literally had me in stitches. All those 1 star or 2 star reviews are just stupid. The people writing them must simply have no sense of humour. AT ALL. I have read this book and all the ones following afterwards; I have just finished "Startled by his furry shorts!" which was probably the best one yet. What's more, it ends on a massive cliffhanger, which means that whether you enjoyed the book or not, you will just have to buy the next one, which I still have to do.
These books are about a teenage girl called Georgia Nicolson. Her life revolves around her looks, friends, her embarrasing family and, most importantly, boys. Throughout the book she writes a hilarious diary with words like "Marvy", "Fabulosity" and "Red bottomosity". I recommend it to girls aged 12-14, though boys will find it wonderful too. An absolute must-have.
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